Two years of Universal Medicine Accountability

Serge Benhayon appeals for his tax exempt building fund

Serge Benhayon appeals for his tax exempt building fund

For over two years too few of us have been exposing the Universal Medicine religion and complementary medicine racket; its bogus therapies, anti-social doctrines, secrecy and dangerous activities. This past year has seen the cult launch new fronts and initiatives targeting the vulnerable, renewed media interest in UM’s activities, and an all new display of aggression and bullying.

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Esoteric Privacy – nothing is sacred


Salvador Dali, ‘The Eye’

The Universal Medicine cult has a thing for consent forms. Victims of Esoteric Breast Massage are asked to sign one; cult chakrapuncturist, Neil Ringe, asks his clients to sign a consent form for Esoteric chakrapuncture and Esoteric ‘psychology’ and participants of UM workshops are asked not only for consent but to provide details of their medical histories as well. Why? What’s so dangerous or invasive about gentle breath meditation and sacred Esoteric healing that would require consent? Why would a workshop consent form request detailed medical information? What goes on at UniMed workshops that necessitates the declaration of one’s HIV status? Why are a bunch of ‘healers’ with zero qualifications collecting private medical information? How do they use it and how do they store it? Importantly, how do these extremely questionable practices align with Australian privacy laws?

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Esoteric ‘Compassion’: Callous damnation

 Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations
Interpret compassion as an emotion and you have drunk the poison of another. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p.284

A year ago I visited a children’s hospital in Cambodia; one of five founded by a Swiss doctor, funded by private donors and run on a budget of $17 million per year. Without this care, almost 3,000 children would die per month. Come 2013 and I’m ensconced in the UMA bunker quoting the incoherent scribblings of a millionaire ‘healer’ with 2000 followers who describes charity as a ‘vast and deeply damaging evil’ and says disability is bad karma for being selfish in a past life.

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Gurdjieff – Guru/Con Artist

Armenian born spiritual teacher, George Gurdjieff, developed a transcendental discipline he called ‘The Work’ to arouse his followers from the ‘waking sleep’ of their mundane lives. In the following extract from ‘Feet of Clay‘ by British psychiatrist, Anthony Storr, those familiar with Serge Benhayon will recognize a number of parallels. 

Epic Fail! – The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine’s latest pitch against cyber bullies

Epic Fail! - The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine's latest pitch against cyber bullies

Champions of free speech, RMRC, removed this comment I left on their Facebook page on December 10, 2012

When media scrutiny intensified earlier this year, SergeProp got to work dusting up UM’s public image lest negative publicity slow their plans for global domination. It appears since August, at least one of their brains-trust has been hard at work inaugurating a media lobby group Real Media Real Change and a special conference on Cyber Harassment. They went so far as to invite distinguished academics to speak. Only problem was, they didn’t disclose RMRC is an anti free speech front for a harmful cult.

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Mackay Telegraph Reports Universal Medicine followers say they’re not a cult. The same followers compare Serge to Jesus Christ

And David Millikan is the Anti-Serge. Yes kids, SergeProp is still banging on about him at the truth about serge benhayon (lol & sic) blog. Histrionics, martyrdom and Mackay Tele story posted after the jump…


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DIY Prophecies: The coming weekend with Sergie

Roll Out The Sycophants Redux
It’s easy really. You don’t need a crystal ball or to sit on the toilet and listen for the ‘loveliest, sweetest voice’ of the Ascended Masters or whoever. You just need a copy of my hastily compiled ‘Cashed Up Guruism for Dummies’ to surmise what Serge will say when he ‘presents’ this weekend at The Lighthouse. So bets are on for guessing how he’ll avoid explaining why public scrutiny is escalating and he’s sinking into doo doo. We take a stab at the apologisms, excuses, cryptic non panderings and other assorted obfuscations. Continue reading

Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 4: Dependency and dread. Daily life in the Esoteric bell jar

Having recruited the susceptible by exploiting their sensitivities to past traumas and using healing as a front for his deception, Serge intensifies his thought reform regime, keeping students in a chronic state of trancelike dissociation. In some cases the ensuing dependency on his persona, teachings, practices and the group turns to full blown addiction. We look at how students spend their days saturated with Serge.

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Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 3: Healing as a front for deception, manipulation and control

The grand deception continues as we delve further into Serge Benhayon’s treatment room deceptions, the ovarian healing manipulation, hands on healing techniques to increase suggestibility, exploitation of students’ traumatic pasts, the Esoteric Healing Workshop scam and a teaching approach designed to confuse and control.

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Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 2: Face to face with Serge. Recruitment via dissociation and deception and the gateway to dependency

When I first met Serge Benhayon he portrayed himself as caring, considerate and empathetic. At first I thought he was interested in assisting my wellbeing, but I soon found he was merely seeking to recruit. The following is the first part of an analysis of the dissociative techniques and deceptions I experienced seven years ago.

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