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Visit Esther’s Darkly Venus YouTube Channel for her UM video playlists.

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Safe Health Services

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111 – if you are aware of young girls staying in the Benhayon home, please report it, or any of the abuses listed in the post on Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate behaviour with children.

Lifeline Crisis Counselling or phone 13 11 44

Nutrition Australia Resources

Eating Disorders: Support & Services Australia Wide

Depression and Anxiety: Beyond Blue

Sexual Assault Services Australia Wide

Sexual Assault Services Queensland

Mens Sexual Assault Resource

Healthcare Practitioner Regulation Agencies

AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority deals with complaints/notifications about registered health practitioners nationwide.

NSW HCCC -Health Care Complaints Commission – Acts for AHPRA in NSW and can take action against both registered and unregistered practitioners

HQCC –Queensland’s Independent Health Watchdog takes complaints about Queensland health practitioners. Refers complaints about registered practitioners to AHPRA. Unable to act against unregistered practitioners.

Victorian Office of the Health Services Commissioner takes complaints about Victorian health practitioners but to my knowledge has no powers to act against unregistered practitioners

International Agencies, Cult Information Resources and Services

Cult Consulting Australia Professional cult counselling agency

Cult Information and Family Support Australian support and information network

Catalyst Counselling UK charity providing counselling & support for those suffering from abusive relationships in religious groups or cults

Family Survival Trust UK Charity providing advice & support

FECRIS European Federation of Centres of Research & Information on Sectarianism (cults) Multilingual site with links to information and support services throughout Europe formerly the Rick Ross Cult Archive

Rick Ross Forum on UM – Summary versionOriginal Thread (150+ pages)

Universal Medicine does Deutschland – Unsere Mission


Understanding How it Happens and How it Works: Education on Cult Dynamics and Thought Reform Techniques

Warning Signs of harmful groups or leaders 

Baloney Detection Kit by Carl Sagan

Characteristics of a Cult – listed by a number of experts

Cults: Public Perceptions vs Research – examines urban myths about who joins cults

Dangerous Persuaders excellent e-book by Australian psychologist Louise Samways – free to download or you can make a donation

Guruism – Introduction to Feet of Clay: A Study of Gurus by Anthony Storr

Identifying Predators – New Age Fraud Site

Mind Control Page – Rick Ross Cult Archive

The Mind Under Hypnosis

The Process of Brainwashing, Psychological Coercion and Thought Reform – Margaret Thaler Singer

The Psychology of the Cult Experience

Psychological Persuasion Techniques (hypnosis, naturalistic trance induction etc.) Margaret Thaler Singer

Unethical Hypnosis in Destructive Cults

Leaving Harmful Groups and Recovery

Assessing the Damage – Excerpt from Captive Hearts, Captive Minds by Tobias & Lalich

Caring for Cult Victims – Cult Information Centre UK

Caring for the Family of Cult Victims – Cult Information Centre UK

Coping with Stress – Cult Information Centre UK

Coming out of the Cults – Article by expert, Margaret T. Singer

Coping with Trance States

Cults & Families

Getting Help – Rick Ross Cult Education help page

Leaving the Cult – Excerpts from Cults in Our Midst by Margaret T. Singer

Links to Recovery Articles – Rick Ross Cult Education

Post Cult Adjustment – Margaret T. Singer

Practical Issues in Post Cult Adjustment – Margaret T. Singer

Communicating with loved ones who follow UniMed – A series of excellent posts from p.29 of what was the Rick Ross Forum. Knowledge is King’s brother later left UM.

Cult Survivors

UM Survivor – ex student Y speaks 

Personal Stories from the Cult Information & Family Support Site

Videos & podcasts about cults in general

Critical Thinking short videos

Video of Derren Brown: Messiah – a professional hypnotist, mentalist and illusionist demonstrates the use of hypnosis in religious conversion, as well as cold reading. Wikipedia entry on Derren Brown. Also his ‘Experiments’ series on YouTube – ‘The Assassin‘, ‘The Guilt Trip‘ and ‘Game Show‘.

How to Become a Cult Leader – brilliant 12 minute video on how cults operate

Self Fulfilment/Hypnosis – Louis Theroux’s BBC documentary on the use of hypnosis in the personal development and wealth creation industry.

Psychology of Cults 30 minute podcast from ABC Radio National’s ‘All in the Mind’ program

Darkly Venus Anti-Cult Channel on YouTube has playlists of most videos listed here, as well as current music player playlist and a music player archive.

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