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List of News Reports on UM

Most important blog posts by category

The most critical material on UM is unfortunately divided over three blogs due to UM’s constant attempts to have blogs pulled down or censored from Google search.

These are the categories I consider most important with links to Universal Medicine Accountability & the UM Exposed blogs

Cult childrenUMA, UM Exposed

Inappropriate touchingUMA, UM Exposed

Predatory groomingUMA, UM Exposed

Serge Benhayon’s Teachings UMA, UM Exposed

Death Drive – teachings and practices denigrating human life and glorifying death UMA, UM Exposed

Esoteric Diet (or death wish)

Universal Medicine Charities (The College of Universal Medicine & the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust) – UMA, UM Exposed

Thought reform (brainwashing) – UMA, UM Exposed

Official Complaints

IntimidationUMA, UM Exposed

Other categories are in the column to the right of the page.

Important posts

Universal Medicine’s Women’s Health Special – having your genitals touched by ‘the One’

Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo

Packaging Death – Serge Benhayon’s Great Esoteric Livingness Swindle

Esoteric Breast Massage Part 1 – marketing abuse and calling it ‘healing’

Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 1: Thought reform in the UM cult conversion process

Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 4: Dependency and Dread, Daily Life in the Esoteric Bell Jar

Diet or Eating Disorder Part 2: A level headed nutritional analysis.

What Makes Universal Medicine a Cult?

Universal Medicine is so NOT A CULT! says cult psychologist Brendan Mooney

Serge Benhayon on Evil, Murder and Rape

The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine – a hostile education

E$oteric Expenditure – an inventory of Universal Medicine’s $elf-loving products

From Richard Raymond – How the FBI would evaluate UM as a cult.


One thought on “Site guide

  1. This website is the most comprehensive critique of Universal Medicines activities and behavior and plays a vital role in helping families who are effected by this cult understand in great detail it’s flaws and dangers. My mother was, for some time, involved with this group, which impacted detrimentally on family life and almost saw the end of her marriage with my father. This man needs to be controlled and this blog provides the critical opposition that every group like this needs to have.

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