Naming Names – UniMed cult cartel

Universal Medicine Affiliated Medical Professionals, Allied Health Professionals, Complementary Health Practitioners, Unqualified ‘Healers’, Meditation groups & businesses referring to UM practitioners

Practitioners and groups listed are recruiters for the Universal Medicine Cult. Unqualified ‘healers’ listed believe themselves to be accredited ‘Esoteric Healing’ practitioners through Universal Medicine’s bogus accreditation body, the Esoteric Practitioners’ Association.

Please use the Contact tab or the comments box below to inform us of practitioners or organizations receiving referrals from or referring to Universal Medicine practitioners.

Note that it is unlawful for unregistered practitioners to practice acupuncture in Australia.

For members of the public/patients who have been adversely affected by Universal Medicine practitioners, please refer to the Official Complaints posts on this site to learn how you may report practitioners you believe have behaved unethically or in a way that had adverse consequences for your health. You may make a complaint to AHPRA or the HCCC on behalf of another and without their consent.

For patients seeking assistance from a registered healthcare professional, such as a psychologist, physiotherapist, acupuncturist etc., check the AHPRA register to see if the practitioner is registered, and then make sure they have nothing to do with UM.

See also: list of UniMed front organizations, websites and associated businesses.

AUSTRALIA & NZ [scroll down for Europe, North America and others]


Dr Jane Barker MBChB MRCP MGP, GP, Medical Educator, Bangalow, NSW

Dr Howard Chilton MBBS. MCRP(UK). DCH. Consultant Neonatologist, Sydney, NSW

Dr Samuel Kim MBBS FRACP MPH, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Goonellabah, NSW, Brisbane, Qld

Dr Anne Malatt MBBS, MS, FRANZCO, FRACS, Eye Surgeon, Lightwaves at Bangalow laser tattoo removal and skin treatments – profiting from Serge’s teachings that tattoos carry the pranic residue of the tattooist, NSW

Dr Elizabeth Skinner, GP, Goonellabah, NSW

Dr Amelia Stephens, GP, Scarborough, Qld

Dr Maxine Szramka MBBS (hons1), B Med Sci, FRACP, FAMAC pt1, Rheumatologist, Sydney, NSW


Dr Kevin Doyle, Dentist, Bangalow, NSW

Dr Allanah FreerBDSc Hons, MDSC FACNEM, Dentist, Kenmore, Qld

Dr Rachel Hall B.Ch.D (Uni Leeds), LDSRCS(Eng), MACNEM, Dental Surgeon, Evolve Dental Healing, Kenmore, Brisbane, Qld

Dr Rachel Mascord, BDS (Hons Class 1) Dentist, Five Dock, Sydney, NSW

Allied Health Professionals

Jo Frare, Lismore, NSW – former NSW Health psychologist – unregistered as of late 2017 

Kate Greenaway, BAppSc(PT), Physiotherapist, Goonellabah, NSW

Cynthia Hickman, Registered Psychologist, Melbourne, Vic

Aimee Jefferys, Registered Psychologist, Goonellabah, NSW

Marianna Masiorski, B Psych (Hons) MAPS, Registered Psychologist, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Qld

Jenny McGee, Registered Psychologist,  NSW,  Cohort Counselling

Brendan Mooney, Registered Psychologist BPsySci (Hons) AmusA, Goonellabah NSW

Dr Danielle PireraHarmony in MovementRe-Connect Exercise, BBiomedSci, BExSci (Hons), PhD Ex Phys, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Goonellabah NSW

Caroline Raphael, BPsych, Psychologist, Goonellabah, NSW

Dr Michael Serafin, B.Pharm (Hon) Ph.D, Pharmacist, Complementary Compounding Services, Ballina, NSW

Masiorski, Mooney & Raphael made baseless complaint against Esther to AHPRA of ‘slander and harassment’, professional misconduct and mental instability but without qualifying the claims or citing any code breaches. Complaint was dismissed.

Nursing & midwifery

Shushila Boswell – Clinical midwifery educator, NSW Health, South Western Sydney Local Health District, Sydney

Jo Bridges RN, Brisbane

Johanne Brown RN, Perth – Esoteric chakra-puncture etc. 

Matthew Brown RN, Perth – chakra-puncture etc.

Core Care Consultancy – Johanne & Matthew Brown, & Elizabeth Dolan – Esoteric preventative health consultancy.

Elizabeth Dolan RN, Lismore, Esoteric Breast Massager, palliative care nurse, Lismore Base Hospital

Sharon Gavioli, RN, Childbirth Educator, Brisbane

Cherise Holt, EN, Brisbane

Narelle Kelly, Mental Health Nurse, Northern Rivers NSW

Felicity Latchford, midwife, ACT

Jeanette McDonald RN palliative care nurse, Tauranga, New Zealand

Kate Robson, midwife, Melbourne

Jennifer Smith, RN, Maclean NSW

Fiona Lotherington, Lismore NSW

Susan Walker, RN

Complementary Medicine

LeeAnn Bailey, Chakra-puncturist (ex acupuncturist), Ballina NSW

Annette Baker, Relationship Counsellor, Sydney

Gabrielle Caplice, Relationship Counsellor, Sydney

Tanya Curtis, BHlthSci, Behaviour Practitioner, Counsellor, Fabic Behaviour Specialists, Worongary, Qld – organizer of Psychological Well-Being Conference refused booking at Bond University due to cult connection and promotion of repugnant Esoteric psychology.

Jenny Ellis, ND, Naturopath, Adv Dip Acu – non AHPRA registered acupuncturist, chakrapuncturist, Esoteric Breast Massage, UniMed Brisbane

Jean Gamble, Psychotherapist, Mosman, Sydney

Sara Harris, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Caulfield North, Melbourne. The Girl To Woman Project – pseudo feminist front group promoting sexist stereotypes and body negative programming.

Robyn Jones, BSc, Counsellor, Wollongbar

Sue Kira, Naturopath, Elanora, Gold Coast, advertises chakra puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or registration

Casey Lee Lyons, Live Love Nourish, Chakra-puncturist, ex acupuncturist, Brisbane

Kate Mahoney, Speech Therapist, Fabic Behaviour Specialists, Worongary, Qld

Steffen Messerschmidt, Naturopath, Chakra-puncturist, Total Health From Inside Out, UniMed Brisbane clinic, Fairfield, Qld

Cindy Morris, Naturopath, Broadbeach Waters, Qld

Rebecca Poole, Chakra-Puncturist, ex acupuncturist, Medicinal Healing, Clayfield, Brisbane

Neil Ringe, Chakra-puncturist, EPA Chairman and energetic assessor, ex acupuncturist, Coorabell

Gemma Rubina, former registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Melbourne. Now counsellor with Cohort Counselling

Penny Scheenhouwer, Chakra-puncturist, non AHPRA registered Acupuncturist, Brisbane

Nina Stabey, BHSc, Naturopath, The Healing Ingredient, advertising chakrapuncture with no acupuncture qualifications and no registration, Prahran & Brighton Vic., Brisbane, Mackay Qld, Northern Rivers NSW

Darren Walsh/Inner Tradition, AHPRA Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Melbourne

Social Work

Martin Gladman, Tender Heart Counselling, runs Wellness Days for the cult, Melbourne

Esoteric Healing Practitioners with no formal therapy qualifications

(Includes practitioners of Esoteric Chakra Puncture, Esoteric Massage, Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric Uterus Massage, Esoteric Ovarian Massage, Ovarian ‘Reading’, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Esoteric Craniosacral Therapy, Esoteric Yoga, Esoteric Counselling, Esoteric anything else unqualified ‘healers’ invent to get money out of vulnerable people and invade their privacy.)

Julie and Kathryn Adams Fortuna, Innermost Beauty, and zero qualifications personal development ‘Love Camp‘, including Love Camp Kids, and Love Camp LGBTQIA++, Park Street Health, South Melbourne and Castlemaine, Victoria

Lucie Barlow, Byron Bay, NSW

Rosie Bason, Byron Bay Mobile Massage, NSW

Emmalee Benhayon, Goonellabah

Curtis Benhayon, Esoteric Uterus Massage, Goonellabah

Michael Benhayon, Goonellabah, proprietor with wife, Emmalee Benhayon of Glorious Music 

Natalie Benhayon, Goonellabah, proprietor of Esoteric Women’s Health which markets the abusive practices of Esoteric Breast, Ovary and Uterus Massage. Markets a menstrual cycle app to men. Company director of Universal Medicine Pty Ltd and the College of Universal Medicine registered charity. 

Serge Benhayon, self appointed messiah, Goonellabah, Australia

Simone Benhayon, Ascended Master, Proprietor of Creative Aquatic Swim School and Esoteric Water Healing on Sound Foundation premises, Frome, UK. Company Director of Universal Medicine UK and EPA UK Europe, Trustee of UM’s UK charity The Sound Foundation, Frome, UK

Anne Bennier, Byron Bay, NSW

Johanne Brown, Nedlands, WA

Matthew Brown, Subiaco, WA

Bev Carter, It’s Time to Shine, Clovelly, Eastern Suburbs Sydney, NSW

Victoria Carter, Pottsville Beach, NSW

Kate Chorley, Parramatta, NSW

Alison Coleman, Bondi Junction & Balmain, NSW

Marika Cominos, Playful Creations, Melbourne

Terri-Anne Connors, Viewbank, Vic

Gabrielle Conrad, Esoteric Breast Massage, Goonengerry, NSW

Michelle Crowe, Inner Heart Healing, Balmain, Sydney, NSW

Lucy Dahill, Gentle Rhythms, practicing chakrapuncture with no acupuncture qualifications or AHPRA registration, Turramurra, Warrawee, Sydney 

Shannon Everest, doula, Deeply Nurturing, Byron Bay, Ballina

Judy Felix, Ocean Shores, NSW

Julie Ferguson, Heart 2 Heart Healing, Brisbane, Qld 

Johanna Fredericks, Esoteric Chakra-Puncture, UniMed Perth, Waikiki, WA

Gail Fuller, Esoteric Breast Massage, Byron Bay

Vicky Geary, Goonellabah

Donna Gianniotis, Balmain & Narrabeen, Sydney, NSW

Jennene Greenall, practicing chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications, targeting people with ASD, Aspergers Girls and Women CAN, Camp Hill Qld

Greg Hall, Evisen Pty Ltd, Brookfield, Qld

Belinda Jane Hodgson, practicing chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or AHPRA registration, Mackay

Sandra Shahar (Hotz), Brisbane

Nicolette Hoyle, Esoteric Breast Massage, Gaia Resort and Spa, Byron Bay

Susanne Kaiser, Mullumbimby

Jasna Kim, unqualified wife of Dr Samuel Kim, receives referrals from him for Esoteric Lung Massage, Spring Hill, Brisbane and Goonellabah

Monika Korb, practicing chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or AHPRA registration, Gold Coast

Yasmin Lang, Byron Bay, NSW

Joel Levin, Yokine, WA

Kerry Lyons, Innermost Health, New Farm, Brisbane

Vanessa McComb, True Living NZ, New Zealand

Deborah McInnes, practicing chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or AHPRA registration, Bangalow made false defamation complaint to Google

Denise Morden, advertising chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or AHPRA registration, Esoteric Breast Massage, Byron Bay 

Mary Louise Myers, Esoteric Breast Massage trainer and co-ordinator, Goonellabah

Serryn O’Regan, Esoteric Breast Massager and lawyer, Universal Medicine Pty Ltd company secretary, Esoteric Practitioners Association company secretary, College of Universal Medicine (charity) Chairperson, Australian College of Massage CEO, was advertising chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or accredition, Viewbank, Victoria

Marcia Owen, Goonellabah

Alison Pearson, Sydney

Alexandra Plane, Balmain, Sydney

Heather Pope, Esoteric Breast Massage, Sydney

Susan Pryor, Mackay

Courtney Rijsdijk, chakra-puncture, Wavell Heights, Brisbane

Joyce Ruben, Yokine, WA

Deanne Rule, advertising chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or AHPRA registration, Lilyfield, Sydney

Anne Scott, Kohimaramara, Auckland, NZ

Nicole Serafin, advertising chakra-puncture with no acupuncture qualifications or AHPRA registration. Claims to be a dietitian but is not registered. Claims to be a nutritionist but is not accredited, Ballina

Michelle Sheldrake, Masters in Psychology, Brisbane

Nicole Sjardin, Yokine, WA

Johanna Smith, Perth, WA

Anita Stanfield, marriage celebrant, Brisbane

Leigh Strack, Eungella, Qld

Simon Voysey, BHMEd, advertising chakrapuncture with no acupuncture qualifications of AHPRA registration, Lilyfield, Sydney 

Katie Walls, Gentle Rhythms, Warrawee, Turramurra, Sydney

Lisa Welsh, Kenmore, Brisbane

Other Promoters of Universal Medicine

Rebecca Asquith (Baldwin) Emanation Media websites & media presentations. Administrator of Universal Medicine propaganda blogs – no critical comments or questions allowed. Real Media Real Change team member. Member of UM Facts Team producing defamatory attack sites targeting official complainants, journalists and critics. Has made numerous complaints to blog host, WordPress, demanding they close my blogs. Accuses me of stalking and criminality for criticizing her public promotion of UM. Presents herself at youth sexual health conferences as a role model and expert on cyber-bullying without disclosing her UM backing.

Bridging Foods Cookbook, cult cookbook encouraging disordered eating, authored by Sally Scott and Nicole Sjardin

Cameron Bell, Universal Law Solicitors, Solicitor, Mullumbimby, Lismore, Tweed Heads – held a book burning of non Esoteric literature (anything not written by Serge Benhayon) on his property. 

Deborah Benhayon, Serge Benhayon’s first wife, UM Chief Financial Officer, President of Lismore Chamber of Commerce.

Hamish Broome, Northern Star Cadet reporter and Real Media Real Change team member, sought contact details and other information from UM cult victims under a pretence of journalistic reporting and failed to disclose his connection to UM. Passed the information to the cult. Spouse of Real Media Real Change Proprietor, Sarah Davis.

Sarah M. CloutierHuffPost blogger on diet – and pushing non nutritionally based Esoteric diet on her own blogs Heal Yourself with Food (aka kill yourself with no food) and responsible for petition to the stop the abuse of women in/by the media but NOT by the UM cult. 

Co-Creative Audio Visual – Rebecca Asquith, Simon Asquith, Jonathan Baldwin, Heidi Baldwin, Clayton Lloyd, Dean Pirera, Joel Levin, Curtis Benhayon, Desiree Delaloye, Sarah Davis, bent journalist Hamish Broome The Co-Creative are at pains to point out they trying to shake off any public association with their Universal Medicine cult associates, and made a rare attempt to communicate with this site, with a bonus spray of ad hominem invective, to demand I remove the names struck through above. They are still promoting and or working for the cult, as are the others. The archived staff page.

College of Universal Medicine – Australian charity arm for UM, tax exempt fundraising to construct UM and renovate UM commercial premises. 

Connect Education & Training, Goonellabah, includes ‘True Beauty Project’ imparting perverse Benhayon sexism to juvenile girls. Vicky Geary and Marcia Owen, formerly Activ Living Australia, federally funded and North Coast TAFE youth education and development program. Psychologist Jo Frare. 

Sarah Davis, BBSc, Grad Dip Applied Psychology, ABN holder for Real Media Real Change, marketing and public relations front for UM events, doubling as anti free speech lobby group. Finally publicly disclosed connection to Universal Medicine on website almost a year after our exposure. Ms Davis waited until Christmas morning to demand I remove all reference to her promotion of UM from my blogs. The Centre for the Wellbeing of Young People 

Design Arts by Desiree Delaloye. Ms Delaloye is Serge Benhayon’s long term personal assistant, business partner with Benhayon in Universal Healing Symbols, and with Miranda Benhayon in Featherlight Productions. She is a director of the College of Universal Medicine charity. Made false copyright complaints to WordPress in an attempt at censorship. Has demanded I remove all reference to her connection with UM from my blogs. 

Esoteric Practitioners Association – Universal Medicine’s sham accreditation body. Takes money from Esoteric students in exchange for their adherence to the EPA code of conduct. Benhayon and cult hierarchy routinely breach their own code.

Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd – Natalie Benhayon’s body negative enterprise promoting abusive womens health practices and sexist stereotypes – produces Our Cycles App – Period and Full Moon Diary marketed to men.

Fiery Building Fund – College of Universal Medicine fundraising organization. 

Flawless Imaging photography and design – Clayton Lloyd, Goonellabah made false copyright infringement complaint to blog host, WordPress. 

Paula not on the payroll Fletcher, Solicitor and anonymous blog troll, Universal Law Solicitors, Mullumbimby, Lismore, Tweed Heads has made false defamation complaints to Google and false copyright and trademark infringement complaints to blog host, WordPress. Specializes in baseless AVOs against non cult spouses. Mother in law of Michael Benhayon.

Professor of Linguistics, William Foley, Sydney University – Real Media Real Change and College of UM lecturer.

Kate Gamble, Search Engine Optimization Advisor/UM Website Manager/Director at Bruce Clay Australia, Pty Ltd

Neil Gamble, Chartered Accountant, Financial Advisor, Cash for Comment, Unimed Living Pty Ltd. 

Glorious Music UM cult music produced by Benhayon family (non cult music is not energetically correct and causes disease).

Instil skin care, Jody Wood, Mornington Peninsula, Vic

Chris James, Sounds Wonderful, Performer, voice teacher, co-composer of UM cult music (non cult music is not energetically correct and causes disease), does presentations and courses in schools for  pupils and teachers, Goonellabah. Business partner of Serge Benhayon, founding trustee of the Sound Foundation charity, UK. Provides continuing professional education to Australian health professionals via True Sound & Expression Inc. NA0062168E

Rachel Lynwood, Associate Lecturer, Southern Cross University, Lismore

Rachael McKane, Connected Voice, Singing Lessons, Melbourne, Vic

Adele Leung Creative Services, Hong Kong 

The Lighthouse, Universal Medicine Cult UK Headquarters, Frome, Somerset, UK – proprietors, Simon and Janet Williams

Victoria Lister, Non Profit Assist, Non Profit Explore, Not for profit consultant, Hummingbird Pie glorious gussets

Michael Nicholson, Sound Foundation Charitable Trust trustee, father in law of Simone Benhayon, proprietor of Upper Vobster Farm accommodation for Esoteric pilgrims to Frome, UK

Nourish All of You shop, running ‘nutrition groups’ pushing the non nutritionally based Esoteric diet. Ray and Anna Karam, Ballina.  

Neive O’Donahue, solicitor, Kenmore Mediation and Legal Centre, Queensland

Portraits with Soul, Kosta Konstantinou and Kathryn Adams-Fortuna, Park Street Health, South Melbourne

Mariette Reineke, Heartstorm blog, and Eleonora van Ijssel, Cirkel Van Inspiratie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Christoph Schnelle & Nicola Lessing, In Your Interest Financial Planning, Financial Advisor, Insurance Broker, Burringbar

Susan Scully, accountant, business consultant, UniMed Brisbane, Fairfield

Juzzie Smith, musician

Sound Foundation Community Care, formerly The Sound Foundation Charitable Trust – UM’s UK charity outfit, tax exempt fundraising for construction and renovation of UM’s commercial premises in the UK, promoting UM commercial services and targeting health workers and the elderly. (Cancer patients and the elderly are best sources of bequests.) Charity Commission took regulatory action over trustee conflicts of interest and issues of public benefit. 

Sunlight Ink Publishing – Desiree Delaloye and Tanya Curtis, publishing children’s books

Upper Vobster Farm, Michael and Tricia Nicholson, accommodation, Radstock, UK

Kristy Wood, Kids in Connection, Education consultancy – teacher development, classroom workshops. Held workshop at Goonellabah YWCA at the time YWCA was dishing federal funding to the UniMed cult. 

Interact Injury Management refers patients to UniMed practitioners



Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed Consultant Surgeon, Antrim, N. Ireland advertises assisted suicide, sexual abuse denial and other cult services

Allied Health Professionals

Andrew Mooney BPthy (Hons), Physiotherapist, Cornwall, UK

Dr Harald Buck, Heilpraktiker, Physiotherapist, Koln, Germany

Alexander Braun, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Koln, Germany

Cathrin Ehrhardt, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Bonn, Germany

Thomas Helmchen, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Koln, Germany

Cornelia Otten, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Koln, Germany

Jane Torvaney, Physiotherapist, Dundee, Scotland

Shirley Ann Walters, Lightwater Physiotherapy Surrey, UK

Complementary Health Practitioners

Judith Andras, Heilpraktiker (Healing Practitioner, like a Naturopath) & Kosmetikerin (Beautician), Koln, Germany 

Andrea Leonhardi, Heilpraktiker, Koln, Germany

Vanessa McHardy, Child Psychotherapist, London

Bina Pattel, psychotherapy, Simple Living Global, Stockwell, London

Katrin Schaffer, Heilpraktiker, Leichlingen, Germany

Sandra Schneider, Heilpraktiker Psychotherapist, Koln, Germany

Sarah Schurch, Dipl. Akupunkteurin SBO-TCM, Acupuncturist, Winterthur, Switzerland

Janet Williams, Psychotherapist, Tytherington, Frome, Somerset UK

Nursing & Social Work

Julia Manglano, D.U.E, Registered nurse at Accident and Emergency Department, Hospital de La Plana, Castellón, Spain

Grierson Ramsay, Registered Social Worker, Cornwall, UK

Ariana Ray, Registered Social Worker, Hampshire UK

Front organizations

Academie fur Coaching, Gezundheit und Fuhrung/Academie CGF, Erfstadt, Germany (Judith Andras, Christian Kramer, Stefanie King)

Self-Care Consultancy, Carolien Braakenburg, Caroline Reineke, Mariette Reineke, Monika Rietveld and Simone Delorme, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Esoteric ‘Healers’ with no formal qualifications

Ester Altmiks, Dusseldorf, Germany

Esther Andras, Stuttgart, Germany

Simone Benhayon, Ascended Master, Proprietor of Creative Aquatic, Frome, UK Trustee of UM’s UK charity The Sound Foundation, Frome, UK

Rosanna Bianchini, Evesham, Worcestershire, UK

Carolien Braakenburg, Hoogstraten, Belgium & Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beverley Bulmer, Norfolk, UK

Maryline Decompoix, Bons en Chablais, France

Urs Fuchs, Koln, Germany

Annalies van Haastrecht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Laura Hoy, East Sussex, UK

Jane Keep, The Leaders Leader management and human resources consultant, Esoteric Breast Massage, Trustee of Sound Foundation Charitable Trust, Bristol, UK

Michael Keppler, Koln, Germany

Fiona Pierce, Soulful Herbs, Frome, UK

Monika Rietveld, Leiden, Netherlands

Eva Rygg, Esoteric Breast Massage, Oslo, Norway

Jonathan Stewart, Frome, UK

Rowena Stewart, Esoteric Breast Massage, Frome, UK

Lorraine Wellman, Chakra-Puncture, Basingstoke, UK

Janet Williams, Esoteric healing practitioner and owner of cult hub, The Lighthouse, Frome, UK, former company director of Universal Medicine UK

Sara WilliamsSpherical Living, Esoteric Breast Massage, company director of Universal Medicine UK, EPA UK Europe, and trustee of UM’s UK charity, the Sound Foundation, London, UK. Foundational Breast Care – marketing scam Esoteric Breast Massage

Simon Williams, Esoteric healing practitioner, chartered accountant and proprietor of cult hub, The Lighthouse, Frome, UK, company director of Universal Medicine UK


Kristen James, True Healing Arts, Minneapolis

Deborah Savran, Minneapolis

Meditation Group locations and contacts 



Tilba Tilba: contact Sherry

Byron Bay: contact Denise

Lismore: contact Desiree

Ocean Shores: contact Judy

Pottsville: contact Victoria

Sydney/Northern Suburbs: contact Lucy

Sydney/Ashfield: contact Rachel Mascord

Sydney/City/Inner-West: contact Deanne


Perth: contact Johanne

Perth: contact Johanna

Perth: contact Sally


Brisbane (Fairfield): contact Jenny

Brisbane (Camp Hill): contact Jennene

Brisbane (St Lucia): contact Annie

Gold Coast: contact Rik

Gold Coast/Southport: contact Robyn

Munruben area/near Jimboomba: contact Donna

Warwick (possibly Stanthorpe/Tenterfield/Toowoomba): contact Kim


Bendigo: contact Kathryn

Geelong: contact Shirley

Melbourne: contact Serryn

Melbourne/East: contact Marika

ACT: Pearce: contact Felicity

SA: Adelaide: contact Monya or Andrew


North Island:

Auckland: contact Ingrid

Tauranga: contact Jeanette

South Island: Wanaka: contact Paul


Belgium contact Carolien

France contact Maryline


Köln: contact Judith

Leichlingen: contact Katrin

Stuttgart: contact Esther


Zutphen: contact Annelies

Amsterdam: contact Katinka

Voorschoten/Leiden: contact Monika

Norway, Oslo: contact Eva

Switzerland contact Sarah

Scotland. Isle of Arran: contact Joan

Fife: contact Doug


Antrim: contact Eunice Minford the Esoteric Surgeon and the General Medical Council and report her

Brighton: contact Stephen

Bristol: contact Jane

Cholsey Oxfordshire: contact Sue

Lightwater Surrey: contact Shirley-Ann

London: contact Sara

Norfolk: contact Beverley

Somerset: contact Simon

Suffolk: contact Elaine

Wales: contact Ariana



NS, Cape Breton, Tirnanog Wellness Centre – June till November: contact Elizabeth

NS, Cape Breton, Florence – November till May: contact Elizabeth


Minnesota, Minneapolis: contact Deborah

Utah, Salt Lake City: contact Nykole

Vermont, Bristol: contact Michael


27 thoughts on “Naming Names – UniMed cult cartel

    • A couple of things: Susanne Kaiser, you might want to remove your advertising of Esoteric Acupuncture from your linked in page tout de suite, darling, or I’ll report you to AHPRA. By now you ought to know if you are unregistered and holding out as an acupuncturist it’s against the law and you could be prosecuted, and that law was put in place to protect the public from unqualified numbskulls who’ve done an infection control deprived chakrapuncture weekend or two and think they’re entitled to inflict themselves on vulnerable patients.

      Next, I’d rather keep the Naming Names page for naming recruiters and practitioners, not for naming small potato cult members. I’m not convinced Michael Dixon is recruiting via his gardening business. However, input is welcome.

      Besides, I feel indebted to Michael for his quality EDG notes, which have given us so much material.

      And finally, an Eso-healer emailed me the following message:

      “As I have found my name on your list, I would like to say the following: I am no longer associated with Universal Medicine, so I would appreciate you taking my name from this list. As for your accuracy, I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. I do not see any use in bad-mouthing people and I do not approve of your website. It is simply reactive. Why would you waste your time doing this?”

      I wrote back with a message to go fuck herself. A qualified counsellor and psychotherapist who thinks it’s a waste of time to expose a narcissism and death cult that molests sexual abuse survivors? Like I need her approval? Like naming a bunch of damaging parasites is worse than their preying on the vulnerable? If she was ‘qualified’ she would recognize the harm, and if she wasn’t such an entitled arsehole, she’d report the abusers. Anyway, she can stay on the list for another few years, and too bad if she misses out on clients.They don’t deserve her.

      I have, however, removed others from the list who were able to show they no longer advertised Esoteric services, and asked politely.

    • Spooky. The chains, the same 1000 yard glazed eye stare and the incoherent Serge quote at the bottom of the page that is gibberish.
      How many drones are out there planting the seeds of this brain virus? The head of the snake has to be removed.

    • And there in those photos of the conscious mind fuck festival in Perth are Penny Scheenhouwer, Lee Green, Sally Scott, Joel Levin et al -practicing piss take therapies and probably hoping to charge for it.

  1. Wow.. for someone who claims to be professional in their diligence to ‘bring down’ an organization you sure are unprofessional. I came to this site seeking an independent review of Universal Medicine. However, given the significant use of expletives, it is pretty clear that the site admin and serial bloggers either lack the education to express their opinions and thoughts eloquently or are far to emotionally engaged in this issue to be professional and thus scientific. Its pretty clear this site has a one sided agenda. I fail to see a single blog that questions “Darkly Venus’s” or anyone else’s statements on this page. Yet the posts clearly hang on every single word anyone associated with Universal Medicine says. I like the one showing photos of a practitioner “touching a patients genitals” ummmm have you ever opened a book on anatomy and physiology? I dare say that gynecologists probably have a reference they refer to in their training and I’m pretty certain their manuals would have far more revealing images than the ones posted here. Further to that I dare say they probably don’t have a caption ensuring that the patient is treated with “utmost respect”.

    Clearly the right for “freedom of speech” is being edited out by the Site Admin in order to ensure that only blogs/comments that suit the agenda of the site administrator get expressed here. This site is a long way off being a professional review of Universal Medicine.

    One can only assume that anyone who can make up their own mind and who reads these pages to seek facts on Universal Medicine can easily come to the conclusion that this site is clearly based on a personal and/or professional vendetta. Any truly honest and professional review of an organization would have to include a discussion of the pros and cons of an organization. This site is no more than a rant for one or two bitter and twisted individuals.

    I’ll watch with curiosity to see if this comment gets “adminned” off the site. I am pretty confident that despite the sites admin complaining about UniMed not lettering them have their say, I’m sure they will do the very same for this post.

    C’mon. I challenge Site Admin to post all feedback and comments in the interest of fair and professional review. Don’t just post the ones that serve your purposes. In doing so you are doing the very thing you claim Universal Medicine is doing.

    • Oh goody, a real live cult troll. We haven’t had one since Paula not on the payroll Fletcher outed herself.

      So the best you can do is accuse us of using *gasp* expletives, that somewhere we’ve claimed ‘professional diligence’ lol, and then to compare bugalugs Benhayon the bullshitter with professional medically qualified gynaecologists?

      If you’re looking for a professional opinion on UM, call Cult Counselling Australia, darl.

      They charge by the hour. Or is it by the minute?

      We’re not selling anything on this site, or making anything either.

      A couple of points for your edification, dear. We’ve never edited a single critical comment out. Never. I’ve even publicly posted some that were sent to me privately as feeble attempts at hate mail or pseudo legal threats. We constantly question UM apologists, we welcome them to answer our many questions here in an open forum, but no one ever does. Are you going to be any different?

      Are you seriously trying to compare unqualified Benhayon with professional gynaecologists, who study a minimum of 10 years to attain their specialty? And who are then accountable to the Medical Board of Australia?

      Unqualified Benhayon has no business with his hands anywhere near breasts or genitals, let alone to represent his groping as ‘healing’ or to inflict that on sexual abuse victims. The fact you can’t make a distinction between professional gynaecology and the transgressions of an unqualified treatment room predator is symptomatic of the inverted value system common among UM cult members.

      So, it’s okay for unqualified people to touch the genitals of abuse victims, call it healing and teach it to hundreds of other unqualified busy bodies?

      Do you think it’s okay that Serge Benhayon has adolescent girls as unaccompanied houseguests for weeks at a time?

      Are you aware that millionaire Benhayon was once bankrupt and still owes money to creditors?

      Would you like to comment on the UK Charity Commission’s action against UM charity, the Sound Foundation?

      Or UM’s application to be recognized as a religion for charity status, even though Benhayon publicly states UM is a business?

      Have you ever had an entity removed by Serge?

      Would you send a female relative for healing with him, seeing you’re an expert on anatomy?

      Did you know the Arcturans blessed the healing symbols?

      Do you feel compelled to clear the ‘prana’ from yourself after you visit relatives or soon to be ex friends who’ve been eating sugar or dairy or drinking beer?

      How much are you making out of your association with UM?

      How much have you spent on Esoteric healing and UM workshops and products?

      How much have you donated?

      And look, if you want balance, and ‘truth’ you can always read UM’s sites. Try posting a few of our questions on them for fun.

    • Yes, I don’t think you are seeking a balanced discussion on Universal Medicine, and it’s clear you’ve accepted the cult spin of it being “one or two” emotion charged individuals writing the blog and posts day and night with nothing else to do. I detect some other cult tell tales signs too, THUS I conclude you are a troll. But none the less, we welcome you. Firstly, we like to communicate, but don’t often get the chance because members don’t like to constellate, to use a Serge oldie but goodie; and when we and many others have tried to comment on group blogs, no matter how benign, we’ve been “adminned” off the site- to borrow your phrase. Not one non member’s comment has slipped past those wily little admin girls and old guy.

      Love the dig about not being educated enough. Ho Ho. By comparison to the monotone cult language of the member sites, which are all composed in Serge-speak, this site, colorful as it is, makes us and the contributors look like literary geniuses. It is definitely far more insightful, erudite and considered. The use of expletives might be more upsetting than it should, because Serge told you it’s pranic. There’s a whole psychology to how swearing affects us, but I am sure you won’t be interested so I won’t bother telling. Suffice to say, there’s more knowledge in one post on this site than in all of Serge’s books put together and the minds of the compromised professionals under Serge’s spell. And if you read, for example, Christoph Schnell’s posts, you have to know that “scientific” is as beyond him as it is Serge and the members. I think you only mean that in the same way as “Christian Scientist” or the “Science of Re-incarnation” which really means pseudo-science, other wise known as not-science. But you probably don’t really know- you’re just using the word.

      And Anon, if we were dispassionate we wouldn’t bother. That’s the thing about emotion- it makes you do things. Yes, we are annoyed, angry, upset, and righteously indignant. That is how injustices get righted. Forget anything Serge told you. It’s bullshit. And in due time you’ll learn he is nothing but bullshit. A little bit of thinking and you’d be able to work that out for yourself. You wouldn’t even need to read a blog. It’s quite obvious really. But I’m not going to try and spell it out for you, because it’s all here.

      Thanks for at least having the courage to have a crack. You’ve stepped out of line, so perhaps your critical thinking, piss-poor as it is, is kicking back in. Who knows.

    • Nice try Anonymous but you will have to do better than that if you seek credibility for your post. The real difference between UM and the ‘one or two bitter and twisted individuals’, is the road we all travel to reach our intellectual destinations. On the one hand, the individuals are exactly that, their minds are free to reach any conclusion they choose but on the other hand there are a few thousand devotees of UM whose minds have been shaped by the teachings of Mr. Benhayon to reach conclusions specified by him. If you have any experience at all of UM’s modus operandi you will have seen the most extraordinary abuse of vulnerable people to expand the financial interests of Mr. Benhayon, his family and a select number of associates.
      What consenting adults do in their spare time is non of my business and entirely up to them as long as they do not inflict their views and practices upon those who may not have the ability to choose to reject them. I would urge you to take a good look at UM’s proposed move into education via the Teachers are Gold project. This is the point at which those of us who are concerned about the deeper effects of Mr. Benhayon’s questionable philosophy, must stand up and resist its advance with all our power.

  2. I do not belong to this site. But before I made up my mind about UniMed as well as his founder and the way I personally express myself on the subject, today: I’ve read 150 pages of testimonies on the Rick Ross anti cult forum , all the news articles you can find on this site including watching the tonight news, pages and pages of what I today call ‘ The Loveblogs’ written by UniMed students, who showed me themselves how reactive they are, before my very own eyes. Listened to the 2012 New Year broadcast with Serge Benhayon and Gayle Cue. Not to mention the disappearing blog’s who also asked questions about UniMed and the trail of broken families they leave behind. All this before this blog even got started.
    Maybe you should do the same…

    • Ah, yes, there’s a different EPA company in the UK now: established in January 2013.

      It’s EPA UK/EU, with Simone Benhayon, Jonathan & Rowena Stewart and Sara Williams as directors.

      The company that closed was a branch of the Australian company, with Serge & Natalie Benhayon as directors with Serryn O’Regan.

      A little bit of rearranging but the cult is still taking money for nothing, no doubt.

      • Of course the directors of UM UK (which was denied Charitable statues in the UK) – Simone Benhayon, Jane Keep, Sara Williams are also all trustees of The Sound Foundation (which was granted Charitable status).


    Check out the link above for people using The Lighthouse as a base to register companies. And this is the same Lighthouse that owner Janet Williams stated “We cannot state more clearly that we are nothing to do with ‘religion’. Universal Medicine is a client of ours who makes use of the conference facilities on the premises and with whom we have had a wonderful working relationship for many years.”

  4. Telling lies is not an issue for people doing ‘the work’. They have to do it to themselves all day long, so getting on Trip adviser and deceiving people is a no-brainier. Even a prerequisite.

    Serge teaches them how to be self-involved, ignorant, deceptive, petty, small-minded, petulant and stupid. More or less himself and the antithesis of what I imagine enlightenment is supposed to look like.

  5. sue has moved from oxfordshire to frome and is offering yoga classes and a sound group there. my wife mentioned also a massage and chakrapuncture business in the making.

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