The Universal Medicine Cult’s bogus censorship push – Updated August 14

Since I wrote about Desperate Desiree Delaloye issuing bogus copyright infringement notices on the FACTS about Universal Medicine site explaining copyright law and how her charges won’t stand up in court, she has issued more, and WordPress will be removing all of the images of Serge Benhayon’s inappropriate touching taken from his Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop manuals from this and the FACTS site. UPDATE: Now its Paula not on the Payroll Fletcher of Universal Law Mullumbimby trying a Trademark Infringement claim. Update at bottom of post Continue reading


The cult lawyers sink to a new low

Again, it’s not a coincidence that I pose questions to Universal Medicine’s apologist lawyers and within a couple of days the propaganda blogs post damage control. As usual the lawyers, like ‘The One’ himself, never do their own bidding. This time it’s foisted on a victim of domestic abuse fleeing a bad marriage and recruited by the lawyers in their very own offices.


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Cult doctors, cult lawyers, cult cops, and still no cred…

It’s hardly a coincidence I mention I’m talking to the police and the Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine wheels out it’s very own Esoteric cop. A word to said ‘Investigator’ follows, as well as special questions for the Esoteric lawyers, and while I’m at it, a warning to  the cult social workers and school teachers as well. The cult doctors can wait.