Naming Names – Unimed Cult Cartel – international

Universal Medicine Affiliated Medical Professionals, Allied Health Professionals, Complementary Health Practitioners, Unqualified ‘Healers’, front organizations, and businesses promoting the Benhayons or referring to UM practitioners in East Asia, Europe, North America 

Esoteric ‘healers’ listed believe themselves to be accredited ‘Esoteric Healing’ practitioners through Universal Medicine’s bogus accreditation body, the Esoteric Practitioners’ Association.

Please use the Contact tab or the comments box below to inform us of practitioners or organizations receiving referrals from or referring to Universal Medicine practitioners.

See also: list of UniMed front organizations, websites and associated businesses.

Esoteric Practitioners Association (bogus practitioner association owned by Serge Benhayon) practitioner directory

Naming Names Australia and New Zealand



Eunice J Minford MA FRCS Ed Consultant Surgeon, Antrim, N. Ireland advertises assisted suicide, sexual abuse denial and other cult services

Allied Health Professionals

Dr Harald Buck, Heilpraktiker, Physiotherapist, Koln, Germany

Alexander Braun, Heilpraxis Koeln, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Koln, Germany

Dr Fiona Canavan, Chiropractor, Radiologist, MA ( Oxon) MB BChir ( Cantab) MRCP FRCR ( London)

Cathrin Ehrhardt, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Bonn, Germany

Thomas Helmchen, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Koln, Germany

Andrew Mooney BPthy (Hons), Physiotherapist, North Cornwall, UK

Carmen Neuhausen, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Koln, Deutschland

Cornelia Otten, Heilpraktiker, Osteopath, Koln, Germany

Gill Randall, Physiotherapist, Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK

Katrin Schaffer, Heilpraktiker, Osteopathie, esoterische Brustmassage (Esoteric Breast Massage), Leichlingen, Germany

Ann-Brit Tangstad, Psychotherapy, physiotherapy, Studio Agora, Oslo, Norway

Jane Torvaney, Physiotherapist, Dundee, Scotland

Shirley Ann Walters, Lightwater Physiotherapy Surrey, UK

Complementary Health Practitioners

Judith Andras, Heilpraktiker & Kosmetikerin, Koln, Germany 

Felix Kremer, Heilpraktiker, Psychotherapie & Massagetherapie, Hamburg, Bucholz in der Nordheide, Deutschland

Andrea Leonhardi, Heilpraktiker, Koln, Germany

Vanessa McHardy, Child Psychotherapist, London

Bina Pattel, psychotherapy, Simple Living Global, Stockwell, London

Sandra Schneider, Heilpraktiker Psychotherapist, Koln, Germany

Sarah Schürch, Acupuncture, Winterthur, Switzerland

Claudia Swadek, physiotherapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, Stuttgart, Germany

Janet Williams, Psychotherapist, Altair Counselling, Bath and Tytherington, Frome, Somerset, UK

Nursing & Social Work

Julia Manglano, Nurse, Woking, Surrey, UK

Grierson Ramsay, Registered Social Worker, Cornwall, UK

Ariana Ray, Registered Social Worker, Hampshire UK – Struck of social work register 2021

Esoteric ‘Healers’ with no formal qualifications

Mary Adler, Woking, Surrey, UK

Ester Altmiks, Dusseldorf, Germany

Esther Andras, Stuttgart, Germany

Judith Andras, Koln, Germany

Victoria Arnanz, Valencia, Espana

Simone Benhayon, Ascended Master; reincarnation of Winston Churchill; Proprietor of Creative Aquatic, Frome, UK; Former trustee and director of UM’s UK charity The Sound Foundation, Frome, UK

Rosanna Bianchini, Evesham, Worcestershire, UK

Shayla Boger, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Carolien Braakenburg, Hoogstraten, Belgium & Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sylvia Brinkman, Amselveen, The Netherlands

Beverley Bulmer, bogus esoteric healing and ‘Leaving Gracefully‘ esoteric funeral celebrant, Norfolk, UK

Samantha Chater-England, Norfolk, UK (former Norfolk County Councillor)

Immaculada Cobo Soler, Frome, Somerset, UK; Valencia, Spain

Yvonne Coevert, Baarn, The Netherlands

Samantha Davidson, North Cornwall, UK

Maryline Decompoix, Bons en Chablais, France

Simone Delorme, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Elizabeth Douglas, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 

Shami Duffy, Frome, Somerset, UK

Egashira Fumiyo, Fukuoka, Japan

Urs Fuchs, Koln, Germany

Sue Goodson, Lightwater, Surrey UK

Annalies and Nico van Haastrecht, Voorschoten, Netherlands

Samira Harris, Inner Heart Space, Lewes, East Sussex, UK

Natalie Hawthorne, Soul Connections, London, Frome, UK

Christina Hecke, Truth in Acting, Berlin, Deutschland

Nadia Hiltbrand, Valencia, Spain

Christina Hooper, Nottingham, UK

Laura Hoy, East Sussex, UK

Eleonora van IJssel, Loenen aan de Vecht, The Netherlands

Kristen James, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA 

Jane Keep, The Leaders Leader management and human resources consultant, Esoteric Breast Massage, Trustee of Sound Foundation Charitable Trust, Bristol, UK

Chetan Jha, UK

Mareike Kapp, Hamburg, Germany

Michael Keppler, Koln, Germany

Amita Khurana, Pure Harmony Clinic, Thurston Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

Monika Korb, Einfach Himmlischorthorexia nervosa Café & Catering, Bonn Germany

Adele Leung, Hong Kong

Amparo Lorente Chafer, Alicante, Spain

Ulla Luttel, Meinerzhagen, Germany

Glenda MacAskill, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Linda Marinelli, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Julie Matson, East Barnet, London, UK

Jacqueline McFadden, UK

Richard Mills, self-expression and esoteric voice work (yodelling), Lightwater, Surrey, UK

Rebekah Muntelwit, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Chris Murphy, Isleworth, London UK 

Rebecca Murphy (nee Turner), Moving with Grace Esoteric Yoga, London, UK

John O’Connell, Drogheda, Louth, Ireland

Anke Parr, Berlin, Deutschland

Bina Pattel, Simple Living Global, Central London, UK

Fiona Pierce, Frome, UK

Sylvia Plandsoen, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Angela Pope, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK

Sue Queenborough, Frome, Somerset, UK

Nadine Riesterer, Basel City, Suisse

Monika Rietveld, Leiden, Netherlands

Michèle Rösli, Prävention & Rekonvaleszenz, Winterthur, Switzerland

Eva Rygg, Esoteric Breast Massage, Oslo, Norway

Kerstin Salzer, Markgroningen, Deutschland

Deborah Savran, Seattle Wellbeing, Seattle WA, USA

Floris van der Schot, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Katinka van der Schot de Lannoy, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Sarah Schutz, actor, acting coach, Esoteric hoodoo practitioner, Germany

Candida Scott-Knight, London, UK

Stephanie Stevenson, Berkshire, UK

Jonathan and Rowena Stewart, Tytherington, Frome, UK

Lorraine Wellman, ex-acupuncturist, Chakra-Puncture, Frome, UK

Janet Williams, Esoteric healing practitioner and owner of cult hub, The Lighthouse, Frome, UK, former company director of Universal Medicine UK

Sara Williams,  Esoteric Breast Massage, Chakra-puncture, Light Centre, Belgravia, London, UK.  Director of Universal Medicine UK, EPA UK Europe, and trustee/director of UM’s sham UK charity, the Sound Foundation. Foundational Breast Care – marketing scam Esoteric Breast Massage

Simon Williams, Esoteric healing practitioner, chartered accountant and proprietor of cult hub, The Lighthouse, Frome, UK, former company director of Universal Medicine UK

Front organizations

Academie fur Coaching, Gezundheit und Fuhrung/Academie CGF, Erfstadt, Germany (Miike Keppler, Christian Kramer, Alexander Gensler)

Mariette Reineke, Heartstorm blog, and Eleonora van Ijssel, Cirkel Van Inspiratie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In CoCreation – audio-visual business headed by Iris Pohl. Koln, Deutschland; Richmond Hill NSW Australia

The Lighthouse, Universal Medicine Cult UK Headquarters, Frome, Somerset, UK – proprietors, Simon and Janet Williams

Self-Care Consultancy, Carolien Braakenburg, Caroline Reineke, Mariette Reineke, Monika Rietveld and Simone Delorme, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sound Foundation Community Care, formerly The Sound Foundation Charitable Trust – UM’s UK charity outfit, tax exempt fundraising for construction and renovation of UM’s commercial premises in the UK, promoting UM commercial services and targeting health workers and the elderly. (Cancer patients and the elderly are best sources of bequests.) Charity Commission took regulatory action over trustee conflicts of interest and issues of public benefit. 

Michael Nicholson, Sound Foundation Charitable Trust trustee, former father in law of Simone Benhayon, proprietor with Tricia Nicholson of Upper Vobster Farm accommodation for Esoteric pilgrims to Frome, UK

Verkering met Jezelf,  (Courtship with Oneself) Eleonora van Ijssel, Mariette Reineke & Diana Renfrum – grooming kids and propagating cultism in schools in Netherlands and Puna, India. 

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