Media Reports 2018+

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Paywalled articles as marked.

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  1. Preview Sunday Night on Seven report on Universal Medicine 12/02/18 (video)
  2. *’This guy is a predator’: International investigation into Australian cult leader Serge Benhayon Seven Network 17/2/19 (See below for YouTube video)
  3. Universal Medicine cult founder exposed as a charlatan 18/2/19
  4. Council bans cult Prime Seven 20/2/19
  5. Cult leader ordered to pay blogger’s legal costs Sydney Morning Herald 28/2/19
  6. Solicitors for cult leader may be probed AAP 28/2/19
  7. Gold Coast cult: Universal Medicine leader message promoted by behavioural clinic Fabic through Tanya Curtis Gold Coast Bulletin 1/3/19
  8. Gold Coast City Council promotes woman linked to cult Gold Coast Bulletin PAYWALLED 7/3/19
  9. The Somerset B&B that’s home to Universal Medicine burpers 10/3/19 PAYWALLED
  10. Mother lost to Serge Benhayon’s Universal Medicine cult 10/3/19 BBC
  11. Chamber boss Simon Williams quits over Universal Medicine cult claims 14/3/19 BBC
  12. Universal Medicine research conducted by cult devotees won’t be pulled by University of Queensland ABC News (TV report to come) 15/3/19
  13. A very upper crust cult: Run by a wealthy old Etonian in Somerset Daily Mail UK 16/3/19


  1. University of Queensland launches investigation after researchers promote Universal Medicine ‘cult’ ABC News 16/4/18
  2. University of Queensland academics linked to alleged cult ABC Radio 16/4/18
  3. University of Queensland Faculty Members linked to healing cult Vice 16/4/18
  4. Senior RACGP figure defends involvement with fringe alternative medicine group Australian Doctor 17/4/18
  5. Universal Medicine: their controversial therapies exposed NT News 19/4/18 (Video)
  6. Research problems at Australian University hit news Retraction Watch 19/4/18
  7. The Researchers, the university and the bizarre medical cult 30/4/18 Doctor Portal (Medical Journal of Australia)
  8. Doctor who gave patient medical history to Universal Medicine ‘cult’ stands down from AMA ABC News Online 2/5/18
  9. Why consumers need better protection from dodgy health providers – the case of Universal Medicine  The Conversation 11/5/18
  10. ‘Cult’ healer ordered to open the books Sydney Morning Herald 25/6/18

2018 Benhayon v Rockett trial & aftermath

Supreme Court Justice delivers stinging blow to UM cult leader Serge Benhayon

Northern Star headline 7 December 2018

Not all reports are listed. Paywalled articles as marked.

  1. NSW spiritual healer sues for defamation AAP 4/9/18
  2. Spiritual healer Serge Benhayon ‘not a cult leader’ court Sydney Morning Herald 4/9/18
  3. A spiritual healer is suing over accusations he is a cult leader who is sleazy to women Buzzfeed 4/9/18
  4. *Discarnate spirits in the courtroom as healer is cross examined The Age 5/9/18
  5. NSW healer tells of spirits, past lives 9 News 5/9/18
  6. *NSW healer felt ‘raped’ over blog post AAP 5/9/18 
  7. Universal Medicine leader sues over ‘harmful cult’ claims Australian Doctor 5/9/18 (login required)
  8. *Reincarnation evidence given by NSW healer AAP 6/9/18
  9. *Spiritual healer accuses barrister of trying to paint him as madman Sydney Morning Herald 6/9/18
  10. It was a real worry: blogger tells court of sleazy session with spiritual healer Sydney Morning Herald 13/9/18
  11. Healer’s client alarmed by ‘rape recovery’ AAP 13/9/18
  12. Sued woman explains Rolf Harris comment  AAP 14/9/18
  13. Universal Medicine harvested client info court told Northern Star 14/9/18 PAYWALLED
  14. Sued woman tells jury of healing scam Nine News 17/9/18
  15. NSW Healer has sincere beliefs, jury told AAP 3/10/18
  16. *Self-styled healer Serge Benhayon leads socially harmful cult: jury Sydney Morning Herald 15/10/18
  17. A faith healer sued a blogger over accusations he leads a cult. He lost. Buzzfeed 15/10/18
  18. Defamation loss for NSW spiritual healer AAP 15/10/18
  19. Blogger jubilant at ‘cult’ defamation win AAP 15/10/18
  20. Universal Medicine loses defamation case Byron Shire Echo 16/10/18
  21. Revealed: what the jury said about socially harmful cult Northern Star 20/10/18 PAYWALL or see blog post about jury’s findings
  22. Court rules Universal Medicine founder is running a harmful cult Sunday Telegraph PAYWALL 21/10/18
  23. AHPRA lobby group distances itself from Universal Medicine Australian Doctor 24/10/18 login required
  24. Chamber of Commerce’s UM linked president steps down Northern Star 26/10/18
  25. Cult teacher gets NDIS funds The Australian 31/10/18 PAYWALL
  26. Benhayon’s loss will be felt by Lismore Chamber Byron Shire Echo 31/10/2018
  27. Revenge of the Loon Nimbin Goodtimes p.9 November 2018
  28. Disabled jibe appalling: former Mayor slams healer Northern Star PAYWALL 1/11/18
  29. Taxpayer funds for cult DVD The Australian PAYWALL 2/11/18
  30. Universal Medicine follower’s daughter hopes jury verdict stops dangerous cult recruitment ABC News 5/11/18 TV report below
  31. Doctor linked with alleged cult entitled to her private life and private views Australian Doctor 9/11/18
  32. Would-be MP doctor Maxine Szramka linked to cult leader The Australian PAYWALL 9/11/18
  33. Universal Medicine follower’s daughter releases private emails between mother and cult leader ABC News 10/11/18 TV report below
  34. Serge Benhayon perd son procès Unadfi 13/11/18
  35. Court finds this so-called healer swindled cancer patients out of millions Vice 14/11/18
  36. NSW child protection agency advocated harmful cult in girls’ care plans ABC News 22/11/18
  37. Cult leader Serge Benhayon used defamation case to inflict pain on blogger: court Sydney Morning Herald 6/12/18
  38. Costs dispute after cult defamation win AAP 6/12/18
  39. *A cult leader tried to inflict pain on a blogger with expensive defamation cases, court hears Buzzfeed 7/12/18

TV reports 2018 – 2019

Cult Universal Medicine practices promoted by UQ medical researchers ABC News 16/4/18

Cult leader given patient’s entire medical history by lung specialist Dr Samuel Kim ABC News 2/5/18

Relief as jury finds leader of socially harmful cult Benhayon preyed on cancer victim ABC News 5/11/18

Private emails cast light on cult leader who jury found preys on cancer victims ABC News 10/11/18

Child protection agency advocated harmful cult in children’s care plans ABC News 22/11/18

Sunday Night on Seven – International investigation of Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine cult



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