Universal Medicine’s Women’s Health Special – having your genitals touched by ‘The One’, and any other cult member who ‘feels to’


Serge Benhayon with his hand on a woman’s vulva. Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Manual, p.71

September 2012 I went public with my account of Serge Benhayon’s sleazy attempt at reading my ovaries. For a year or so the Universal Medicine cult publicly pretended I don’t exist, while trying to have my blogs shut down and attempting to intimidate me with a variety of false complaints. May 2014 they set up defamatory website where Serge’s Brides insist the ovarian reading never happened and I’m a mentally ill liar. None of them were in the treatment room with me. Its easy to understand the denials and the harassment attempts – Serge has done the same to them, and to engage reasonably with me would involve defending the indefensible. Moreover, when I went public, I wasn’t aware of published photographic evidence of Benhayon’s abuses.

No wonder they’ve tried to silence me.

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Esoteric Feminism – All men are bastards, ‘equality’ causes disease and your loved ones are parasites

Gender politics is one of the most divisive issues in modern society, and Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s ignorant and sexist teachings on gender, relationships and women’s health are central to his marketing of Esoteric therapies and workshops. His writings reveal how he exploits primitive gender stereotypes to keep his followers docile and compliant, and separate them from loved ones who might interfere with their expensive dependency on the group.

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Real Media Real Change Relentless Scamming – Esoteric ‘Feminism’

After last December’s epic failure of their Cyber Harrassment Conference, Real Media Real Change is back to old tricks. This time attempting to exploit the good name of International Women’s Day for cult recruitment drives disguised as presentations on women’s health. However, they haven’t registered their events with the IWD organization and again haven’t disclosed themselves as a front group for the harmful and sexist Universal Medicine cult. One wonders how the IWD committee will respond considering they’re now in possession of a collection of Serge Benhayon’s most ‘joy-full’ and loving misogynistic quotes. Continue reading

Universal Medicine is Habit Forming, Part 3: Healing as a front for deception, manipulation and control

The grand deception continues as we delve further into Serge Benhayon’s treatment room deceptions, the ovarian healing manipulation, hands on healing techniques to increase suggestibility, exploitation of students’ traumatic pasts, the Esoteric Healing Workshop scam and a teaching approach designed to confuse and control.

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The Universal Medicine Propaganda Machine Sputters to a Standstill

During the last months, Universal Medicine’s formidable propaganda machine rolled out with a tsunami of apologism at the first glimmerings of negative press. Yet, in the last few weeks, it’s been gasping out nothing but tired ‘Esoteric’ platitudes. What has changed?

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And now a word from one of our trolls

Deep in the bowels of the comments on the Naming Names page, the interested reader will find a little flurry of outrage from UM’s second rung apologists, about how cruel we are to name the medical cartel and how those impoverished and beleaguered medical professionals are the real victims.

Never mind their patients/recruits.

The Mission of Universal Medicine Accountability – Where to begin

As more facts come to hand about the highly profitable ‘Esoteric Healing’ outfit, Universal Medicine, we face the challenge of deciding which of its numerous dubious practices and harmful characteristics to expose and dismantle first.