Diet or Eating Disorder? Part 1 The Universal Medicine Diet: ‘Esoteric’ Food Classification – updated 2020

img_0861Let’s be clear about one crucial fact – cult leader, Serge Benhayon, isn’t qualified to make a sandwich, let alone devise a life sustaining diet.

Universal Medicine followers irrationally restrict their diets for no valid health reason — wholly based on their guru Serge Benhayon’s classification of foods by what he reckons are their ‘energetic’ properties. He’s decided a very limited number of foods, such as green apples, almonds, green vegetables and fish, are ‘fiery’, as in nourish a person’s soul. Just about every other food is damned as ‘pranic’ – evil, in other words – and filled with disease causing energy. It’s no big deal that he calls coffee, alcohol and sugar pranic. Restricting or removing them entirely from your diet has no adverse health impacts, and may even make you healthier. However, he also says all grains (including those containing gluten), most root vegetables, many fruits and all dairy products are pranic.

I’ve also heard of followers refusing to eat eggs, beef, tomatoes, chicken and legumes.

What’s left to eat? Not much, and that’s why UM followers are recognisable by their emaciated, grey-faced and glassy-eyed appearance. It’s one of the reasons it’s difficult to get any sense out of them. Their children have been heard to cry from hunger. Subjecting kids to Benhayon’s lunatic diet is child abuse.

Articles on Unimed Living show that Benhayon himself advocates eating only one a meal a day, and lives on green vegetables and fish. That regime is hopelessly inadequate for sources of Iron and other minerals, the fat soluble vitamins A and E, the B group vitamins and vitamin C. It would also be very difficult to get sufficient kilojoule intake.

It is dangerously disordered eating with extremely serious risks to health. It also resulted in the emergency hospitalisation of a nine month old infant in 2018 in Lismore. The baby was unresponsive and almost died. Such restrictions are catastrophic in growing children and may cause developmental problems that are irreversible.

More recently, in 2020, the UK Family Court also ruled that a child exposed to Universal Medicine was at risk of developing an eating disorder. When the child was seven, her GP told her parents to explain to her that she was not allergic to gluten and dairy and that there was no reason for her to restrict those from her diet, as her cultist mother had.

The diet charts

In the Universal Medicine diet chart handouts Serge has delineated ‘EVIL FOODS, PRANIC FOODS and FIERY FOODS’. According to him ‘PRANIC FOODS hinder the flow of the light of the soul of the body’ and ‘impose a flow of energy in the body that is not our state of  being…’

The rest of the charts are unintelligible nonsense, such as rubbing Acocado oil on your own belly over the ovaries and uterus helps the body to restore its iron levels. I will never forget the look on Justice McCallum’s face when she  read that one out in the Supreme Court at one of the interlocutory hearings for Benhayon v Rockett, and expressed her disgust. 

Worst of all, Benhayon’s non-evidence based health hazards are enthusiastically endorsed by Alstonville opthalmologist, Dr Anne Malatt, and NHS surgeon Eunice Minford, and presumably the rest of UM’s devotee health professionals in Australia and UK/Europe, completely betraying their training in science.

Also, see this film where Benhayon talks about his followers testing positive for mercury toxicity (due to overconsumption of fish) and other nutritional deficiencies, and how they can expect to be ill as part and parcel of belonging to his oppressive ‘community’.

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 Esoteric Food Charts

26 thoughts on “Diet or Eating Disorder? Part 1 The Universal Medicine Diet: ‘Esoteric’ Food Classification – updated 2020

  1. Venus that was hilarious!Be warned I have just had a coffee (without sugar) = less pranicIts clear that for most of the Western world we eat too much fat and sugar, and Serge plays on this fear of bad diet but takes it to the extreme.I am not sure I understand some of Serge's logic on this diet. ie why is soy ok? I was told by a very reputable naturopath, that unfermented soy /tofu is bad for you (ie women and children especially girls) as it can lead to estrogen imbalances. A little fermented soy may be ok.. Also what is wrong with ginger. Ginger, I thought, was ok? And if you are going to eat all kinds of red meat, why not beef? Anyway lets try not to analyse why Serge says what he says. The whole thing reeks of someone who makes loads of cash out of people's insecurities. Its a one size fits all diet that just won't work for everyone. Serge leave everyone alone take the money and run!

  2. Yes, please, don't ever try and analyse what Serge says about anything. Trust me, I've tried and it's almost broken my mind. Which is Serge's aim. Break the mind, raid the bank account.Don't ask me what Eunice the famous surgeon's excuse is. I think she was having trouble starting her own cult, so she's borrowed Serge's. Either way, any doctor endorsing this bunk is dangerously, pathologically irresponsible. Anyway, stay tuned. The diet list is one thing, the way it's used is another. In Part 2, I'll talk about how students use the diet and attempt a level headed nutritional analysis of that. If I'm not certifiably unhinged by then. It's not pretty. And thanks.

  3. What a brilliant and also comic analysis of this utter madness diet. Thank you for making me laugh and high-lighting to all the sheer ridiculousness of Serge's dietary tips. Even without your comedic talents I would have been laughing at "damp" and "fiery" foods. If you want fiery, nip down to my local Indian restaurant. Tell the Kalki the chef you want a fiery curry and I guarantee you a full cleansing, in fact you'll be on the toilet so long, you may even have a revelation like Serge did and be able to start your own cult!

  4. This is insane. You have taken a food chart and reinterpreted it without all the necessary information. I have been araound Universal Mecicne for some time and have eaten in varuis students homes. I can Noone eats as you have described. Eggs, fish, turkey and lamb for instance ara a huge part of all students diets. What is your motivation here?

  5. Why would a meal plan be included in students notes? I am a universal medicine student and to put things in perspective this is what I ate yesterday. Breakfast,A fruit salad of pink grapefruit apple kiwifruit with crushed nuts and coconut cream and a herbal tea.My children had eggs on gluten free toast with avocado and salad greens.Mid morning I had a herbal tea and handful of almonds.LunchPea and basil soup with a small tin of tuna.My children had potato cakes and dolmades ( rice and herbs wrapped in vine leaves) as well as corn chips and homous. ( note a good dose of calcium is found in the homous and the vine leaves and far more easily absorbed by the body than via dairy)Dinnersalmon and calamari cooked to perfection by my husband on the BBQ with salad of greens, tomato, celery avocado and sprinked with dulse ( seaweed) My children don't like fish and had chicken sausages and some of the calamari. They also had mushrooms and rice noodles along with the salad.Thoughout the day my children snack on fruit, nuts, seaweed, corn chips, dried apples and apricots plus much more. They drink nut milks, soy milk and rice milk along with plenty of water and occasionally juice. Our meals always include lots of yummy herbs and spices and to be honest I eat more diversely now that I ever have. This is pretty typical of most students I know including the Benhayon family. For the sake of balance it would be nice if you could post this. I can even handle your toxic comments that you will no doubt make.

  6. Congratulations on making some sensible dietary choices based on the above mentioned load of cobblers. Is this your own testimony, or did you get 'assistance' from SergeProp? Or are you in fact the author of the Pranic Puritanism Delights Gluten and Dairy Free cookbook Rachel Hall and others are flogging?So how do you explain to your kids they can't have dairy, gluten or grains because they're full of evil pranic entities?And why are you outraged enough to comment about a few dietary criticisms, but have said nothing on my other posts about Serge's treatment room sleaziness and psychosexual shenanigans?Read my next post.

  7. Why would I tell my children that they cant have dairy, gluten or grains because they are full of evil pranic entities? This would be a ridiculous thing to tell them since it isn't true. Serge has never claimed this to be the case either.I need no assistance on how to follow a healthy diet and besides there is plenty of scientiful evidence out there showing how dairy and gluten are not easy for our bodies to digest nor a necessary part of our diet.In time I will respond to other of your posts but for now I have a glorious spring day to enjoy with my family.

  8. Actually dear Anon, on a better look at your menu, I should point out your children are doing better there than you. You're not eating enough my dear, unless you're getting stuck into the snacks – and you'd need to.

  9. Oh belove, what a surprise we agree the idea foods contain negative prana is bullshit. Serge doesn't claim it? He's sure as hell written it. 'Most pranic foods create dampness or pranic heat'. 'Pranic foods hinder the flow of the light of the soul in the body….' ad nauseum.And you agree you need no assistance on how to follow a healthy diet, but you're in here gunning for Serge the self styled nutritionist, at the same time saying his prana palaver is nonsense and even more nonsense because there is plenty of 'scientiful' (SIC) evidence for cutting gluten and dairy. Evidence, mind you, which is based on clinical symptoms of intolerance, not the caprices of a loony guru. Your argument is so illogical not even you can follow it.

    • I am concerned still about his attraction to young girls. This was mentioned in the court hearing. Serge is evil but manages to convince his followers that every thing he does is for the good. Please do not be taken in by this man as it is a dangerous path he wants his followers to walk down. Well done Esther for being brave to take
      him on.

  10. "belove"- sorry to hear how much "in love" you are with UM. Most of the people I knew and have seen in Universal Medicine, are looking sick. They don´t have enough body- weight anymore, though they were at good health, before they followed the "fiery" and "prana" foodlist and the general reprogramming- system of brains of your lead Serge Benhayon. They start to look as sick as Serge Benhayon himself. Many faces I saw got emaciated and they had dark circels around their eyes. Sure Serge Benhayon splitted the foods in categories: "fiery" or "prana". He even told you how much "points" they are worth to get it to a higher or lower level.I recognised, that many followers ignore many things, that Serge prays. Many of them don´t even now much about the content of his written "bibles". But when they are too deep into UM, no one really cares abot the text. They just adore to get the acclamation of Serge and believe everything he fakes. That man is bad medicine to his followers who doesn´t care about real love for anyone at all."belove"- traurig zu sehen, wie sehr du "verliebt" in UM Du doch bist. die meisten Menschen, dich ich in der Universal Medicine Sekte gesehen habe, sehen krank aus.Sie verfügen nicht mehr über genug Körpergewicht. Bevor sie der "fiery" und "prana" -Lebensmittelliste und dem generellen reprogrammierenden System von Serge Benhayon folgten, waren sie bei guter Gesundheit. sie sehen jetzt genauso krank aus wie Serge Benhayon selbst. viele Gesichter, die ich sah, waren ausgemergelt und mit dunklen Augenringen versehen.Auf jeden Fall hat Serge die Lebensmittel in "fiery" und "prana" eingestuft. Er hat ebenso festgelegt, wieviele Punkte sie wert sind um in verschiedene Level (bestenfalls höhere) zu kommen.Auch habe ich bemerkt, dass Serge´s Gefolge viele der Dinge, die Serge Benhayon "predigt" ignorieren. viele von ihnen kennen nicht einmal, den tatsächlichen Inhalt seiner "Bibeln" (haben sie diese wohl nicht nachvollziehen können? Aber wer kann das schon!)Aber wenn sie einmal in der UM Sekte versunken sind, ist ihnen der Text sowiso egal. sie begehren einfach die Anerkennung ihres Führer´s und glauben alles, was er sich ausdenkt.Dieser Mann ist gefährlich für Geist und Seele seiner Anhänger, deren wirkliche Liebe er abtötet.Passt auf Euch auf, informiert Euch ausführlich, benutzt Euren Verstand- letzteres wird Serge Benhayon Euch verbieten um Euch ausschließlich für seinen eigenen, äußerst profitablen Nutzen, umprogrammieren zu können.

  11. Thanks Jasmin and I'd just like to say contributors with English as a second (or third or fourth) language are very welcome to post in their native language. We have a google translator button to the right of the page which seems to work pretty well, or if any readers would like to pitch in and translate that would be great too. We very much want to inform the public of the facts about Universal Medicine wherever the organization spreads. I'm also aiming to post more links to resources and support services in Europe and the UK on the links page.

  12. I just want to make sure, that I just want to help people to free themselves of Universal Medicine and warn them to really take this sirious. I also want to help the families, friends, and partners, who already lost their loved ones to this cult or need help to find out about what´s really going on there before it´s too late. My heart is talking all the time, because I found out about all of this, when it was too late for my loved one. I thought the whole time, he will see at some time, that there is nothing to gain with but everything to loose, but my partner didn´t.That´s gonna be a hard time, if he wants to get out of it- if he´ll ever really sees things like they are, reprogrammed like he is now.Ich wollte nur hinzufügen, dass ich mit meinen Beiträgen Menschen helfen will, die sich entweder von Universal Medicine befreien möchten oder denjenigen helfen wollen, die ihre Familienangehörigen, Partner oder Freunde bereits an diese Sekte verloren haben oder Informationen brauchen, über das, was dort wirklich vor sich geht.Hier spricht mein Herz, denn für meien Partner war es zu spät, als ich diese Informationen in englisch fand.Ich dachte die ganze Zeit, er würde irgendwann spüren das es dort wenig zu gewinnen gibt, aber eben alles zu verlieren- er tat es nicht. Zu spät.Es wird eine harte Zeit werden, wenn er irgendwann einmal aufwachen sollte und zurück ins Leben möchte. Wenn er es überhaupt jemals sieht, so wie er jetzt reprogrammiert worden ist. So nehmt dies bitte ernst.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing your heartfelt story with us Jasmin. We're honoured to have you here. We're disturbed by stories like yours and we sincerely hope you can both heal.

  14. What I like to mention is that Serge Benhayon seperates his followers from their social contacts. Eating and drinking "different" like them, does its input there, too. Isn´t it much easier to have people around oneselves, that have the same habits?Take a look at it- its only one part, of everything, that´s influenced by Serge. Put all of the pieces together and see the final score.Ich möchte gerne erwähen, das Serge Benhayon seine Anhänger von seinen sozialen Kontakten seperiert. "Anders" essen wie sie es tun, trägt seinen Teil dazu bei. Ist es nicht viel angenehmer, Menschen um sich zu haben, die die gleichen Angewohheiten haben? Schaut Euch alles genau an- es ist nur ein Teil des großen Ganzen, das von Serge Benhayon beeinflusst wird. Füge alle Bereiche zusammen, die betroffen sind und sieh dir das Endergebnis an.

  15. This is a great point. A restrictive diet like this is anti-social, again another device to promote dependence on the group and alienate students from outsiders. And yes, there is a big picture of a comprehensive range of thought reform techniques which are pervading every aspect of students' lives. I'm working at the moment on putting all of them together in a comprehensive overview of how Serge establishes and maintains his hold. It's very elaborate and highly effective.Hopefully that post will make it online this week.

  16. Hello, I am deeply in sorrow: my daughter has been one of Serge Benhayons followers for several years now and she is faithful to him admires him and his persuasions without any doubt!!! Her body has develloped to ugly thinness, I fear her getting far too thin to survive in the following years!
    As her mother, I harshly told her anything I suppose and fell deep in my soul about S.B. and his group and warned her about this impossible “diet” he wants his followers to obey to! I fear, she has already lost her possibilities of an intelligent brain (she is a studied woman!) and she only takes confidence in this man!!! Please help me: what can I do to arise my daughter’s resistence and get her out of this horrible, disgusting group???? Maybe all my loving shown to her might help, but I am not sure, at all…on the contrary….
    I apologize for my bad English, because I’m a foreigness and send my Best regards to you!

    • Thanks for replying Pranic Attack. Sorry, I’ve been offline due to other commitments.

      In case anon doesn’t reply soon we’ve made contact with her, but please feel free to add your public comments if you have any suggestions that might help or support her. I’m sure she will appreciate it. She’s in a very complicated situation and may not reply immediately. I’m also busy for a bit longer.

  17. Apologizing for bad English though it´s good? Must be from Germany. 🙂
    It´s a subject I´m confused about, too. Applying pressure onto someone often provokes the opposite result in my experience. Supporting her esoteric ways is also no option.

    • Just a point of view, I´m not a counsellor or psychologist. You´re right: Broken – I have to fix it won´t work here. Everyone is different, therefore no concept possible. It´s about the attitude. Not what you think is best for her. Empathy. “What will be the next natural step within the spontaneous development within the spontaneous disposition of your daughter?” (
      Just to be clear: Slavery to a person, a cult, a concept is not natural. She needs to see practically, life is worth living outside UM. And less expensive, too.

  18. Well, I had to ask myself, what had made me so desperate and naive throwing all money at Australian smiling faces. However, it’s unlikely, happy delusional people pose that kind of question, I’m afraid.

  19. I used to know somebody who followed UM. They told me that Serg believed carrots converted to cocaine (or was it heroin? Can’t remember! lol) in the body. How ridiculous.

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