Our Mission 2016

Universal Medicine, based in Goonellabah, near Lismore NSW, Australia, is an international occult healing organization and commercial religion that has made its founder, self-styled healer, Serge Benhayon, a multimillionaire.

Benhayon claims to have received his divine calling via voices he heard while sitting on the toilet. The former bankrupt, high school drop out and junior tennis coach has claimed to be the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, Imhotep and others. UniMed offers healing services and practitioner training in bogus hands on therapies, as well as personal development workshops and purportedly health related commercial activities. Healing claims are based on New Age, occult magical thinking that customers develop disease from their choice to ‘live lovelessly’ or from past life karma, or possession by supernatural entities.

Benhayon and his organization are endorsed and promoted by a team of affiliated medical professionals – doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists etc. As the image below shows, molestation of clients, including sexual abuse survivors, by unqualified ‘healers’ has been taught by Benhayon to hundreds of so called ‘students’ at Sacred Esoteric Healing workshops since at least 2004.


A harmful, high demand group

Esther Rockett has been investigating UM since late 2012. She became concerned about Benhayon and his business after her disturbing first hand experience of his practices in 2004-5. She has published her findings with audio, video and images. In 2016 she has filed a comprehensive legal defence to a defamation claim over a blog post and a Tweet discussing Benhayon’s conduct with women and children.

Her investigative findings are extensive. The following links detail the most serious concerns:

Also see Esther’s first hand experiences of UM – Serge Benhayon’s ovarian reading and the Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshop.


Esther and other official complainants have been harassed, vilified and falsely defamed for speaking out against UM. The organization’s blogs make the false claim that the complaints have been baseless and vexatious and there has been no wrongdoing found. This is not the case, as shown in the list below. However, regulatory action over clear breaches has been unsatisfactory and Esther and her colleagues would like more meaningful action from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), the Australian Charities & Not for Profit Commission (ACNC), the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), FACS (child safety officials) and the Office of the Children’s Guardian.

In addition, more action would have been taken if more of those adversely affected made official complaints, however most will not speak out out of fear of the kind of retaliation dished out to Esther and others.

The following is a list of outcomes from exposure of UM and official complaints:

  • Therapeutic Goods Authority compelled Benhayon and associates to change non compliant labelling on Eso-Herbs.
  • Independent experts, Raphael Aron, David Millikan, Rick Ross, and Cult Information & Family Support confirmed UniMed is a cult.
  • OAMPS cancelled Esoteric Practitioner Association’s professional indemnity insurance.
  • UK Charity Commission issued mandatory compliance order to UK charity, the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust late 2013 for conflicts of interest and issues of public benefit as a result of complaints lodged by Esther.
  • UK HM Revenue & Customs bills Sound Foundation Charitable Trust £378,000 VAT for construction of £2m conference centre, the Sound Training Centre, with donated funds for non charitable purposes. Complaint lodged by Esther. Accounts released 2017 claim VAT was ‘recovered’. See the post. Can we take their word for it?
  • ACNC required Benhayon to sign an undertaking he wouldn’t use tax exempt College of UM charity funds to make improvements to property he owns. Complaint lodged by Esther.
  • ATO closed College of UM charity Fiery Building Fund and cancelled the charity’s Deductible Gift Recipient status in 2015 for failing to meet the requirements of advancing education. Proceeds of the charity’s gift fund vanished from the accounts without publication explanation. Complaint lodged by Lance and Esther.
  • Schools, universities, conferences and community organizations, including Griffith, Bond and Southern Cross University, Lismore Women’s Health and many others ejected Universal Medicine and recruiters.
  • Lismore city council action against Benhayon’s UniMed House for operating as B&B without Development Approval.
  • 2014 NSW parliamentary inquiry into false and misleading health related information and practices slammed Universal Medicine.
  • AHPRA disciplined cult psychologists Marianna Masiorski and Caroline Raphael over promotions of UM.
  • Lung specialist at the UM clinic headquarters in Goonellabah, Dr Samuel Kim, reprimanded over referrals to Esoteric practitioners, failing to refer a very ill and vulnerable Patient A for appropriate medical care, and inappropriate prescribing.
  • Media coverage
  • Expansion scuttled from plans to become ‘The New World Religion’ with a claimed 2000 followers in 2012 to current mailing list of less than 590, with less than one hundred zealous financial donors.
  • Contact with more than 100 families and individuals confirming adverse effects of UM. (We’ve lost count. By now it’s well over that number, could be 200 or more?)

Watch this space.

More information – Benhayon had this blog removed from the Google search index with untested pseudolegal complaints, so Esther opened two more.

Universal Medicine (cult scam) Exposed has the most up to date info and discussions.


German blogger and UM survivor, Olga writes at Universal Medicine does Deutschland – Unsere Mission

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17 thoughts on “Our Mission 2016

  1. Thank You, the more people know about this cult the better, I just find it impossible to believe that very intelligent members of my family have adopted this frauster and his stealing of their money to do courses with non qualified people, that’s ok leave an acupuncture needle in my head, indeed.

    • I share your opinions entirely and I too had a needle left in my head – I had kindly offered to be a guinea pig! That was when I became suspicious and checked out the group. So sad, it has pulled our family apart and the cult member now seems completely lost to UM and Serge Benhayon …. All old family memories now gone, incapable of thinking for self, thin self-centered person.

  2. Thank you Darkly Venus for your continued, tireless, professional, and thorough research in the exposure of this cult. May all of us who have set out to expose the harmful and unethical practices of the Universal Medicine cult and its associated healthcare practitioners, who shockingly sanction UM see the HCCC and other authorities call them to account, very soon.

  3. I had an esoteric healing first time I never heard of this healing, the lady said it was about “‘The Truth”‘ universal energy.
    Thank you for this site I was looking for information on this subject wanted to no more I will not continue. thanks heaps.

  4. This is very important work that everyone is doing – if we don’t share our experiences and take a position many more will fall into rabbit hole of depression, numbness, powerlessness – losing the ability to comprehend, critically analyse and be your own advocate in the world – believing it to be love and community…..
    This cult is anti-individualist despite the ‘being with you’ strap line, it’s anything but being with you, it’s being with Serge…..
    To use an old phrase, it’s mesmerism, witchcraft and extortion….

    Please continue your excellent work in the knowledge that you are saving people from slipping in……

  5. Surge is an idiot who has done nothing worthwhile his entire life, he needs to be put out of business and prevented from ever ripping off or molesting another person.

  6. I have known two people who’s marriages have broken down because of this cult. I don’t know how intelligent people can be sucked into something so ridiculous…No medical qualifications.. IT’s a joke. He is a joke

    • We’d documented at least 50 marriage breakdowns three years ago and over 100 families experiencing some sort of fracture as a result of someone being involved. I’ve given up counting.

      It’s a gaurenteed outcome from being involved. Serge wants to ensure he is the numero uno in his members life. He erodes the relationship by interfering with intimacy and how the member sees their long term partner. If the partner is not in the group they will be labelled as abusive and resistant. If the partners is also in the group there is a chance the relationship will still break down. The group call this “reimprinting”. Serge convinces them that romantic love and strong feelings are pranic or evil. Therefore when they think back on their early relationship it is seen as wrong.

      Their ideal relationship is one where you feel little or nothing for the other party. You instead focus on loving yourself. We call that narcissism, they call it ‘the livingness’ . The proof is in the pudding though. Most members are middle aged and single. But they can tell you how amazing they are.

      Basically, Serge is teaching them how to be like him, less the young wife he’s moulded in his own image.

      • Well if they aren’t single serge makes sure they end up that way. If they are he makes sure they stay that way too.
        I have heard him first hand and because I can and still do critically think it was difficult to impossible to comprehend what he was saying. His words made no logical sense whatsoever.
        He continually used the fact that there is no cure to cancer that mankind is failing and his way of the livingness is the only answer.
        Seriously I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.
        He will feel the full force of law.
        Evolve college should be investigated and I will be lodging a complaint with accc as both benhayon boys appear to be teaching there. With what qualifications I ask?
        Hmm their daddy accredited them so they are qualified to teach an unregulated sham treatment ?
        Stinks of pyramid to me.
        With serge siphoning 8 grand a piece if I’m not mistaken, fuck what a life.
        The class action that’s comming will surely finish him.
        I’ll be there with bells on laughing in his face for all the pain and suffering not to mention financial loss he has indirectly caused me by siphoning my life savings through my so called partner.
        Thanks Sergio you has been tennis coach.
        Can’t wait to laugh in your face

      • Good point, LOF, I’ll add that to the list.

        That list is about to get longer…

        I’m not sure you’ll get anywhere with the complaints, anon. Michael had an acupuncture qualification, and Curtis may have picked up one of Evolve’s massage diplomas. Besides, unless you’re the actual customer, ACCC won’t do anything. But you’re right, it’s a pyramid.

  7. My parents’ marriage broke down as a direct result of this cult and my mother is now unrecognisable to me. Your research and everything on here is fantastic, keep doing what you’re doing! I don’t want anyone else to have to experience what my family has gone through.

    • Hi hon, thank you!

      Neither do we. I’m doing my best to expose this horrible scam.

      Please feel free to comment on any of the blogs. We love to hear new voices. A lot of people are reading and they often feel isolated. Reading the comments of others helps them understand that others are going through the same thing and they feel less alone.

      My other blog https://factsaboutuniversalmedicine.wordpress.com/ tends to be where there is more current action and active commentary.

      Best wishes to you and your family.

  8. Thank you for this page and all these information! I was searching for information on Universal Medicine and this Benhayon Guy because my cousin is living this “philosophy” since 1 or 2 years now. I’ve visited her at her shared house with other UM-Members and now she visited me, what ended up in a horrible weekend and me thinking that she is totally nuts! Even her eyes are looking kind of crazy now. She has been naiv and kind of labil for her whole life seeking for answers and a manual for life. This group is offering all this to her and she is sucking it all up. I felt she was numb, not listening and far out there beyond reach. This group went to Germany and is now spreading the word here and my cousin is spending her money and life willingly and I don’t know what to do?:(

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