Benhayon v Rockett June 2018 discovery judgment

NSW Supreme Court Queens SquareOn 1 February 2018 I sought orders for Serge Benhayon to give further discovery and to provide sworn answers to interrogatory questions. Judgment was handed down on 20 June 2018. Read the judgment in full at NSW Case Law website:

So far the ruling has been reported on

There are a couple of errors in those links. I’m not represented by Goldsmiths Lawyers. That will be corrected in the final judgment.

Benhayon’s claim is over a blog, two comments on that blog and 17 tweets, totalling 22 publications (counting a few retweets).

For all sorts of technical reasons discovery orders are difficult to get, and in short we did okay. Read the full judgment at the link above for details.

The trial of Benhayon v Rockett is listed for 3 weeks from 3 September 2018 at the Supreme Court of NSW, Queens Square.

See the latest gossip blog for more details. If you contact me with questions and UM trivia don’t be surprised if I don’t reply. I’d rather you didn’t contact me unless you have something earth shattering that you’re willing to tender in evidence. If you want to come to court to observe the trial, by all means do so – it’s open to the public, but don’t contact me with enquiries. The court lists are updated daily around 3:30 pm – check them yourself. My priority is getting my evidence to trial. Don’t comment publicly on the plaintiff or the case before the trial commences. Comments on this post are switched off.

Benhayon v Rockett is listed for another interlocutory hearing on 29 June 2018 in Sydney, which isn’t really worth going into details over for now, except that it looks like Benhayon does not want it to be a jury trial and is seeking an order to have his claim tried by judge only. Naturally I object. The rest of the hearing is unlikely to be of interest, but I’ll post if there are any interesting developments.