Esoteric Breast Massage Part 1 – marketing abuse and calling it ‘healing’


Detail from ‘Psyche’ by Adolphe William Bouguereau

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Breasts are conveniently located at the front of the female body, not too far under the nose and within massaging reach of most women’s hands, yet the Universal Medicine cult gets money out of women for Esoteric Breast Massage by insisting they are ‘disconnected’ from their breasts. The price includes bogus therapeutic claims, gratuitous touching by cult practitioners, invasion of privacy, over-servicing, indoctrination with body negative tropes and a generous dollop of man hating.

The second I read Universal Medicine was marketing Esoteric Breast Massage® on one of their websites, I knew Serge was taking the piss. A psychiatrist acquaintance I told howled with laughter at the obnoxious audacity of it, including the registered trademark. I laughed at the time too, but it’s long since I thought it was funny. Especially, in the light of the recent photographic evidence we’ve received of Serge Benhayon handling women’s genitals, calling it a ‘healing’ technique for victims of sexual assault, and teaching it to hundreds of Esoteric ‘students’.

Because there’s nothing more healing for abuse victims than abusing them more. And charging for it.

Marketing Esoteric Breast Massage – the four D’s

When the media began to scrutinize Universal Medicine’s questionable practices mid 2012, the original Esoteric Breast Massage website was erased and the cult toned down the claims of therapeutic efficacy. However, the site and all its fruity claims can still be viewed in web archives. Moreover, the themes of Esoteric marketing match the stages of debilitation, deception, dependency and dread examined in UM’s cult recruitment and conversion process.

Debilitation & Deception

The practice was pitched as a treatment for gynaecological disorders, among other oddball associations. It’s therefore primarily aimed at women rendered vulnerable by gyne problems or breast cancer, or women looking to prevent such disorders.

Every time your breasts get affected, that is, sore or lumpy, it can contribute to a lung condition, and a digestive issue. And if the breasts are affected, so too are the ovaries, which emanate the ‘light of Femaleness’, and hence, they too are suppressed and contracted from their natural way of impulsing – this actually occurs – they then affect the breasts. This sacred esoteric technique assists to heal many issues such as painful periods, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, bloating/water retention, and pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms. EBM Home Page

None of these claims have any clinical basis and none can be substantiated. Straight up they are in breach of the NSW code of conduct for unregistered healthcare practitioners. Yet, they’re given the appearance of legitimacy by doctors profiting directly from UniMed: Bangalow GP, Dr Jane Barker, who participates in training EBM practitioners and works for Esoteric Womens Health in preying on cancer patients, and Dr Eunice Minford, who promotes the practice on her website (along with meditation, surgical services and assisted suicide).

The doctors are promoting and endorsing incoherent bullshit like this:

Period pain stems from a lack of stillness (femaleness) in the uterus. The EBM assists in bringing the woman into greater stillness and therefore, the process of recovering from period pain to a more sustainable and clearer experience is given a truer basis from which to address the key underlying primary issues. Period pain comes from the lack of stillness and self-nurturing and the ill-quality of spleen energy. The EBM thus plays a vital role in the process of healing this widespread ill condition in women. EBM Q&A Page


EBM indoctrination portrays the female body, and particularly the breasts as nothing more than sites for the ‘energetic’ residue of abuse and the development of disease. Women are encouraged to feel guilty and paranoid with notions that Esoterically incorrect thoughts about themselves magically bring about disease.

Our breasts hold energetic imposts – these come from how we feel about our breasts as in: ‘I hate my breasts’, ‘they are too big’, ‘too small’, ‘I do not want to develop breasts as they attract the wrong sort of attention’ etc. In effect any one thing you think ill about yourself as a woman affects your breasts and ovaries. EBM Home Page

In keeping with Serge Benhayon’s grotesque Esoteric feminism, women are depicted as victims of male abuse, and men are rampant sex fiends imposing on women and the female body.

Then there are the external imposts from men, for example men who use breasts as their classification of attraction. And then there are those from society, i.e. ‘you did not breastfeed for long enough’, etc. So there are many imposts in the breasts. This is a huge issue. The EBM can help clear the imposed ills that come from ourselves and from those who impose on us. EBM Home Page As a woman starts to claim her own nurturing energy, this will bring up in the partner how they have not been truly nurtured when young themselves. Men start to get a sense of the true purpose of the breasts and it is revealed to them how they too have inadvertently imposed on them. Q&A Page

Yet, EBM practitioners advertently impose copious guilt trips and body negative notions. For instance, the ill energy in the breasts disrupts the nurturing of breastfed babies.

If there is no nurturing energy in the breasts the baby suckling will receive the milk, but will not get the nurturing energy. All is energy, and if the breasts are not clear when the baby is feeding, the baby will also receive the ill-energy that is in the breasts. This aspect is revelatory and unique to this process. Put simply, we now have a true choice about the actual quality of our feeding milk. Q&A Page

Cult paediatrician, Dr Howard Chilton also endorses this rubbish and any old nonsense UM gets up to.

To add to the emotional blackmail and manipulation, women who have misgivings about the practice are accused of being resistant.

We have found that if there is an initial hesitancy towards a breast being gently massaged it is more to do with a woman who is shut-down to her own inner healing than it is about the technique. (Benhayon, S, in interview with Spa Australasia Magazine, Vol.38, 2009, p.106)

Any action other than stillness is regarded as detrimental to ‘femaleness’ and will result in disease such as ovarian or breast cancer.

Stillness is the energy that is honouring you as a woman. Become racy or driven and you have asked the male energy to dominate your body. Looking like a woman but being run by a male energy is not the whole and true you. This is the widespread problem with women since the eighties. Will women stop and listen to this teaching or will breast and ovarian cancer along with so many other complications need to get so bad that they are forced to pay attention to it? (Benhayon, 2011, p.544)

Note that ‘Stillness’ is SergeSpeak for submission, compliance and willingness to fork over funds for an expensive dependency on bogus therapy.


Women are made to feel inadequate and that their bodies are polluted by victimhood and ‘maleness’, which must be ‘cleared’ in order for them to remain ‘connected’.

It is not surprising to see the amazing results, but most importantly, the deeply revealing discoveries that women are making about themselves through the release of what is insidiously held in their nurturing centres – their breasts. EBM Home Page

Esoteric healing is the only kind of healing with the ‘energetic integrity’ to properly clear the breasts.

There are many who have knowledge and perform great techniques, but very, very few can heal or conduct themselves with energetic integrity and energetic responsibility. In the end, it is not the technique itself but the energy the practitioner is in that will initiate a healing or add to the energetic harm that has caused the ill in the first place. (Spa Australasia, 2009, p.106)

Of course, any therapeutic modality competing with Esoteric healing is harmful.

…these pranic based energetic modalities will be seen as the cause of of the more insidious depth of metamorphosed new forms of illness and disease…there will be a new hoard of multi-based ill-symptoms (now appearing in hospitals everywhere) that will defy the medically trained and, mystify the wold of pranic-based healing and spiritual pursuits as the latter will be the cause that will not see that they are the cause. (Benhayon, 2009, p.414-15)

Conventional medicine can’t help.

…we have the intelligence to create a very use-full and much needed form of conventional medicine, particularly our advancements in surgery but, and yet, it cannot keep up with what we ill-choose to do to our bodies or how we choose to live our lives. (Benhayon, 2009, p.420)

Curing isn’t healing. Apparently.

There is a huge difference between a healing and a cure, and/or, those who seek relief as an erroneous notion that it is a healing. The client/participant, and all of us for that matter should be made wise of this energetic fact: A healing is to arrest the offending energy that causes the ill. To cure: is to completely remove the symptoms and to relieve, to abate the discomfort. (Benhayon in Spa Australasia, 2009, p.106)

Healing isn’t healing either.

An EBM is first and foremost – the restoration of harmony so that the body will self heal. The EBM practitioner is not the healer, nor is the technique the healing agent. (ibid)

In other words, you can know when you have relief and know when you’re cured, but only an Esoteric practitioner may or may not know when you’re healed, and you never will be healed because you’re flawed and damaged – and confused now too – so you’d better keep booking the appointments.

A woman benefits from a series of EBMs to help clear the imposed ills that come from herself and from those who impose on her. How many EBMs are beneficial will depend on how much is in the breasts to be cleared. We recommend at least 10 to 12 to start with, but you may feel it is right to have more. It is, after all, a choice to bring the whole of you back to yourself. At the end of the first series of EBMs, we recommend having them every 2 to 3 months to maintain clear breasts or whenever a woman feels impulsed to clear more from her breasts as it has been clearly shown that there are many layers to get to and eventually clear…You can attend weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. In some acute and extreme cases, you may need to have one a day. EBM Q&A Page

Acute and extreme cases of WHAT?

Cashed up suggestibility?

Can I maintain my own breast care afterwards? There is an EBM cream that has been esoterically designed by Serge Benhayon, the founder of this healing process that is available for women to purchase from their EBM practitioner after their fourth massage. You cannot clear the breasts by using the cream, but you can use it to maintain them. It is a self-nurturing gesture to apply this unique cream to your own breasts as the EBM cream has been specifically designed to lovingly support this self-nurturing process. EBM Q&A Page

You can’t clear your breasts with the cream, only maintain them. Only Esoteric practitioners of ‘the highest energetic integrity’ can clear them. One might ask is anyone actually ‘cleared’ or do customers have to submit to this gross imposition for the rest of this lifetime and any subsequent lifetimes they’re born with breasts?

What about the energetic imposts on objectified testicles? Esoteric testicle massage, now THAT’S a market…Performed only by men…and if you find you have an initial hesitancy, Serge, or Joel, or Neil, or Cameron, or Chris James to your testicles being gently massaged by Rod Harvey, for example, it’s because you’re shut down to your own inner healing and nothing to do with his technique. Or have you lot already started that in your men’s groups and tried to call it ‘healing’ and reconnecting with your ‘femaleness’ or something?

On the EBM table

We know the experience of EBM is unpleasant and abusive, we’ve heard it from several sources, unfortunately reluctant to post publicly, even anonymously. A recipient asked that her account not be posted because she found it too traumatic.

However, testimonials from Universal Medicine’s own propaganda reveal the indoctrination/mind fuck that occurs and the unpleasantness of the experience. And these are positive testimonials.

Before having an Esoteric Breast Massage I thought I was going okay. I wasn’t sick or unhappy and I was just getting on with life. I have been having EB’s regularly for a couple of months and have realised that how I am with myself actually stays in my body and affects how I live. So, to try and be something for a guy, to have thoughts that I’m not pretty enough or smart enough and the real killer – to compare myself with other women to gauge if I’m okay or normal all left their mark. It was a shock to feel how these things had actually taken a toll on me. What was more shocking was that I didn’t even notice. After having an EBM I could feel what was going on. I was able to choose something different and it’s been amazing getting to know what’s underneath all the junk I’ve been carrying around. (age 22) AUS. UniMed Site Truth About EBM page

Except that she had nothing wrong with her and didn’t feel or know she was carrying around ‘junk’ until she was told that by the self-loving EBM practitioner. Regular EBMs have made her feel better via forking out money to feel worse, even though she wasn’t sick or unhappy in the first place. Now that’s what I call a sale.

The EBM sessions have given me insight into feeling and clearing the patterns that I have lived, which led to the breast cancer. (age 37) AUS

During the massage I got to feel the disconnection with my breasts, they were there but I couldn’t even feel them. (age 35) UK

My first EBM was incredibly confronting and I struggled for some time. Don’t let that put you off – a breast massage is naturally more confronting for someone who has issues with their breasts. (age 34) UK

Or a healthy set of personal boundaries and the ability to detect a scam.

After the first session I was not sure about the breast massage but I felt to book another. I found the practitioner was different to other people I had seen, she was not trying to sell me anything or put me on a course. I continued to have EBMs regularly for a while… (age 30) UK

I had been seeing an Esoteric Healing practitioner for healing sessions for almost a year before I decided to ‘try’ an EBM. I remember talking to a friend and expressing how the very concept of a woman massaging my breasts felt so alien, to which she replied that the very fact I was resisting it so much could mean that it was just what a ‘doctor would prescribe’. (age 48) UK

In my first session issues came up that I thought I had dealt with, and I realised how they were still affecting my life and how I related to people and my family. It is hard to put into words how I felt when I left that session, but the experience was very profound. I am still having sessions and they continue to help me heal deep wounds I never realised were still affecting the way I live. (age 50) UK UniMed Site Truth About EBM page

Because nothing heals deep wounds better than reopening them. And reopening them, and reopening them. Note that none of the recipients in the numerous testimonials report that they are  ‘clear’ or even close to it. Some have been having them for years and by now have spent thousands. Most will also have attended UniMed courses, workshops and meditation groups and brought the products as well.

The above testimonials also indicate they’re being manipulated with a hypnotic sales technique, outlined in the thought reform posts, to feel the way the cult wants them to feel so they’ll keep returning for ‘therapy’ and dishing out their funds. The supposed reconnection with the breasts – bringing a kind of obsessive consciousness of them – comes at the expense of a healthy connection with the rational mind. Having been taught to focus on the way they’ve been programmed to feel curtails critical processes which might lead them to realize they are being financially and physically exploited, and deceived with bogus therapeutic claims and New Age magical thinking.

Finally, the positively GLOWING testimonials on the original EBM site, like most of the GLOWING testimonials on UM sites bear the same initials as hardcore cult followers, in this case the EBM practitioners themselves. What a coincidence.

EBM practitioners:

Gabriele Conrad, Lismore

Elizabeth Dolan, Goonellabah

Jenny Ellis, Fairfield, Brisbane

Gail Fuller, Byron Bay

Nicolette Hoyle, Byron Bay

Jane Keep, Bristol, London, UK

Denise Morden, Byron Bay

Mary Louise Myers, Goonellabah

Serryn O’Regan, Melbourne

Eva Rygg, Oslo, Norway

Rowena Williams, Frome, UK

Sara Williams, London, UK

The cult says there are only 9 practitioners worldwide, so we could play guess which 3 of these EBM practitioners is in the naughty corner? Update: Commenter Willow, below, says Rowena Williams and Jane Keep are out in the UK.

See also: Esoteric Breast Massage Part 2 – hyperbole, evasion and just plain bad therapy

Esoteric Breast Massage Part 3 – cult doctors promoting UM’s abusive women’s health practices and what Australian regulator, AHPRA, hasn’t done about it.

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Spa Australasia Magazine, Vol. 38, pp.105-109

17 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage Part 1 – marketing abuse and calling it ‘healing’

  1. Hey, I’m itching (not literally) to know what is in the EBM cream? Does anyone have any? Are there ingredients listed on the label? How much does the cult charge for it?

    It’s probably Sorbolene with the Eso herbs chucked in or something.

  2. I’m wondering if Serge & UM sources their EBM cream from Michael Serafin at ‘Complimentary Compounding Pharmacy?’

  3. Oh Dobbsie, you did it all wrong! No wonder the cream didn’t instill any femaleness in you. It doesn’t surprise me though that you felt your soreness subside, as a quick check on the UM website revealed that the cream contains Arnica, which is the active ingredient in creams used to treat… muscle soreness, bruising and joint pain.
    What I would really like to know is what kind of emulsifier Sergio uses in his potions. I would bet 20 dollars and two brain cells that he uses a pre-made cream base full of alcohol derivatives.
    And that’s another thing I would like to know: how come it is ok and even desired, according to Natalie, to paint your nails (with nail polish that contains lots of alcohol) but it’s not ok to have a bottle of wine in the house? Oh the inconsistencies!

    Anyways, I’ll try and have a look at my friend’s breast cream tub next time I visit her. Because we are all dying to know what is in it!

  4. Was just on the phone with Lord of Form who remembers the jars were $35 a piece for a pretty basic lavender, arnica and petrochemicals job. Couldn’t remember the other two ingredients, so wasn’t much of an informant really, tsk, but it was probably eye of newt and bats teeth or some shit. Or calendula.

    Anyway $35 is steep for a pretty basic boob balm, even with Serge’s blessing or whatever. And ok the LOF redeemed himself with the info that yes it is indeed made by cult pharmacist, Michael Serafin of Ballina’s Complementary Compounding Pharmacy.

    And thanks for sharing Dobbsie.

    Also, by the 3rd or 4th EBM you’re fair game I imagine. Anyone with a bullshit detector either doesn’t get past the first, or is nowhere near UM to start with.

  5. The ingredients of the EBM Cream are pretty much the same as the Massage Cream apart from from the aromatherapy oils. If I can remember rightly the Breast Cream has Safflower (or something similar in it….) Ingredients in the massage cream are water, steric acid, glycerine, isopropyl palmitate, macadamia oil, arnica oil, acetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, lavender oil, chamomile oil, sodium hydroxide.

    The EBM Cream was taken off the shelves in the UK as was the massage cream due to it not being labeled to UK standards. However the creams are sold to “students”

    I posted this a while ago on the Rick Ross site but seems relevant to this thread.

    An interesting fact – If the obvious things like illegal drugs are pranic as well as caffeine, sugar and alcohol plus students are not allowed anything with dairy or gluten to enter or touch the body because they are pranic and not good for the soul then why do the so called “magic massage creams” contain benzyl alcohol?

    Benzyl Alcohol is an aromatic alcohol used as a preservative, as the active ingredient in head lice treatment, and as a solvent. It is most often created by combining benzyl chloride (a suspected carcinogen that has been used as a war gas) with sodium hydroxide (lye). Sometimes it is created by reacting Phenylmagnesium Bromide (C6H5MgBr) with Formaldehyde.

    Benzyl Alcohol can act as a skin sensitizer, and, according to a 1998 study can “can instigate immune system response that can include itching, burning, scaling, hives, and blistering of skin.” It is also a known neurotoxin.

    The term “aromatic” doesn’t just mean that it’s fragrant. It’s a chemical term meaning that on a molecular level, the compound contains a benzene ring. Benzene is a highly toxic and carcinogenic compound, and depending on what it’s combined with, can have many side effects. In addition, it can break down and create aldehydes (like formaldehyde) in the presence of other chemicals. Titanium Dioxide is one of those chemicals. So you may be using a “mineral” makeup or sunscreen and feeling like you’re safe–but if it contains benzyl alcohol, it could be offgassing formaldehyde or a related chemical.

    Granted it takes a far bit of Benzyl Alcohol to really affect you but given the fact that Universal Medicine teaches that anything pranic at all can damage the soul (and I would say that anything with the properties detailed above, must be pranic!) it is surprising that this very ordinary, non organic, and by no means natural cream is given the green light and that practitioners are allowed to freely smother it all over students bodies while having a treatment……, but of course any itching or burning will just be the body clearing !

  6. PS – Rowena Williams and Jane Keep no longer offer breast massage in the UK, I think they were deemed not clear enough as practitioners!! Sara Williams has the monopoly in the UK….

    • Thank you! I was unsure about those two. In Australia, my money is on Gail Fuller being in the naughty corner.

      As for the benzyl alcohol component of the cream, there’s probably snake oil in there too. The cult is willing to starve, molest, pillage divorce settlements and bequests, break up families, frighten children, fill people with anxiety, and deny all of it – so it doesn’t surprise me they’d make a sub standard bullshit petrochemical cream and overcharge for it.

      In contrast I get moisturizer from Handmade naturals by Corinne – all plant based ingredients, no petrochemicals, made by a nice lady who doesn’t try and indoctrinate you with anything and its $18 for the rosehip and jojoba face cream and $18 for a humdinger sized body base cream thing.

  7. “Many of you are asking how Benhayon and Universal Medicine have engaged in highly questionable practices for over ten years without scrutiny. I’d suggest several reasons. Patients and health consumers do not know their rights and aren’t aware of the avenues for complaint; those abused are too humiliated and psychologically damaged to go up against a multi-million dollar death cult with a hard core coterie of remunerated apologists, including medical doctors; and a lot of people were waiting for someone else to do something.Well, this has gone on far too long, too much harm has been done and it’s time it stopped. Help us seize the moment, make your contribution and bring these people to account.”
    A timely reminder from the Article ‘How you can help.” You have rights! What has and is happening is all so so wrong. Please help us seize the moment please notify the HCCC of your experience/s as soon as is possible. These must be stopped.

  8. Argghh! Thank you.
    Pets Web-MD says:
    “Pets Are Natural Mood Enhancers.
    It only takes a few minutes with a dog or ‘CAT’ or watching fish swim to feel less anxious and less stressed. Your body actually goes through physical changes in that time that make a difference in your mood. The level of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, is lowered. And the production of serotonin, a chemical associated with well-being, is increased. Reducing stress saves your body wear and tear.”
    It is also very therapeutic and mood enhancing to be proactive, please think seriously about letting the HCCC and other authorities know your story. You will benefit yourself and others. UM and associates must be stopped.

  9. “I’d like to ask readers again to help us expose this group and bring them to account. There are official mechanisms in place to do it, but even the regulators are frustrated by the lack of patients/clients willing to make complaints. Whingeing on blogs and forums won’t prohibit Serge from practice – and the only way to stop the abuse is by getting him prohibited from performing any kind of health service. We have to make it official.” – quote is from Darkly Venus on Rick Ross cult forum.
    I absolutely and totally agree with the above quote, please read it again and really think about it. Be courageous. We implore you.
    We have to make it official.

    • For that 2 kittehs!! xxxoxx

      Yes please, the regulators and politicians don’t read web forums and blogs. They’re busy people who aren’t aware of what UM is doing and can’t act without us providing information, evidence and complaints through official channels.

  10. Dobbs, even though I back up every word that has been said here; that was to much information man. (LOL…)

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