Debasing Evil Facts – desperation & bullying from the Brides of Serge


We recently asked you all to write a VERY SHORT PARAGRAPH about who you are and what you bring in the world in order to create a new document that presents who we are in complete contrast to the Naming Names page.

Of 120 students we have had 20 responses – what is going on?

We are creating a very important document that will break the hold of the Naming Names page. It will be an extremely powerful document of the living truth that cannot be dismissed on any level.

We are also creating a debasing evil website which will debase all the blogs one by one – as a powerful start we want to lead with the naming names – this needs your collaboration immediately.

What we need here is a VERY CONDENSED statement of your experience, your qualifications, what you now do – like a summary CV – Please look at how simple this is from these examples (it should take you a few minutes):

Jenny Ellis ND Adv. Dip. Acup.  Advanced Diploma of Applied Science: Naturopathy (Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy) 1989. Advanced Diploma of Applied Science: Acupuncture 1997 and Chinese Herbal Medicine 2003. Trained in Live Blood Analysis with Healthworld Ltd 1989. Taught Live Blood Analysis to Practitioners Australia wide 1988-1992. Assistant facilitator, Universal Medicine healing courses. Director and Practitioner, Unimed Brisbane Healing Centre. Facilitator and Presenter, Esoteric Women’s Groups in Brisbane.

Dr. Rachel Hall BChD LDSRCS MACNEM Owner, founder and principal dentist of Evolve Dental Healing Esoteric and Holistic Dentistry. Experienced in all fields of dentistry. Train and mentor dental students, dentists, dental assistants and auxiliary staff. Work place training centre for dental nurses, South Bank TAFE. Presentations, talks and seminars on dentistry, dental health and holistic health care, including approach and philosophies in personal practice. Author on holistic and esoteric dentistry for health and wellbeing magazines.

The process of stating these facts clearly and without hesitation confirms that everything about the Blogs that list your name cannot and does not bear any semblance of truth. As Deborah Benhayon has written:

“we cut through imposed evil – for a lie cannot stand up against a lived truth.”

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR BIOGRAPHY ON YAMMER (Desiree will send you another invitation)  BY FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY – please post under this message on Yammer as a reply)

It is time to stop evil having the upper hand.

With love

Alison, Deborah B, Desiree and the UM Facts Team

It’s glorious to see the UM Facts Team at their most soul-full, bullying the tripe out of 100 or so people named on our famous and strangely indestructible Naming Names page, who baulked at submitting a bio to be pasted on a peculiar little cyber-entity curiously titled ‘Debasing Evil’.

Which one of the brains trust came up with THAT title?

Anyway, if that little pep talk wasn’t enough, the fiery Alison Greig took it upon the divine light of her soul to rouse the poor plebs off their symbols with a REMINDER. But really Alison, how could anyone possibly make that deadline when they’ve been flat out sending four letters a piece to Private Eye, blogging their devotions, their self-love affairs, and keeping up their Facebook likes and repetitious comments. For the love of Serge!

And what’s the pay off? Putting their full names and credentials to a ‘debasing evil’ debacle, and the promise of a hypothetical reincarnation as one of Serge’s faith-full to do it all over again?

But here’s the thing, Accountability will be there in their next lives as well. Whichever ‘life’ we’re in, we need to answer questions if we want to have any credibility.

Hi All

During and after the ACCC there were so many comments about how we were never going to let comfort get in the way of true expression and how we were always going to make an effort to express where it was needed.

So it is needed! A week ago we sent a REMINDER of our original request of a brief biography saying who you are – your name, qualifications (including EPA membership and Universal Medicine studies – since we have had to remind so many that have been submitted to do), what you are currently doing in your work or life (eg how you hold you in the world).

The response has been somewhat limited!

We are creating a website which will bring the facts and light to the darkness spread by E***** R****** on the blogs. The naming names page is the front piece of that. Do you want your public profile to be what E***** says it is or what you say it is? That is the personal level. On the level of service, do you want to address the balance of light here on earth?

It is up to you – so please get your bios in – we had a deadline of Friday last week – it was not met by most – so what has happened to you all ? – PLEASE POST ON YAMMER – Debasing Evil Naming Names in a word document.

WHAT RULES – THE DIVINITY THAT YOU ARE OR COMFORT ? – Perhaps listen to Sermon 9 – The Sermon of Truth and Energetic Truth – that was presented on Saturday it might inspire.

With love


We’re guessing the very important document which will counter the evil of the Naming Names page with selective biographical facts, will omit any mention of what Eso-practitioners truly do – selling odd little products like healing symbols, curry powders labelled as Eso Herbs, workshop and healing dependencies, Esoteric Breast Massages, and other nasty gropes…

Guaranteed the debasing evil site won’t answer our questions either. As the proverb says, a partial truth is a full lie.

Anyway, I thought the Esoteric Practitioners Directory was to be the vehicle for expression for those evasive bios. What happened to that? It was planned as a page on the Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd website – ‘coming soon’ since 2009.

An Australian wide and international directory of accredited practitioners is currently being collated at the Esoteric Practitioners Association website. (UniMed Site)

Really, the cult should be grateful that I’ve already done it for them – organized all their practitioners and apologists, all of whom publicly broadcast their connections to UM, onto one easy to search page.

As for YAMMER: Yammer hosts the cult’s password protected hate blogs they don’t want the Astral public to see. While Serge hides under his rock and studiously avoids speaking to the media or releasing any public statements, the malnourished messiah is awfully active there – never telling anyone what to do.

We’ll post more on the ACCC in the near future I suppose. Things are hectic around here lately – there’s almost too much to post.


But let’s leave you with a little gentle breath meditation from Alison Greig’s facebook page:

I have close friends and associates targeted by anonymous online trolls with extreme hate-blogs. The police would not act – even though we know the identity of the blogger. We need tougher laws, more direct action being willing to be taken and the social media sites being willing to take action.

Too bad about our loved ones, including children, targeted by righteous bullies deceptively promoting a career con artist and treatment room predator, who not only robs people of their dignity, their health, their psychological autonomy, their relationships and their humanity, but calls it ‘love’ and ‘healing’ and charges for it.

Once more now ladies; disagreement is not hate, and nor is exposing facts. It’s only fascist regimes that empower police and government agencies to stop people publicly speaking the truth you don’t ‘feel to’ hear.

And if you want to experience ‘extreme hate-blogs’, Google a racially loaded word or two.

You have no idea.

AHPRA, the ACCC and the police won’t act against me, Alison, because exposing abuse is not a crime.

Feel-good Fascists – feminine bullying within the Universal Medicine cult

FUN with debasing evil – Princess takes a poke

15 thoughts on “Debasing Evil Facts – desperation & bullying from the Brides of Serge

  1. I’ve already developed a commemorative meme for the Debasing Evil debacle, which will be UP on the REAL TRUE as in Factual FACTS site presently. Or when I get around to it.

    Anyone know the Esoteric numerology for 20 out of 120? It can’t be good. Does it end up being the number of the beast, or Satan, or the number of brain cells left in students’ collective heads?

  2. Sounds to me like Serge is desperately trying to get the hardcore, rusted-on culties to publicly destroy their own reputations in order to give his absolutely worthless reputation a last-ditch veneer of credibility. He’s trying to take them down with him. More interestingly, it would seem that the majority of the inner circle are more than a little hesitant to do so. Is there some unspoken dissent among the ranks, I wonder?

  3. Desperate measures or what?
    So the hierarchy of UM want a paragraph written listing their ‘ Evil Astral Cult’s qualifications?’ then that will validate their airy fairy Universal Medicine cult qualifications?? Go figure.
    Truth is prevailing and they are so desperate.

  4. Debasing Evil? What does that even mean? I can produce a long document where SERGE SAYS “there is no such thing as evil” and now they are “debasing” it.

    Anywho- just another day at cult-HQ, with Serge ever so subtly rallying the troops by telling them they are lovel-ly, awesome, initiating and evolving for gathering around and protecting him because he can’t do it for himself. Like taking legal action against this blog and proving it wrong. Or as they say EVIL.

    But maybe he is worried about the past debts we will produce, the people he has upset, the true events of how he met Miranda we will expose, and a myriad of other sordid facts that in the real world will debase the evil of Serge Benhayon, so that even hardcore members will struggle to keep lying to themselves about how much integrity he has. (Although I think they dont care whether he is telling the truth or not, they just like to kid themselves they are special and are better than everyone else, just without saying it)

    DEBASE EVIL? We will. Watch this space.

  5. “Once more now ladies; disagreement is not hate, and nor is exposing facts. It’s only fascist regimes that empower police and government agencies to stop people publicly speaking the truth you don’t ‘feel to’ hear.”

    This x 1000.

    Great post, and well done whoever leaked this.

  6. What a revealing post, yes well done whoever leaked this.

    “Once more now ladies; disagreement is not hate, and nor is exposing facts. It’s only fascist regimes that empower police and government agencies to stop people publicly speaking the truth you don’t ‘feel to’ hear.” Well said DV

    ‘The writing is on the wall’…..It is obvious because of the behaviour of all those hiding and supporting UM and SB.
    They (UM & $B) have never answered any questions, all that ever happens is just threats, and attempts to shut up and stop the facts and truth.

    A little trivia follows ‘a moral tale’:

    The point of the moral tale was that Belshazzar(added:or Serge Benhayon) couldn’t see the warning that was apparent to others because he was engrossed with his sinning ways.

    And this the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This the interpretation of the thing:
    MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.
    TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
    PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. › Phrase Dictionary – Meanings and Origins‎

  7. Thanks for all your comments – and yes it’s a revealing peek behind the scenes of what really transpires between Serge’s equal and gentle Sons of God.

    Bullying and emotional blackmail.

    It’s not exactly joy-full and loving is it?

    Interesting who makes up the UM Facts Team too. Of all the hierarchy, Desiree and Deborah are privy to some of Serge’s nastiest secrets. They know where many of the bodies are buried, so to speak. If Miranda was on that list, it’d be quite a trifecta. The students need to know that Desiree and Deborah have not been forthcoming with the facts about Serge, or themselves for that matter. Not in the least. As will be revealed in due course.

    And between those three, I don’t think any of them are aware of everything Serge has been up to. Not even Deborah or Miranda.

  8. Hey if any of you are bored, I’m having FUN with debasing evil over at the FACTS blog.

    BTW, Feline, that’s not a bad little prophecy there. You could start a cult?

    Sergio’s kingdom’s days are definitely numbered. Judgement is yet to come though. But when it comes to divvying it up, there won’t be much left…and it might come as a surprise to the ‘students’ who claims the spoils.

    • PP….arghh thanks! DV must be really full of happy – NESS with you now! After you writing that fab blog.

      I must tell you PP that this here Feline cat really does not like cults, not one little bit. Evil, destructive, money making $cams.

      This UM secrecy and commando – NESS style bullying etc with regard to ‘debasing evil’, (whatever this means!) makes me feel shivery and uneasy it is so full of creepy – NESS and evil – NESS, because it feels like a compound & gathering of the prisoners/ flock, do as we say or else. I was agasp when I first read the above I had to reread it, how dare they control and hound others this way….and I bet it is not the first time.

      How would all those victims of abuse feel being given orders like this?? Flashbacks!

      Absolutely absolutely cult like…….even the go and reread that Sermon again – sick.

      To those left remaining in UM cut your losses and get out of there, and reclaim your life.

  9. Sermons from Mount Goonellebah? Surely the members must now be thinking somewhere in what remains of their own minds…. uh ok, this IS a cult….

    But Please. Serge pontificating on comfort? Here’s a guy whose living a life of luxury- nice cars, home improvements, home acquisitions, first class flights- demanding his followers cast aside their ‘comfort’ for him? What a little toe-rag.

    The good news is that comfort won’t be lasting too long so Serge will get to practice what he preaches.

    Sermons! Give me a break. We’ll show them what an imposed lie is. Won’t we Debby? You know what they are. Don’t you.

  10. Being publicly proved wrong is uncomfortable. Time and time again.

    ‘we were never going to let comfort get in the way of true expression’ and ‘WHAT RULES – THE DIVINITY THAT YOU ARE OR COMFORT ?’

    Since when is comfort incompatible with true expression. Or ‘divinity’ for that matter?

    Those phrases are Serge Speak for ‘our baseless accusations and bullying of a whistleblower went tits up, so lets continue clinging to the lies and publicly humiliate ourselves some more…’

  11. Desiree and Deb could have tried a more subtle approach, like ‘only submit a bio if you feel to’.

  12. Pathetic! About as much use as a ladder for a carpet fitter then, that Counter-Attack! Password protected, cult-ordered and very thin on the ground wishy-washy wanky claims, like Esoteric Dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh FFS!

    Imagine the day when your brain has become so hypnotised and bent out of shape that you have forgotten how to write a quick resume of yourself. Caught like a rabbit in the headlights, dazed by the request. Almost as if they KNOW it all sounds stupid, when down in black and white!!!! Oh and doesn’t it just!!!!

    Off to have an empowering sticky sugar-loaded pancake….batch

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