Private Eye follows up on Universal Medicine’s links with the NHS

PE Front PageIn the latest article, Private Eye is taking the kudos for exposing the NHS Self Care Forum’s ties with UM’s embattled UK charity front, the Sound Foundation. But what is the Self Care Forum planning to do about Jane Keep’s conflicts of interest and Eunice Minford co-opting the Self Care Forum to promote pseudoscience, sexual abuse apologism and the rest of the UM cult enterprise?


Private Eye, Issue 1361, 7 march – 20 March 2014, p.32

Well, the Self Care Forum’s board never thanked me for alerting them more than three months earlier to the connection between their conference with the Sound Foundation and UM. And neither did Jane Keep’s employers at the Great Western Hospital trust – including her boss, who spoke at the conference.

Nothing. No thank you card, no box of chocolates, not even a bunch of posies.


Yet, even since Private Eye exposed the connection, UM’s most obstinately self-loving medical professional, NHS ‘Self Care Champion‘ and surgeon at Antrim General Hospital, Eunice Minford, has persisted in exploiting the Self Care initiative on her blog to push the cult agenda. Typical of UM’s misanthropic ethos, she’s distorted the message of the NHS project, which encourages preventative health measures among patients, to push Benhayon’s toxic doctrines. Lately, she’s roped medical students into providing testimonials to her delusion of holistic health care.

For readers new to the UM phenomenon, Minford is one of the Universal Medicine cult’s most shrill apologists, lambasting media organizations that dare publish reports on UM that fail to accord with her superior clairsentience and pasting every corner of the internet with promotions of Benhayon’s perverse quackery. The abomination that is the ‘Soulful Doctor’ blog promotes pseudoscience, disordered eating, meditation, Esoteric Breast Massage, Serge Benhayon and assisted suicide alongside her Esoteric healing and surgical services.

Among her idiocies are claiming her innermost feelings are superior to peer reviewed medical research, her propagation of loony pseudoscience with the meaningless insistence that ‘everything is energy’ – straight out of the Book of Serge – and latching onto Benhayon’s sociopathic views on ‘love’, and his claim ‘emotions are the cause of all disease‘.

We’ve said it before, Minford is entitled to her opinions and beliefs, but she is not entitled to exploit the NHS to promote a harmful organization or to recruit NHS patients to her crackpot cause.

Our UK readers might like to know I made a complaint to the UK General Medical Council about Minford flogging Benhayon’s Esoteric rubbish plus assisted death, but they found her fit to practice. Never mind her professional code breaches – exploiting patients lack of medical knowledge and failing to declare personal and financial conflicts of interest etc.

Eunice Minford caught in the act of Esoteric 'healing'

Eunice Minford caught in the act of Esoteric ‘healing’

This recent grab shows Minford conducting a healing on a poor schmuck at some Mind Body Emotionless Love Unicorn Fest thing. So Eunice, what was that doing for that patient’s symptoms? Or for her health? Oh that’s right, symptoms are irrelevant to Esoteric Healing aren’t they? And health care is ‘a waste of energy on a body we will no longer need’. Were you reuniting that patient with God? Was that person on the table even alive?

Death is a healing after all. Serge SAYS SO.

But, apart from Eunice’s participation in Benhayon’s death drive, for us, its her long winded sexual abuse outrage that’s most offensive, particularly when we’ve repeatedly asked her to stop promoting a sexual predator. She’s aware unqualified Benhayon touches the genitals of sexual abuse victims and calls it ‘healing’, I’ve sent her the workshop manual images. We’ve also asked her to justify her assent to Benhayon having young girls stay unaccompanied in his home and the inappropriate touching taught to Esoteric students. We’d also like her to defend Benhayon’s victim blaming teachings that sexual abuse victims are experiencing karma from being a sex offender in some past life or another.

As for Sound Foundation trustee and long term cult promoter, Jane Keep, the Great Western Hospital, including her boss Oonagh Fitzgerald, were informed of the Sound Foundation’s backing and its problems with UK Charity Commission before the Self Care conference in November. A recent letter from Fitzgerald states:

The Trust does not have any concerns in relation to the role Ms Keep undertakes within the organisation and we do not consider there to be a conflict of interest in relation to this role and the personal outside interests you have set out in your letter.  The role of Staff Engagement Manager within the Trust has no budgetary responsibility and priorities at work are set in discussion with an Executive Director.  The Trust is clear with all staff of the need to avoid any conflicts of interest which may call into question the role of this organisation as an NHS provider. 

We are unable to comment on your allegations regarding the various organisations you list in your email as they fall outside of our remit, but we can confirm that at a Trust level we have no formal relationships with the groups you have listed.

Jane Keep might have no budgetary responsibility, but what about her personnel responsibilities? Is the NHS going to ensure Ms Keep doesn’t recruit NHS staff to the UM cult – who are then deployed to recruit patients. Will the NHS ensure Keep does not persuade more personnel to promote Sound Foundation or other UM events? How did Ms Fitzgerald and other NHS employees come to be speaking at the Sound Foundation conference? Particularly after the connection was pointed out to them?

NHS Self Care Champions?

We notice Minford and Keep’s profiles are still posted on the Self Care site, but we’ll give them a week before we ask for them to be taken down, and ask Private Eye and our other UK friends to back us.

The Self Care Forum might be making a song and dance of thanking Private Eye for the heads up, but the people damaged by UM’s abuses won’t be satisfied until Eunice Minford and Jane Keep are ditched as Self Care Champions.

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Serge of Interest – Private Eye does it again

And thanks again to our friend Dubious Dick at for passing on that clip. Dick has invited all Esoteric students to visit the site and explain the benefits of Esoteric Breast Massage and the SCIENCE of ‘everything is energy’ and the rest of Serge’s nonsense. The Brides of Serge are always whining that the media ‘isn’t getting the real story’. Comments are always open here and at . Please come and enlighten us.

22 thoughts on “Private Eye follows up on Universal Medicine’s links with the NHS

  1. Some of you received an email notification of a new post, but my apologies, that was a misfire. I was editing that post and must have clicked the publish button by mistake. It’ll go up in the near future.

    It would have gone up today, but the Private Eye article came in instead.

  2. You gotta love journos. They win awards and take the credit while you’re doing all the work.
    But I thought we were running all the journalists and the investigations? it’s confusing. I don’t know whether to believe myself or the florid outpourings of the Rebecca’s. Or Alison. Or whoever.
    I tell you it’s hard work being a member of the dark lodge.

  3. The poor cultists, united in their delusion that “fiery expression” means anything in the face of tangible things like, I don’t know, FACTS, or that anyone outside of the UM compound is going to be find their endless Sergisms comprehensible, let alone convincing. They’re probably reading this, sitting on healing symbols so as to de-constellate the energy of painful truths which are no doubt sowing seeds of doubt deep in their minds. There’s nothing evil or dark about this site, students. You’re just not prepared to see what the light we’re shining on Serge has exposed. You want dark? You want evil? He’s a lot closer to you than you think

  4. If UM are casting anyone who doubts, questions or exposes them as evil, then I’m afraid that the’re essentially condemning the rest of the world as evil, which is textbook paranoid, cult behavior. Hopefully they don’t up the apocalyptic ante as they retreat deeper and deeper into their cult mentality. I’d hate to see their Fiery Action materialize as self-immolation in the name of Sergio.

  5. Well, Alison Greig talked about ‘burning down the house where evil dwells’, and we know she’s not too hot at comprehending metaphor. We also know that THE EVIL LODGE is one of the terms of endearment the Brides of Serge use on their underground labyrinth of blogs, where they give free rein to their true expression of Esoteric love for me. But with a lot more carcinogenic emotion than they like to admit.

    So should I take that as a threat of violence, Alison, along with the long list of harassments the cult has tried on me, en masse now, and all documented – justified among the several hundred poor persecuted pets with their claim I’m a cyber-bully?

    You might want to be careful how you word things if you live in a glass house – albeit a password protected one.

    Anyway, Princess isn’t taking any chances. She outside with a power tool, cladding the bunker with teflon.

    For those not in the loop with the cult’s spherical lingo, there’ll be more leaks from the Yammerati in good time, but we don’t want to distract too much from the main game – which is shedding daylight on the secrets of the malnourished messiah and his shoddy hierarchy of gentle breath thugs.

    • “The house of evil” and “the dark lodge” according to a man with a history of financial fraud, who groomed his current wife from the age of 12, who claims that victims of murder, rape and pedophilia were asking for it, who claims that charity carries the same energy as pedophilia (while running a charity that benefits himself), who claims that pedophiles (are you seeing the pattern here, students?) are not only the victims of entity possession, but that their vile deeds are simply fulfilling necessary karmic corrections, who has an unusual interest in encouraging his followers to allow their underage daughters to stay unaccompanied at his house, and who reportedly encourages them to leave the bathroom door open when showering, who has demonstrably sought to rort the tax system to line his own pockets, who has manipulated dying and otherwise vulnerable people into leaving him their inheritances, who claims to promote health and healing while preaching that humanity is rotten and that physical existence is a folly that was never meant to be, who claims to know more than any scientist or intellectual in history, but who hides behind his human shields (or black plastic sheeting) and refuses to debate or refute ANY of the above.

      That’s the chief inhabitant of the “house of love” for you.

      • One thing I should add. Serge claims that children taught in the Waldorf school system are raped by Rudolf Steiner’s ghost, effectively making anyone teaching in Steiner schools accessories to supernatural rape. Just wondering whether the likes of Paula Fletcher or Cameron Bell are prepared to stand by such claims in a public arena? I’m sure there’d be a lot of people interested in knowing that Serge is saying this about them and their chosen profession.

  6. Where did that photo of Spewnice come from?! She looks mighty miserable, as well as suspicious, like she’s been caught at it! She has a COAT on too, and her victim, I mean ‘patient’ has a massive scarf on! How very strange! Was that so thet they could make a sharp exit?! Was it at the Woman In Lyingness con-vention at The Shame Foundation at the weekend? What with the lack of publicity, I’d not be surprised if the whole event had gone on at 3am by candlelight, in the shed.

    I have met her several times, and she came across as hostile, miserable, disinterested, aloof and I can imagine she has the bedside manner of a cow pat. I can’t get over her coat! Are treatment rooms usually cold?! HA HA! Did the ‘Trustees’ refuse to put the heating on? HA HA!

    • UM folk are generally lacking in natural insulation (body fat, muscle etc) due to the dietary disorder promoted by Serge. The scarf thing is an example of fashionista group-think (self-loving choices) prevalent among the cult members.

    • She actually looks like she unscrewing the poor patients ears to drain her brain out, and is very angry to have been photographed doing it. Thank goodness for the bean bag, sorry eye pillow, to prevent her patient seeing what’s really going on.

    • That shot was taken at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast last week. They wear that clobber year round, indoors and out over there.

      The facial expression reflects her extreme focus, connecting with her clairsentience, the divine light of her soul and her sphincter simultaneously, whilst attempting to reunite that cadaverous investor with God.

      Anyway, never mind that, she STILL had the time and the CHEEK to recruit a few medical students to the cult’s version of Self Care, whilst posing as a Self Care Champion among a bunch of respectable NHS practitioners AFTER Private Eye had outed her. She’s an audaciously self entitled piece of work, that one.

      And look, who could blame the Self Care Forum for not screening their ‘champions’ and the events they sponsor? Just like the Medicare Locals in Qld and NSW were very rattled to learn they’d been enlisted to promote cult events. The majority of health professionals actually do give a crap about patient welfare. Not Eunice. It’s all about her self loving choices. And her worship of Serge.

  7. Oh golly I blink my eyes and look so much has happened.
    It is not funny I know, not at all, sick and sad….but I did smile at rippleddonuts comments, I so agree.
    Ms EM is certainly not a happy chappy in that photo, why the coat?
    MacReady your comments are chilling and sobering summarised like that. Why don’t those UM affiliates get it? Rhetorical question.
    Keep up the good work DV – a whistle blower is a thankless job, but you know and we know what moral fibre it takes to do
    what you have done.

  8. Private Eye “Weird Health Quackery” this is an understatement.
    Below is a small part of the long winded and so boring, bang your head on the wall spiel for the current UM Retreat – wacko. After reading this spiel (stupid cat that I am) and trying to get my head around it – I really do need to retreat now.
    All these days of ‘brainstorming’ for the flock of Pope/Businessman $erge (lol) in the pseudo house of love, and pay $1890 plus airfares etc etc…..for this B.S.twaddle!?
    RETREAT 1:
    Saturday 8th March, starting at 4pm to Wednesday 12th March, concludes at 4pm
    (includes dinner celebration and dance party, breakfast and checkout on 13th March)
    $1890 (AUD) excluding airfares and travel to the event
    A non-refundable/non-transferable DEPOSIT of $100 is required at the time of booking
    “The 2014 Retreats will reveal, and teach the inner and outer workings that form the sciences that make us the living science we all are. Part of that science is to show us that we are in affect experiencing ‘a new beginning towards an old way of being’, and that this is the key behind it all. This is the key to it all.
    All of what is about to happen in a bigger way than ever before is all about us returning to a way of being we actually come from. We are not heading towards any spectacular walking-on-water way of life and neither will we levitate or fly unaided in physical bodies etc. The whole point is to bring back into expression the love and one-unity (brotherhood) we already are but have long ago separated from to have an individualistic pranic-impulsed existence. And even though life on Earth, in the immediate future will not seem so, and especially in certain upcoming events, the way of lovelessness and its fervour for individualism have had their final run. And as such, that way of being will cease to be the leading or prevailing way of being. Even if it all will look and seemingly feel more intense than ever before, and will do so for some time yet, underneath the disorderly and tense exterior, will be a burning fire that is unfolding its way back to where it was before the separation took place. Thus, the cold/damp individualism of the past, will slowly and eventually undo itself, making for true unity to be the way.
    We are returning to our origins and not really going anywhere.”

    Feline does wonder what the Pope/Businessman $erge of UM is really trying to say here? “And even though life on Earth, in the immediate future will not seem so, and especially in certain upcoming events, the way of lovelessness and its fervour for individualism have had their final run. And as such, that way of being will cease to be the leading or prevailing way of being. Even if it all will look and seemingly feel more intense than ever before, and will do so for some time yet.”
    Is Pope/Businessman $erge telling them at UM that the writing is on the wall for him and soon it will be game over?

    • There’s nothing individualistic about appointing oneself an Ascended Master incarnate and the world’s only fifth degree initiate, channelling the Ageless Wisdom into seven self published tomes and buying a list of properties with other people’s money in one’s own name. Not individualistic at all. And yes that is coming to an end Sergio Benhayon.

      And operating a vast, stratified, password protected hate blog directed at two people is SO love-ing. There’s no mention of ‘every day self loving choices’ back of house – it’s all evil lodges, emotionless outrage, paranoia and panic, and victimhood.

      I don’t think he’s going all Jonestown on us yet. It’s more weasel words saying this joy-full soul-full-ness his students has invested in doesn’t look like, feel like or in any other way resemble enlightenment – in fact it’s about to become a lot more painful and humiliating, but he wants them to take his word for it that they’re reaching Esoteric ‘true unity’ and more importantly, he wants them to keep handing over the money.

    • To my knowledge, this is the first emergence of the word “individualism” by Serge. By now I can read him like a cheap novel. He’s moving to the next stage of turning his members into drones. Well they’re a lot of the way there already, but now he’s outed his agenda of having them completely stopping any thoughts for themselves, so he can do the thinking (as it were) for them.

      “Botherhood, brotherhood, brotherhood….burn down the dark lodge…brotherhood, brotherhood….”

      “Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, or social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual”-
      Something Stergey boy won’t like a lot. It’s him and no one else. He’s the epicentre of the universe. It emanates out his small head apparently.

      Individualism leaves them room to think and come up with pesky ideas from their own consciences. No, he want’s them towing the party line. Paid up and singing the looney-tunes. But they have to pay for it of course. Just $1899 to go and learn how to sink deeper into the abyss of group-think and to abandon intellectual honesty, truth, compassion, human love, for the one size fits all and basic black ‘esoteric amazing-ness’ that popped out of Serge’s backside a dozen years ago in celebration of liberating himself from a shit-load of problems.

      Or so he thinks. Brotherhood, smotherhood. He seems to be making a prediction: ” especially in certain upcoming events” and for once he might be right. But perhaps not what he is expecting.

  9. I don’t think he is going completely ‘Jonestown’ yet either, but he has a responsibility here. Phrases like ‘debasing evil’ and ‘burning down the house’, so we initiated, ascended 5th ray masters, can prevail living the light; and live our life’ s in livingness (rubbing oils, being joyful selfcare champs) without feeling condemned could trigger some serious crazy-ness into the flock.
    In the end, it only takes one person to pull a trigger out of self loving choices in the name of the brotherhood: protecting the ONE…

    Turning critic’s into “the Dark Lodge”, stirring the mob this way, could have serious consequences if it comes to those who already are mentally unstable. Our “healer among healers”, should know this and has a responsibility here .

    Eunice has sort of an ‘I’ll invoke my ancestors on you and am this powerful’ fanatic look into her eyes, which doesn’t look good to me, and truly dark for that matter.

    MacReady is right; these are the facts and they are chilling. Which is why we object and are critical. Trying to warn people against New Age madness; which is (I keep forgetting) bad and unloving of us.

    • Once the members start speaking in terms of good and evil, us and them, they are heading down that path. You can check their video testimonials for their myopic ideological views, accompanied with glassy-eyed thousands yard stares and catch-phrases to-boot. Belief structures require heavy duty defence.

      Who knows where Serge will take it once we peel back the layers of BS and reveal the real “integrity” of the man they bizarrely admire as a paragon of purity. My guess is the members will remain bamboozled by their self-loving choices, their faux feelings of amazing-ness, and their mutual arse-kissing no matter what jumps out of that box. They’re lost.

    • You won’t get far with mentioning responsibility to Serge. I could do a whole post of his excuses on why the trouble he’s constantly embroiled in, and which spreads to his followers like a contagion is never his fault.

      For eg. UM is a business and he has no followers, his customers can accept his services or leave (and suffer for many lifetimes), he’s never told anyone to stop medications (but there’s a bunch of medications he doesn’t endorse). He’s pro conventional medicine (but his advice is better than doctors’ – for example on the timing of childhood vaccinations). The YWCA chose to spend the exorbitant amount of federal funding the way they did – he just happened to get paid. If anyone is inappropriately touched at his workshops he can’t help it. It’s because students don’t adhere to the code of conduct. The families that have broken up had problems to start with. In spite of heavy $$ outlay no one has improved their initiation level because they haven’t behaved Esoterically enough… and on and on.

      His bankruptcy wasn’t his fault either.

  10. I am aware of that. I am just hoping some of the other healers, I am aware of, following this blog will.

    And no matter if the man who is hiding his vicious scam behind Alice Bailey’s work, takes his responsibility or not: responsible he is. Just as much as the so called ‘healers’ he groomed for his powertripping business.

    • Sorry if that came across as condescending – we Lordettes of Form get on our high horses at times.

      You made a great point, and it’s one of things that’s most frustrating about this mess. Serge is a lunatic. A charismatic lunatic. His kids and wives are under his spell, as are the majority of his followers. But there are a number of followers who know better and have no excuse – and no excuse for breaching their professional codes of conduct. They’re not only responsible but culpable, and it makes me very irritated. 😦

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