Mackay Telegraph Reports Universal Medicine followers say they’re not a cult. The same followers compare Serge to Jesus Christ

And David Millikan is the Anti-Serge. Yes kids, SergeProp is still banging on about him at the truth about serge benhayon (lol & sic) blog. Histrionics, martyrdom and Mackay Tele story posted after the jump…


David Millikan – The Betrayal

November 2, 2012 —

by Bernadette, Self-employed, Victoria, Australia

Two thousand years ago a man from Nazareth was accused and put on trial for challenging the civil and religious order of the day.

Yes dear, and he was crucified for it too. The last recorded crucifixion in Australia was…gee, when was it? Even Gough Whitlam is still kicking nearly 40 years after his. Kevin Rudd is taking another run at it.

On Friday evening, October 12, 2012 at Lennox Head Community Centre, a strangely similar series of events unfolded. Here we were, a group of citizens gathered together to listen to a man, Serge Benhayon, share an ancient message in the modern day. The message is not unlike that of Jesus’. It is a simple but profound message: that we have lost our way of love. The way back to love for our world, and ourselves, is first found ‘within’. If we learn to stop, feel and trust what really feels true, we will always make self-loving choices, which will reflect to make our world a more nurturing, equal and harmonious place.

Um, Jesus’ message was about love, but I don’t remember him selling books and workshops about self loving choices. He was more into ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself’. You know, loving one’s fellow human beings, like going into the community and teaching and healing for free. He never charged for it and he never tried to feel anyone up. He fed the 5000. He didn’t take perfectly good food away. Even the loaves he distributed weren’t gluten free.

Nor did Jesus set up a charity. And if he did, he didn’t start taking donations years before it was registered. I bet if he was around today he would issue receipts.

Jesus was also famous for embracing the marginalized. He didn’t carry on about how disabled people deserve their autism or mental illness because it’s their karma. I can’t imagine Jesus describing IVF babies as having no souls. He went among the lepers, the outcasts of society to heal them, unlike you lot, who made a leper out of ex student Y, when Y became seriously ill.

So enough with the Jesus comparisons already. Self-loving choices, my arse.

Enter Rev. Dr. David Millikan and his media crew to execute a premeditated attack – to accuse Serge Benhayon of leading a cult, and instruct his so-called ‘followers’ that they had unwittingly fallen prey to a seduction they were unaware of. They can’t possibly discern for themselves, they require ‘cult rescue’!

For the thousandth time, expressing an opinion and shooting footage is not an ‘attack’.

Rev. Dr. David Millikan, representing a dedicated life within an institution founded on the simple message of Jesus, has now become a perpetrator and judge, along with his accomplices. 

Perpetrator of what?

Unwanted ovarian readings? Misleading medical claims? Setting up bogus accreditation bodies? Lying about his financial past? Depriving patients of responsible, qualified medical care?

If you want to make comparisons with Jesus, remember Jesus did his block at the money changers in the temple – who were attempting to profit from a sacred space. These days Jesus would take one look at Serge, upend his table and say  ‘My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.’

How much have you spent on Universal Medicine Bernadette? How much will you have to continue paying for your self-loving choices? For how long? How much have you donated to pay UM mortgages? Do you have the receipts? Can you show us? Did they issue any?

He is accusing a person of this time (who is reminding those willing to listen and hear that love is the way back to wellbeing and harmony for ourselves and our world) of being out of order, counter-cultural, and a ‘bad’ influence on those of us who feel the truth of love and it’s call to serve humanity. That we can return to love and can live that love is the message of Serge Benhayon. Is this not the very message on which Rev. Dr. David Millikan bases his connection to God?

Outside of Universal Medicine most people regard love as something extended to family, friends and those less fortunate without the conditions that you need to be doing Serge’s perpetual, expensive, health draining, relationship dividing course in ‘The Work’.

When Rev. Dr. David Millikan searches his heart, and completes his intellectual assessment of this blog, it will no doubt result in more evidence of the brainwashed – who are so far gone they don’t even know they are brainwashed. 

It won’t just be David thinking so, dear.

May he reconnect with the way of love that he has publicly chosen to represent as a Minister of the Uniting Church. In his deceitful theatrics on Friday evening we saw no sign of the true love and integrity presented by Serge Benhayon.

The intent, deceit and actions of Rev. Dr. David Millikan were a blatant betrayal of trust, and promoted mistrust. Even if a TV program from this ambush makes it to air, the lack of integrity will be felt immediately.

 Unlike Serge’s lack of integrity which has a slow, insidious onset and eventually drains you of every bit of dignity you ever had.

Now, to the Mackay Tele story, and a message to SergeProp to take some gentle breaths before reading. Although, that advice probably comes too late seeing they were up past bedtime writing missives to bombard the Mackay Tele the moment they found out the paper would be running a story. I mean really, where do the SergeProppers find the time, between stirring their pea & basil gruel anti-clockwise, listening to the podcasts, shoving symbols down their pants, reading Serge’s tomes, batting away prana etc etc???

Interesting how Mackay practitioner, Belinda Hodgson describes herself as a ‘fully qualified healer’. Qualified at what Belinda? Qualified at Serge’s invented Esoteric chakra-puncture, lol? Are you accredited at anything? Registered? Do let us know so we can update our Naming Names page.

And another thing – a story in the Mackay Telegraph is not Armageddon, Serge.

And crucifixions were banned.

Mackay Telegraph Reports Universal Medicine followers say they're not a cult. The same followers compare Serge to Jesus Christ

Mackay Telegraph Reports Universal Medicine followers say they're not a cult. The same followers compare Serge to Jesus Christ

24 thoughts on “Mackay Telegraph Reports Universal Medicine followers say they’re not a cult. The same followers compare Serge to Jesus Christ

  1. A man who gets women to do all the dirty work for him and receives money for it, in my city is called a pimp.When is serge going to stand up and stop using the women to do his talking. Coward.Truth is sensed through the nose? I smell a rat? Well funny you should mention that serge. more cheese before you scurry off and hide behind the skirts of your mostly fragile, easily led women. I repeat. Coward. Speak for yourself if you are to be believed by the media and the world. I won't be one of them, because I sniffed you out years ago, and you smell like evil.

  2. Yes, that is an interesting point. Serge has made no effort to go on record (disallowing hastily penned articles in the small hours) curtail the shrill and increasingly histrionic and exaggerated defences on his blog namesakes, and avoided media interviews where he could put his side of the story in the public domain. For a man who claims to be 'the' ascended master on earth, this is very strange indeed. Especially given he is on record explaining how he would 'love' to do so, and that he will 'never' back away from his claims as to do so is to align with the energy of 'untruth'.That alone should be one question mark hanging over all the members’ heads and casting a long shadow. It does indeed appear as if he is hiding behind the collective pressed skirts of his women-folk whose almost hysterical ramblings lay bare the affects he has had on them and support the critic’s claims.Afforded an opportunity to lay his case out before one of Australia's foremost public theologians, he has declined repeatedly. It does seem that Serge Benhayon does not have what it takes to withstand the scrutiny of inquiry, or the I would suggest, the belief in his own ideas, to stand firm in them and explain them to a sceptical audience. There is a litany of small mis-steps and revelations that while we might believe the 'student body' remain steadfast in denial; would be growing like a cancer unchecked. This is yet another. Serge could arrest it by having the courage of his convictions and present his ideas to an interested audience. Maybe he might succeed in quelling the criticism and stopping his organization slide into terminal decay. He may even recruit new supporters. Who knows? But while he hides behind a few blogs and blackened windows, he looks exactly like the man we accuse him of being and anon articulates for us all.

  3. The continued responses from UMers focuses on the word bullying?? There is not a hint of bullying in anything that has been posted or from the Mackay article that states some locals are connected to hate blogs. Serge, this is not a hate blog, it's simply a place where decent people can post and discuss their experiences and analyse your techniques. Again this is an excuse for you not to answer any questions and obviously the defence mech you have advised your princesses to use in every circumstance. Most who have seen the neg affects of UM simply want questions answered or to discuss your forever changing techniques. I seriously doubt this will happen and would challenge YOU the master to sit in front of any network camera and answer questions. You will not do it. For a man who stands behind the word truth, you cannot and will not expose yourself. I personally do not hold any hate against you or intent to bully you. Why can you not answer any questions we post on your web sites?? Finally Serge we are on to you, be a good human being and stand up "for yourself" and be accessible to all and not just the paying "clients"

  4. Wow, everyone's pretty worked up on this blog. I am from the US. I listen to SB's interviews, I have read his books, taken some online classes, etc. And it's all positive in the end. His message seems simple to me – be kind to yourself and do that by tuning in to yourself. Doesn't sound so outrageous to me. I take what works for me and what doesn't work for me – I let it go. It's called free will. Live and let live. Enjoy your life. Smile. I've read a few posts on here – it doesn't sound like bullying; it sounds like a huge grudge. Not so kind to yourself… sounds and feels stressful. I hope it passes. Peace.

  5. Worked up is an understatement. Obviously you didn't read enough. You didn't get to Y's 'Have Your Say' post where Y ended up in hospital as a result of Esoteric healer's negligence, and then was callously abandoned by the 'positive, kind, tuned in to themselves' crowd you've expensively bought into. Also, do you think it's acceptable I had Serge foisting an 'ovarian reading' onto me under false pretences and pressuring me to make disclosures about my history with men? And you must have missed the post where he pressured a young woman to do the same, whilst ogling her in his treatment room. When she invented something to appease his appetite for sleaze, he conveyed that information to her mother and caused conflict between them. And that's only the beginning. Serge's business dealings are another can of fraudulent worms. Then there's the cartel like behaviour of his 'healers' who put profit and the interests of the group before patient care. Then there's the anxiety provoking doctrine and the illness inducing diet.I find your attitude smug and grossly disrespectful to the people who've suffered due to UM's unethical practices. But hell, enjoy your life. Smile, while you still can. Just don't drink the kool aid.

  6. It really is very simple. The world is full of people who would gladly swallow the blue pill. People for whom bliss is more important than what is real. I'm sure if you dig deeply, all the people who are attracted to UniMed are people who've been deeply damaged by the real world in some way (abuse, divorced parents, loneliness, etc.).It's escapism pure and simple. If it's not UniMed, it would be Scientology, or that Jesus & Mary couple up in QLD.Unfortunately, his followers now see him as a Christ figure, so let's hope it doesn't end up like Jonestown or Heaven's Gate.

  7. It seems that within Universal Medicine, and with those that follow it, the improper use of language, and in fact the use of language as a weapon, has become a modus operandi. It's a powerful tool in subverting the truth and attempting to make delinquent people who are in actual fact victims. For those unfamiliar with how it operates, let me expand: the Universal Medicine blogs have for some time now accused anyone who has dared to question Universal Medicine in public as an "abusive man" and claimed such persons are part of a smear campaign to discredit Universal Medicine. Such claims, made against good, honest men (and women) are indicative of the true nature of those that have lept to the defense of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. They offer no proof, no evidence, nothing. And they are happy to slander and start whispering campaigns to serve their purpose. The illegality of what they are doing in making such claims is obvious. By the same token, any journalist who has written on Universal Medicine is "one-sided", "biassed", "sensationalist" and so forth, and also, some seem to suggest, in employ of the previously mentioned "abusive men". Again, no evidence is offered for these ludicrous claims, and for any level headed person who has read, watched and digested what has been said by the press, it is evident Serge Benhayon and many of his followers have been given ample chance to air their side of the story. Sadly, for them, no-one outside of Universal Medicine seems to have the same rosy view of it that those on the inside do. I wonder why?

  8. I know of several people nvolved with UM who have been convinced by Serge that the sexual abuse they suffered as children occured because they themselves sexually abused children in a past life, and as a result they believe that they 'had it coming' on a karmic level. Do you consider that toxic notion to be "positive in the end"?

  9. Me thinks you are deeper in that you let on. I have also listened to many hours of recordings, and unless we have two different subscriptions, what I hear is voluminous hours of outrageous claims, confusing ideas, arrogance and quite obvious manipulations. Yes, Serge does speak of making loving choices for yourself- but they are always his choices as he constantly insists that there is his 'fiery' way and the 'pranic' way. Given the homogenous reactions of the members, one gets the sense that the so-called free will is a little less free than they would have us believe.Also, US based Anon, there is a lot we know we aren't saying on this site. And you are right, it is stressful knowing the truth and watching people such as yourself, well intentioned, and in a bubble of 'peace love and eso-music' sailing along joy-fully unaware that the captain is not Peter Pan at all, but really captain Hook and he's sailing you into a storm.Take care and stay alert.

  10. So, the evil has landed (in the uk). Again my loving partner is giving Serge adoration and our hard earned cash, for what? To drive a further wedge in our relationship, and to take them further into their self imposed shell, hiding from the real beauty of life. From the real beauty of a loving relationship, and depriving themselves of taste, nourishment, laughter and the true joy of love.I love how Serge writes investment instead of price on his costs. Makes them not realise how much that thieving scumbag is taking off them.I won't be sad to see you go back to Australia Serge, we sent our criminals there years ago, shame we let them back in now. (this does not apply to all decent australians who I welcome with open arms).Enjoy your time in the UK Serge with a bit of luck the authorities might not let you back soon to conduct your cult on our citizens. Our loved ones. I hope many people have realised and read this site and others like it and decided it isn't worth the risk, by coming along to your initiations. Sorry, life enriching courses.

  11. I'm glad you clarified about us non criminal descendants of ex convicts, thx. :-)So when did he land in the UK? I thought the Lighthouse circus started over the weekend. Did I fire off my prophecy missive too early????Tip offs, corrections, clarifications, rants, flattery etc welcome in comments or via the Contact page. xx

  12. A note on the term 'hateblogs' to describe this and other sites that call Benhayon and UM to account: Serge has long claimed that he is 'hated' for speaking 'the truth'. Essentially anyone who critically questions, rejects or walks out of his presentations unconvinced is described by Leonardo Da Bailey/Pythagoras/St. Peter as 'hating' him. There are examples of this in his recordings and I heard him say it in person at a workshop I attended, so he's been sowing the seeds of his persecuted messiah complex in his follower's minds for years now.

  13. I was also told that Serge is 'hated' by the rest of the New Age/alternative healing community in the Byron Bay area. That may be so, but considering Serge actively slanders any alternative modality and practitioner not associated with UM as being 'evil' it's hardly surprising.

  14. Not to mention that the UM cartel has been detrimental to the livelihoods of non UM practitioners in the area. And yes, this is regarded as a 'hate blog' simply because we're actively exposing the truth about Serge and his long running scam, and providing a place for people to ask questions and express their opinions – including those of UMers. I've banned less than a handful of comments since the blog has been running, apart from the usual spam. One was nasty, one was threatening, one was fanmail for me, lol. Serge and SergeCorp hates the truth.

  15. I feel for you. It is horrific to watch someone vibrant and full of life give themselves over to what is truly a dark and life-sapping doctrine so one man can satisfy his over blown sense of himself. I wish there was a magic cure but all I can tell you is the more you press against it the more they go in because Serge has pre-programmed them with the dual idea that you are wrong and pranic and that the very act of being concerned shows he, and they by following, are right. I have no doubt that for a time, the followers cannot see out of the world he constructs around their heads. If you want to survive in the relationship there are two chances. Say nothing and pray for the best. Or, take her (I assume) on a long trip to Italy or somewhere beautiful and get everyone that loves her around to try and snap her out of it not by argument but by showing her love. Seek the advice of a cult expert (there's groups in your area) and set up some counseling. If the group is strong around her, try and work out how to keep them at bay. When she gets back from this weekends head F**** she will be like on drugs- don't react. Keep your cool. At least Serge will head back for us to deal with soon. We've got the bugger all the time. And by the way, he is not one of ours. He escaped Uruguay only to give us a hard time. With luck we will be able to send him back…Good luck.

  16. This is good advice In Same Boat. I'm a bit confrontational on this site – for various strategic reasons, but I don't live with a cult member or have any loved ones in the cult. The smart arsed confrontational approach won't help at home. A contributor on the Rick Ross Forum had some excellent advice for communicating with his brother, a now former UM student. I've contacted him to see if he'd let me republish it here, but he hasn't gotten back to me. He's written two great posts on page 29 of the forum, with some great responses from other contributors. Link is on right of this page or home page, just punch in 29 at the end of the URL, instead of 1.

  17. Wow this is such scary stuff. I just did a workshop on the weekend. Some may say it was a little out there but hey, no-one preached at me, no-one told me that my emotions were bad, no-one told me what food to eat, no-one talked about prana vs fiery (yuk yuk yuk) and everyone seemed to be completely different in their world views, ie there were no clones at all! I really don't get the Serge stuff about no emotions – emotions are fine they are great they make us human, its just how we react to them and if we suffer or make others suffer because of them. Being emotionally intelligent is a good thing, of course though we are all human and none of us are going to cut it all the time. Lets give ourselves a break "Serge's students give yourself a break please" – To me, Serge is just one big bad mind trip. I couldn't think of anything worse then having him as my "life teacher". I really can't work out how any of his students deal with emotions if they are taught they are pranic. How can you live life (as a woman:)) without emotions???? please someone explain. DV I am sure you have the education and experiene to know the best approach. Lets hope it works soon

  18. When I went to a reputable mainstream psychologist for help dealing with the Horrible effects on myself and family due to Universal Medicine , he ( the psych) commented that this sort of Organization gives alternative Medicine a very bad name In the wider community .How right he is

  19. In other words you copped a weekend full of self-loving scaremongering and demonizing of gluten and dairy – that they prevent soulful ascension in a way that makes satan himself look like a sissy – but his followers still think they've chosen to cut them from their diet. yuk yuk is right So right about emotions. Was talking about this yesterday. It's one of the downsides of Eastern philosophy – people mistaking emotional repression for detachment or control. Serge absolutely WORKS IT to his advantage, adding that emotions affect the body – make you sick – will kill you. Hence, his followers lose empathy, become so emotionally disconnected it compromises their relationships, including with their own kids, making them more dependent on him AND it defuses opposition or defiance. Serge's anti-emotional schtick is one of his most effective controlling devices and it utterly neutralizes personalities.'Anger will give you cancer. You'll die a horrible death, but that's okay because you've wasted this life anyway. Here, buy a workshop or thirty and I'll reserve you a place with the ascended ones. Maybe.'

  20. I tweeted this, and you're all very welcome to post anonymously, but if you plan to post more than once, please come up with a tag for yourself. There are great voices among you, and we'd love to hear more of your thoughts. When making your comment, use the 'Comment as:' drop down menu, select 'Name/URL', type your tag in the name box and you're ready to roll. The URL box can be left empty, unless you want to link to your own blog. If it's a blog or site promoting a product or service, like penis enlargement or some Scientology front or pushing some barrow, your comment won't be allowed. Probs best to leave URL blank if in doubt.

  21. Hi DVNo it wasn't a UM workshop, it was a different sort of workshop – I was allowed to be totally me warts and all. We looked at our emotions we looked at our relationship with our parents and how that shapes us and takes us to where we are now. No-one says anything is good or bad but there is empathy and there is caring. Personally my childhood was great (not always) so I was never going to fall for Serge's worldviews, also I am too much of a sceptic. I question everything and I don't like following rules. I probably would prefer hanging out with the Lords of Form dancing and listening to dub. In this workshop we were allowed to look at all the different stories that have made us who we are to this point of time. Serge unfortunately uses his students past hurts and trauma to create the big pranic fiery divide of relationships. He doesn't want to heal anything with his students and their families he wants to make the rift bigger. Well thats how I saw it when I did my one Serge workshop. It wasn't for me, and I was strong enough at the time to realise there was something very fishy about the way Serge operates and how the people I know who have been Sergified couldn't even go to their favourite Aunts birthday party if their was alcohol there. What sort of love is that??

  22. Yes, sorry, I didn't get your meaning. I'm so used to being sarcastic myself, I thought you were taking a sarcastic dig at the UM stuff. So true, all you say, and really well put. I think REAL healing allows a person to understand all of the factors that contribute to their state of being and aims to give them the tools and resources to move autonomously toward a more peaceful, enjoyable and healthier way of life. Serge's schtick is the opposite – it's all denial, desolation, punishment and glorification of death. In other words, Serge's healing harms.And good healing practices aim to make themselves redundant. When Serge's students sign on they're stuck with the dependency indefinitely – or until the oppression becomes unbearable, or they become really ill and see how ineffective and malignant it really is, or question it and get rejected and ostracized.Lol, I'm supposed to be at the complaints, not writing more essays :-O (Actually I'm supposed to be at the pile of laundry)<3

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