Universal Medicine’s Women’s Health Special – having your genitals touched by ‘The One’, and any other cult member who ‘feels to’


Serge Benhayon with his hand on a woman’s vulva. Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Manual, p.71

September 2012 I went public with my account of Serge Benhayon’s sleazy attempt at reading my ovaries. For a year or so the Universal Medicine cult publicly pretended I don’t exist, while trying to have my blogs shut down and attempting to intimidate me with a variety of false complaints. May 2014 they set up defamatory website where Serge’s Brides insist the ovarian reading never happened and I’m a mentally ill liar. None of them were in the treatment room with me. Its easy to understand the denials and the harassment attempts – Serge has done the same to them, and to engage reasonably with me would involve defending the indefensible. Moreover, when I went public, I wasn’t aware of published photographic evidence of Benhayon’s abuses.

No wonder they’ve tried to silence me.

Now, cult members insist Serge’s hands is ‘nowhere near’ the woman’s ‘lady parts.’

Please, if anyone has similar material to this contact me via the tab above or send it to the NSW HCCC. Don’t assume I have everything there is to know about UM. I’m particularly interested in looking at the Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 3 & 4 workshop manuals, but if you have anything else with photographs or video of inappropriate touching, or text or audio of sexually explicit material, or claims to efficacy in treating medical conditions or sexual trauma, please get in touch with me or the HCCC.

If you were touched inappropriately by Benhayon or any other Esoteric practitioner, please seek support counselling for sexual abuse via the links page, and please consider making a police or other official complaint so we might put an end to this harm.

What is wrong with these pictures?

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop Manual, p.71

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop Manual, p.71

We’ll start with unqualified, self styled ‘healer’, Serge Benhayon pressing his fingers to a woman’s vulva – for which there is no excuse. There is never a reason for touching genitals in a clinical setting unless the practitioner is a registered health professional examining or treating genital or reproductive disorders, and who is accountable to professional bodies and AHPRA, at the risk of deregistration.

Proven bullshitter, ex bankrupt tennis coaches like Serge Benhayon are not qualified to apply a bandaid let alone put their grubby hands on anyone’s private parts, including those of the victim in the image, whose identity we are aware of, but which we will not disclose publicly. Please, members of the public, know your rights. There is never a reason for any unqualified practitioner to touch breasts or genitals.

The accompanying text claims the technique is ‘great for cases of rape recovery’ among other things. Again, Serge Benhayon and his legion of Esoteric numbskulls are not qualified nor entitled to ask about personal history, sexual history or reproductive history. Nor is he qualified to provide therapy for sexual abuse, let alone ‘healing’ which involves genital contact. Again, I urge members of the public to be extremely discriminating about who you divulge any history of sexual trauma to. Never do it in a group setting, and never to an unqualified ‘healer’, particularly those associated with UniMed who are utterly ignorant of the ethics regarding patient privacy, and have serious problems with therapeutic boundaries.

The text accompanying these images is also loaded with deceptively benign language and what appear to be disclaimers regarding trust and permission. However as the image below shows, Benhayon also encourages Esoteric practitioners to place their hands wherever they ‘are in truth guided’. I don’t care how cautious or gentle or how much permission is sought under the pretence of ‘healing’ – deception is deception and violation is violation. In addition, the cult won’t fess up to exactly what Esoteric Uterus Massage entails, as performed by Serge’s unqualified twenty something son, Curtis.

Benhayon also makes therapeutic claims throughout the manual, including that the techniques are very powerful for conditions such as ‘rape, cysts, fibroids, PMT, endometriosis, ovarian cancer etc.’

Therapeutic boundary pushing and bogus claims to efficacy Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2, p.68.

Therapeutic boundary pushing and bogus claims to efficacy
Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2, p.68.

Such claims are in breach of Section 12 of the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Healthcare Practitioners  on misinforming clients. As Esoteric ‘healing’ modalities are the invention of an unqualified, untrained, self styled ‘healer’ they have zero clinical basis and the claims cannot be substantiated.

For all the cult’s insistence he’s never touched a breast, this image clearly says something different.

Serge Benhayon makes breast contact, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop manual, p.41

Serge Benhayon makes breast contact, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 2 Workshop manual, p.41

And as shown in the Esoteric Personal Boundaries post, he’ll press his palm to a very young woman or girl’s anus, but call it the sacrum and persuade cult members all of the above is ‘healing’.

Serge Benhayon with his hand on 14 or 15 year old daughter, Natalie Benhayon's bottom, Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level 1 Workshop manual, p. 53

Therapy or abuse – consenting to deception

The NSW Attorney General’s Department defines sexual and indecent assault as follows:

Sexual assault occurs when a person is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts against their will or without their consent, or if a child or young person under 18 is exposed to sexual activities.

Indecent assault is unwanted touching of a person’s body by another person. For example it can include kissing or inappropriate touching of a person’s breasts, bottom or genitals.

During my experience of ovarian reading from Serge Benhayon, not only did I ask him not to do it, I was not informed  of what the technique entailed. I only gave in under pressure after being told it was not invasive. I was deceived, or in the language of the AG’s department, tricked. I would never have consented to undertake the reading had I been fully informed of what it entailed, including being pressured to disclose details on my past relationships with men. I asked to be informed and was not. Most alarmingly, the only reason that nonsense didn’t go any further was because I stood up for myself, and I dread to imagine what has happened to women who fell for the ruse. I promise, if Serge had put his clammy paws anywhere near my vulva, I would have gone to the police – just as the above images have today – into a nice file with Serge’s name on it.

The fact Benhayon is not qualified to enquire about gynaecological or sexual histories, or to treat gyne conditions or the aftermath of sexual abuse, or to provide rape counselling, yet does so anyway, is deceptive conduct which renders his disclaimers about ‘permission’ and ‘caution’ invalid. Section 3 of the Code, covering  safe and ethical conduct spells it out – health practitioners must not provide health care of a type outside their experience or training, or that they are not qualified to provide. They must not mislead or deceive clients about their competence or ability.

The silence of the complicit

If it isn’t bad enough that Benhayon is inappropriately touching clients, misleading them, invading their privacy and retraumatizing sexual assault victims – in other words, routinely performing sexual abuse on vulnerable people – he has also taught hundreds of would be Esoteric practitioners who have undertaken the workshops to follow suit.  Most were misled into thinking he was qualified to practice and teach ‘healing’ and also misled to believe they could become ‘accredited’ Esoteric healers.

Sacred Esoteric Healing Workshops extend to four levels and are a prerequisite for undertaking further courses to become an ‘accredited’ practitioner. An ex-student told me that once students have completed the first four levels, they then go on to study four levels of ‘Esoteric’ massage, in which massage is performed with recipients stripped to their underwear. That student dropped out well before that. Since I emailed the above images around Australia, another ex-student told me that he participated in a workshop where students were instructed to handle each other’s genitals. He did NOT regard it as a healing experience seeing he had to ask one of UniMed’s most shrill and defensive propagandists, ironically one who has ranted at length on the ‘truth’ blogs about the abuse of women and bullying loveless males, to take her cold little mitts off his penis.


Serge Benhayon has not only compromised hundreds of his followers into studying and carrying out his piss take therapies, they are complicit in an entire culture of sexual abuse. When they aren’t actively abusing others, they are enabling it. And in the eleven years, at least, that this gross misconduct has been underway, I’m the only person who has blown the whistle. Cult doctors, cult lawyers, Esoteric dentists, cult psychologists (LOL) and various registered and unregistered healthcare practitioners, all of whom know better, have taken these workshops, know what Serge gets up to and given this wholesale molestation a free pass. And not only that, conspired to silence and intimidate the one person who has publicly outed it.

Worse, all UM followers have allowed this to continue, and have subjected their daughters, friends, partners, sisters and mothers to this harm, and have the GALL to call this vile abuse ‘healing’ and ‘medicine’. No UM followers have addressed the issue of Serge Benhayon having adolescent girls stay for extended periods in his home – knowing he inappropriately touches women and with a large percentage of followers in possession of photographic evidence of it. Seriously, what a bunch of ignorant, entitled, abusive arseholes! Toxic, arrogant, damaging hypocrites, and calling ME a bully and trying to shut ME down.

Where are you now Dr Eunice Minford, Dr Howard Chilton (whose wife and daughter are in the cult), Dr Anne Malatt  (with daughters), Dr Samuel Kim (whose wife is in the cult) and Dr Maxine Szramka? Why don’t you write about the benefits of genital palpation performed by unqualified numbskulls on the Medicine & Serge Benhayon site? You’re happy to plug Serge’s other bullshit, so why not that? How about you, Sarah Davis, champion of free speech, barefaced bullshitter and Esoteric Women’s Health pimp? And Rachel Hall, amateur relationship counsellor, Esoteric dentist and harebrained apologista? And Sarah Cloutier, who was behind the cult petition to stop the abuse of women in the media, but not to stop the abuse of women in the cult? I would love to meet with any and all of you and have you look me in the eye and tell me all of this is okay with you and safe and legitimate therapy, particularly for victims of abuse. And then we can talk about the underaged girls staying in Serge’s house. Let’s do it on camera. I’ll supply the TV crew.

And I’d especially invite you, Paula ‘anonymous, I’m not on the payroll, cult lawyer’ Fletcher, now that you accidentally outed yourself on the blog yesterday. Paula also wrote a spirited cult apologism disguised as a defence of women in a love blog propaganda post last year and is currently working her little heart chakra out trying to shut me down, whilst making a living helping cult members take out baseless AVOs and divorce their so called ‘loveless’ spouses.

UniMed’s aggressive push into the women’s health market

To add insult to abuse, the cult timed what they thought would be shutting down our blogs with a renewed and aggressive push into the lucrative women’s health market, where they’re sure to recruit any number of new victims. First was the series of unregistered International Women’s Day Events to launch Natalie Benhayon and Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd’s ‘Our Cycles App’, a menstrual and moon cycle app, which comes with a such an extensive set of disclaimers (not to be used as a fertility planner etc.) it’s useless for anything but self-loving hypochondria. In other words, it’s another handy little profit making device, like clearing symbols and breast cream, that keeps followers atrophied minds busy in a state of dissociative denial. Anything but confront the fact they’re in a self loving, funds draining, sexually abusive, home wrecking death cult.

There’s also this charming little venture – The Girl to Woman Project – assisting girls in making the transition to womanhood – with help from Serge, I suppose, whose current wife moved into his home when she was 13. They don’t mention that in their publicity, or post the photos of him gripping women’s genitals.

Will the regulator regulate?

Within hours of these images landing in my lap, I’d sent them in a complaint to the HCCC, and flipped them to the state and federal health ministers and a bunch of other concerned parties who will be taking an interest in what the HCCC does this time.

Unfortunately, by now, I have little faith in the HCCC. Although this is incontrovertible evidence of abuse, and incontrovertible evidence that this abuse is being taught to hundreds of Esoteric ‘students’, I have a sinking feeling the Commission will do as they’ve done before and tell me they can’t act unless I provide names and addresses of victims or produce corpses and donate one of my kidneys. In which case, it’ll be another case of campaigning for legislative change – again.

The Universal Medicine cult is that sick, they’d regard that as a victory and carry on sexually abusing followers as usual. Including their own daughters.

No shame. No conscience. No remorse.

Follow up post: When the law is dysfunctional – bad news for patients, business as usual for scam artists

19 thoughts on “Universal Medicine’s Women’s Health Special – having your genitals touched by ‘The One’, and any other cult member who ‘feels to’

  1. Thank you for sharing this, what a con man he is. Done a lot of damage to my relationships with my family, oh no we don’t own anybody.

    Sorry Kay, your comment ended up in the Spam bin for some reason. Thanks for your comment, and I know a lot of our readers feel exactly as you do. Venus

  2. Shocking stuff. Given the apparently high percentage of female students who have suffered some form of sexual abuse in their lives, we can only assume that Serge has inappropriately handled many of his students in such a manner. His exploitation of these women’s vulnerability is beneath contempt. Furthermore, if the HCCC and other relevant authorities fail to deal with this I imagine the media would be quite interested in their non-action regarding this case.

    • The other unknown quantity is how Serge has dealt with male patients and students, particularly those who have been sexually abused or have experienced other kinds of trauma.

      My experiences with Serge rang alarm bells about how he manipulates and abuses women, and here we have material proof. Given his very poor attitude to men, I suspect he reserves a special kind of ‘treatment’ for men in the group, particularly vulnerable men. I would encourage those men and anyone else who has been abused to seek professional support via the links page as soon as possible.

      My opinion, based on his brazenly extreme behaviour in placing his followers and those closest to him in highly compromising positions – participating in sexual abuse, doctors publicly promoting his death wish, publicly compromising his own children by encouraging them to participate in abuse, compromising his wife by having young girls stay in the family home, and God knows what goes on there, – Benhayon is not to be underestimated. His audacious acts of boundary transgression extend to him having himself photographed in the act, and making it publicly available FOR YEARS. This suggests he wants to be caught and is willing to take people down with him. We – his followers, his family, the authorities, observers, all of us need to be constantly vigilant about this guy. His harm knows no bounds.

      For anyone in distress over these revelations, or anyone compromised by Serge (his family included) and looking for the way out, please seek professional or specialized support and advice. It’s all in our links tab above.

      It’s time the harm stopped.

      • Serge tells all his victim, er, I mean clients, that if they have suffered sexual abuse in this life it means they were sexual abusers in a past life. So even if he’s not fondling men’s genitals, any male student who has suffered sexual abuse in the past and looked to UM for answers, has been psychologically abused by Serge and his toxic, new age psychobabble.

      • This needs to be emphasised as explicitly as possible whenever complaints are being lodged against this degenerate lunatic. Serge is telling rape and molestation victims that they committed sexual assault in previous incarnations and that they effectively had it coming. Part of his so-called “healing” technique is convincing victims of abuse that they got what they deserved, and that the assault was merely a karmic correction. Even if he wasn’t exploiting people’s suffering in order to fondle their genitals, he is head-fucking them in the most reprehensible manner possible. His sleazy, delusional, criminal conduct needs to be exposed and stopped once and for all.

  3. Like how the text for the first photo recommends it for sexual abuse victims “after proper treatment”. Admitting he’s just copping a feel?
    SB needs to be behind bars asap.

  4. I have always been concerned about what lies ahead for my sweet little daughter with her mother heading down this road. Now I’m absolutely petrified about it!

  5. Everyone pls do what you can to support what Venus is unravelling. I lost the love of my life to this group. We should not just focus on SB but the people who “work” for him as they took the choice to follow. The others that profit from this are as guilty as the leader.

  6. The language the followers use is never different. I knew along time out this was wrong but was helpless as a felt it was just me. It chills me to the bone as when you read all that has been posted it’s like reliving the loss. I trust soon the authorities will soon stand up and ensure the safety of all reprogrammed. They too have a responsibility and it is clear SB has changed his tact to protect himself. I had the utmost respect for my partner, my partner would come home after sessions a complete different person and even accused me one time of disrespecting her?? I guess the session focused on how bad men were. I could go on for hours but the hurt of my loss drains me. Based on my experiences Serge breaks his own rules so often but he and his practitioners slowly breakdown their subjects to a point they use anything they can find in their life to break the “patient ” to a point of conformity of the way.

  7. God, I felt violated just by looking at these photos! “professional conduct”?! “Explain why it’s ‘necessary’ to hold such a position (grope someone’s breasts) for a prolonged period of time”?! It’s frightening to think that any woman/man would voluntarily put her/himself through such an experience, especially since the ones who are looking to be ‘healed’ are usually also the most vulnerable.

    Apart from Serge probably being a sleazy perv who only wants to get his grubby hands on women’s breasts, there is also an interesting side effect to this ‘healing’ experience. The psychology of self-justification dictates that someone who undergoes bizarre or embarrassing rituals as part of the initiation into (or as member of a) group, will justify their suffering by adopting a more positive attitude towards this group and/or will convince themselves that this group is worth joining, as established in the late fifties in a study by Aronson and Mills ( http://www-pmhs.stjohns.k12.fl.us/teachers/higginj/0DBE81F6-0118C716.9/The%20Effect%20of%20Severity%20of%20Initiation%20on%20Liking%20for%20a%20Group,.pdf … well worth a read!).
    So basically, by telling Serge your innermost secrets and having him touch your genitals, and the embarrassment this all entails, your commitment to the group is bound to become even stronger. Now, isn’t that clever?

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Maria, thanks for the link to that article. Unfortunately it illustrates what we’re up against – cognitive dissonance, self justification, psychological doubling…In short, even when presented with this appalling evidence of widespread abuse there will be cult members who don’t think they’re in a cult and are so far gone they’ll fail to see anything wrong with this. And yes, Serge knows how to manipulate people to the extent that they’ll compromise every value they’ve ever held.

    Lady of Form, the ‘after proper treatment’ is chillingly ambiguous isn’t it? It’s either a bogus disclaimer or it’s a euphemism for more abuse, or knowing Serge, both.

    RJM, I think this is why he can’t be underestimated – he goes after the most vulnerable – sexual abuse victims, the terminally ill, children, mentally ill patients. It really is difficult to comprehend the entire extent of harm here. It strains the most robust of reality testers.

    HDIH and everyone else, I’ll post a strategy as soon as I can get it together – give me a couple of days. I’m pretty busy. This WILL NOT slip through the cracks, but we need as much help as we can get to make sure that doesn’t happen. In brief, I’ll tweak this post on making official complaints about unregistered healthcare practitioners https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/accountability-complaints-against-unregistered-health-practitioners/

    Serge and anyone else who has molested patients as above can be prohibited from practice and possibly jailed, but the HCCC and police require victims to complain in order to take action. Anyone who was indecently assaulted or sexually assaulted needs support/counselling and I’d ask you to consider talking to the police. I’ll also post email addresses for relevant parliamentarians, ministers, senators etc, and encourage any of you who are concerned to write to them and exert pressure for action to be taken. I’ll make sure more politicians and media orgs receive the images. Then it’ll be a case of making sure this issue is kept in the public eye until the authorities take appropriate action. Letters to the editors of news publications & sites might help.

    Thanks Winston, yes everyone, please do what you can to help, whether that means reporting abuse, starting a petition, signing a petition, sending me whatever dirt you have on UMers, writing emails or letters or just clicking on this blog and the Universal Medicine Cult blog as often as you can.


  9. You guys obviously have no idea about anatomy! Those hands are nowhere near the woman’s vulva! Or any other part of her genitals! And not on her breasts either. That’s not sexual assault.

    • And you obviously have no idea.

      I’m not a guy, I’ve studied anatomy and I’ve been a healthcare practitioner for 18 years. Serge Benhayon has no reason to touch genitals in his treatment room. If it was Sai Baba or Archbishop Pell in those photos, you’d be having an Esoteric aneurysm.

      The police have those images and if the woman in the photo comes forward she could make a complaint of indecent assault. If Serge’s other victims come forward, those images will be used as evidence.

      And thanks for the reminder, Dianne, I’ve updated this post with more images, where Serge has his grubby little hand on the woman’s breast and on a teenager’s bottom as well.

      Take off your cult goggles Dianne.

    • diana byron – You have got to be joking, the blatant pictures tell the story along with all the very evil teachings etc
      What really really upsets me (amongst many many other things to do with UM) is the preying on victims of sexual assault by $B & UM.

      Sadly because these poor people (and I really mean this) have suffered and been exploited in the past they are now convinced that they are invincible and are experts on recognising and protecting themselves from predators. This connection and defense they all have with and for UM and SB proves sadly that they are not experts, but rather the opposite.

      They have been conned into this ugly evil scam, just because someone dresses well and speaks softly does not prove that they are purity personified. They are not. Many a con artist looks like and sounds like that. UM is a SCAM!

  10. I just wanted to share one of my experiences with these so called “healing techniques”. I have attended a few of these UM workshops and participated in the “excercises” and would like to say, as a man, I was very uncomfortable with it all. During the mentioned “femaleness” technique I had another man, one of Serge’s sons in fact, putting his hands directly on my genitals.
    Now whether or not Serge is a pedophile, I do not wish to go there and open up more debate with his “followers”, teaching a technique that encourages people to be putting their hands close and in many cases directly on other people’s genitals/breasts is just plain irresponsible. Especially when there is no checks on the people attending the workshops. People are just blindly trusting these people to put their hands them and have respect and integrity (quite amusingly a word that the UMers like to use frequently, that one may have been “basterdised” by you Sergey boy).
    It is ridiculous to this that there are parents who are comfortable letting their kids go to these events. And what’s worse is there are children as young as 11 & 12 participating. I have a serious question now for any UM member willing to answer. Do you honestly think that it is ok to let complete strangers, potentially pedophiles, put their hands on your 12 year old son or daughter? And what’s more in an environment that is presented to the children as safe would they fully understand what has happened to them if they were in fact touched? Would they speak out or just assume this is normal?

    It scares me that there are people who are so blind to what’s going on around them that they can’t even see what’s in front of them. Parents letting their kids run around with minimal supervision in a room full of strangers and whether you want to believe it or not, undiagnosed mentally ill people.
    I just wanted to put this forward as I think this is a very important issue that has only been touched on.

    • Thanks for your comment Anon. I’m appalled that you were touched inappropriately at the workshop, and even more appalled that UMers persist on lying about what really happens at these events.

      I’m extremely concerned about children involved with UM. You might have seen that I’ve blogged extensively on the risks to children in this group – here and on the FACTS blog. I’ve now tagged the posts ‘cult children’ to make them easier to find.

      Another reader, Tibouchina, witnessed the Benhayons’ inappropriate behaviour with children and wrote a guest post about it. http://factsaboutuniversalmedicine.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/predatory-grooming-serge-benhayon-style-a-guest-post-by-tibouchina/

    • And what’s more in an environment that is presented to the children as safe would they fully understand what has happened to them if they were in fact touched? Would they speak out or just assume this is normal?

      Sorry, I meant to respond to this.

      If they spoke out, it would be denied and they’d be bullied into silence. Just as the cult has tried to do to me. They’ll tell everyone what happened to you never happened, and if they find out who you are they’ll try to intimidate you.

      The thing is, you and I are adults and chose to get out of there. I chose to lodge complaints.

      Kids with zealot parents have nowhere to go

  11. This is the latest claim about the workshop images from the UM *facts* team.

    It appears Esther took this to mean making up false stories including using innocuous workshop manual photos to make cries of ‘inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims’ on her blogs and to authorities. All complaints in this regard have been dismissed since there was no case to answer.


    False stories?

    Come here Real Media Real Change and Charles Wilson and make that claim on this site which is open for public comment. Let’s get a response from our readers on whether they think those images with Serge’s fingers pressed to that woman’s vulva and the text accompanying are harmless.

    Have the complaints been dismissed? I think UM might find they’ve been filed as notifications for reference if further victims come forward – both with the HCCC and Lismore police. Not dismissed.

    Again the Brides of Serge are insisting there are no victims, while intimidating and defaming the ones with the guts to come forward.

    And talking up their ‘love of humanity’.

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