Esoteric Healing® – health is out, death is in


Damien Hirst, ‘Anatomy of an Angel’

Serge Benhayon’s ultimate Esoteric goal is an unceremonious shuffling off of this mortal coil for a disembodied existence as a divine and ‘soul-full’ body of light. Benhayon, the health service provider, is actively expediting the demise of his followers with his perilous brand of healing, and before they ‘dump their prana’ via a lonely, emotionless death, he makes sure he gets a cut of their temporal cash and assets. The Universal Medicine cult’s pessimistic negation of human life encourages an acceptance of misery that makes death look comparatively appealing – by design. The following quotes from its leader’s writings show how he brands competing complementary medicine modalities as evil, and renders the relief of symptoms and maintenance of health redundant.

The use of Esoteric Healing is not for one to live to a ‘ripe old age’, and nor is it about survival or getting better or curing diseases etc. It is an ongoing process of becoming more love until you are back to the full you = Soul. And hence the process of releasing all that which is not…that which we have chosen to lovelessly let in. This may take several if not many, many lifetimes…the choice is totally yours. (Benhayon, 2011, p.615)

Life is the the cause of disease. Death is a healing

Like most New Age gurus, Serge Benhayon has borrowed heavily from other spiritual traditions, particularly those of India, which teach that the body dies, but the soul reincarnates. Indian traditions also include austere practices which mortify the physical body in order to elevate the soul. In the case of Universal Medicine, Benhayon is marketing elevation to higher ‘initiations’ on his own, invented scale. In addition, where the original practices of yoga were designed to promote health, alertness and longevity by boosting and maintaining prana (life energy), Benhayon’s interpretations are morbidly fundamentalist, negating life in order to glorify death, and demonizing prana. He then makes a dangerous pseudo-philosophical leap to portray life in a physical body as the antithesis of Esoteric ‘love’, and tops that with the endorsement of a handful of foolhardy medical doctors.

The enormous amount of lovelessness (prana in expression) we constantly put into our bodies has to eventually be cleared and or cleansed out of the spirit who will one day leave the body and re-incarnate with all the accumulated energy to do it all over again. (Benhayon, 2011, p.620)

Healing is – the restoration of Divine energy over the excess of prana. A healer is in truth – one who can offer hierarchy. Hierarchy is the vibrational pull towards God. (Benhayon, 2011, p.401)

A true healing is one that arrests the prana and not one that improves the wellbeing of the client by allowing them to exist better in the pranic form. (Benhayon, 2011, p.592)

Death is always a healing – and not part of the failure. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 599)

Attending to health is counter to healing

Before the ailment, sickness, the cancer or whatever the complaint is that you have, you need to heal the root ill energy that caused you not to be you. (Benhayon, 2011, p.622)

Although Benhayon is proprietor of a mult-million dollar complementary medicine enterprise that peddles ‘healing’ courses and workshops, he writes that maintaining health and wellbeing is a ‘waste’. Never mind that we need our health and strength to allow us to fulfil our vital potential in this lifetime.

The human being will eventually evolve to a body of light and hence, will not have a carnal existence on the physical plane. This is why the development of the inner-light is our true path…Imagine the massive waste of energy and good resource that is being poured into something we will eventually all not need. (Benhayon, 2006, p.111)

None of his Esoteric modalities can be said to improve health or wellbeing. For example, the Esoteric diet, which is better described as an eating disorder, has zero nutritional basis, is unnecessarily restrictive and plain hazardous to children and individuals with eating disorders or metabolic dysfunction. While UM followers assure each other of how ‘yummy’ they feel adhering to the preposterous Esoteric practices, Benhayon himself tells his students that attending to symptoms is attempting to ‘win favour’ with the client, and the client’s ‘true healing requirements’ are unrelated to their health. Never mind that clients sought a health service in the first place and were deceived into thinking that’s what they were getting.

a) If you are accredited to prescribe herbs, supplements or medicines, your prescription or recommendation of such products should come from an inner-most impulse responding to the client’s true healing requirements. This clause specifically refers to the temporal based teachings and or beliefs that use remedies, herbs and prescriptions in order to win favour over the client’s need to remove the ailing symptom/s. The use of herbs, supplements, medicines etc, when correctly administered, is there to assist the healing process and or to bring temporary relief or alleviation. Certain prescriptions, when they are in-truth prescribed, can assist in the cure of the symptoms. That said, they are not the healing answer. The roots of our ills and woes come from an ill source and flow of energy. This principle is founded on the immutable scientific fact that all is energy. If ‘all’ is energy, all is therefore, because of energy. The healing answer is to remove the offending ill energy. Forget this not.

b) The practitioner should always keep in mind that at times uncomfortable symptoms may be part of the healing – educating and bridging the client into such an understanding is here paramount. To seek to take these away, as the leading drive of the treatment, will always be at the expense of dealing with the offending energy. As such, this will interfere with the healing that is taking place. Remedies should never be used to mask symptoms. In prescribing or recommending any product, the practitioner must feel from their inner-most and ensure they are responding to the true need of the client – not serving themselves, as a practitioner, or pandering to the client in any manner whatsoever. (Benhayon, S. Esoteric Practitioner’s Association Code of Ethics and Conduct, 2009, pp.11-12)

Esoteric practitioners justify charging the client to make them feel worse, or to feel no difference at all, with the deception they are attending to the client’s ‘offending energy’, i.e. the energy that represents their being alive. If a practitioner takes the trouble to develop skills which might relieve symptoms, they’re pandering to the client’s emotional attachment to being alive, and hindering the light of their soul and the ultimate aim of reuniting with God. In other words, Esoteric healing is therapeutically ineffective, and its practitioners are not burdened with the task of assisting patients’ health. Rather, they participate in a regime aimed at hastening death.

Eliminating Competition

Yet, Universal Medicine seeks to monopolize clients’ healthcare by portraying competing complementary modalities as evil, and of surreptitiously causing disease in ways only Serge Benhayon is able to detect.

We already have a severe uprise and growth in illness and disease…the Pranic Consciousness has added their interference to the mix by impulsing an explosion of interest in the spiritual world of healing and pranic-energy based modalities…One day in the not too distant but not near enough future, and many do not want to hear this, these pranic based energetic modalities will be seen as the cause of the more insidious depth of metamorphosed new forms of illness and disease…as the re-incarnate who has delved into these modalities, especially as a practitioner, will bring with him/her very ill imbalanced versions of pituitary and thyroid gland related conditions that will give further rise to endocrine problems not yet seen (new unknown cancers) and, a further spread of mental health conditions such as the condition known as bipolar, which is heightened pranic energy in the pituitary gland and psychosis, which is a heightened pranic activity in the nervous system…And this is just the start, for there will be a new hoard of multi-based ill symptoms (now appearing in hospitals everywhere) that will defy the medically trained and mystify the world of pranic-based healing and spiritual pursuits as the latter will be the case that will not see that they are the cause. (Benhayon, 2009, p.414-5)

While they’re busy causing the ‘severe uprising’ in illness and disease, non Esoteric practitioners are deceiving everyone by bringing about relief of symptoms and sometimes complete cures.

In as far as using prana for healing or anything else (acupuncture, shiatsu, tai qi, qi gong, homeopathy, kinesiology etc.) note the following very well – 

At first, the human body will respond very favourably to an increase of prana in it. This comes from those modalities and all others of the same pranic ilk. The favourable response can display itself as –

I. a heightened form of awareness (false as it is)

II. more energy (misleading and unsustainable as it is)

III. an alleviation of symptoms (seemingly so) and or…

IV. a complete cure (which is in-truth a deeper burying of an ill)…

Yes, in many cases the symptoms appear to have been alleviated or removed and, in some cases, a complete cure may present itself but, this is in fact not the case, for prana cannot arrest prana, and or, prana cannot discard prana – it can only shift an ill and or disguise it in finer and or more sophisticated forms of it. Forget not that all illness and disease are forms of excessive prana. (Benhayon, 2009, p.412)

Advertising symptom relief is strictly marketing

While condemning symptom relief and the maintenance of health as counter to Esoteric healing, when it comes to luring patients to UniMed’s healing services and students to his Esoteric healing training racket, Benhayon is happy to make bogus claims of health benefits and symptom relief. Chakra-Puncture workshop manuals give needling prescriptions for digestive disorders including Crohns disease, detoxification, chemotherapy support, prostate conditions and the like. UniMed’s legion of Chakra-puncturists advertise similarly. Esoteric Breast Massage is also marketed as being able to assist gynaecological and breast disorders. While no claims to efficacy for any of Benhayon’s invented Esoteric modalities can be substantiated, cult physiotherapist, Kate Greenaway and cult chest specialist, Dr Samuel Kim have both presented non peer reviewed, omission laden, misleading anecdotal research claiming Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Lung Massage achieve symptom relief.

Universal Medicine is marketed as a health service but reserves its deceptive claims for recruiting patients and novice students. Esoteric healing students are then covertly programmed to propagate the deception and recruit more victims, while devaluing and damaging health to perpetuate Serge Benhayon’s sinister ‘Livingness’ death drive.

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8 thoughts on “Esoteric Healing® – health is out, death is in

  1. Yep. I heard him state explicitly that human (physical) existence is a mistake; that we aren’t meant to be here. Besides the disturbing fact that the only other option is death, if that’s what he really believes then why the obsession with coveting the finances of his deluded followers?

  2. I tell you, Serge’s ramblings are second rate. He must have strained hard to come up with this malformed pearl: “A true Seer uses smell to look into the future and taste to see the past. When you know what this means, you too will be a true Seer” You know the sort of strain I mean. It gives you hemorrhoids.

    He could have just Googled and come up with equally meaningless mind mangers- from an old but popular TV show:
    Seeker: Is it good to seek the past, Master ? Does it not rob the present?
    Master : If a man dwells on the past, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of our past.

    Because in each case the result is the same: “Seeker: I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions.” There’s no hope of understanding Serge’s ‘questions’ unless you know it works like this. He makes it up, and rather than being ‘impressed’ from an outside source, it accurately describes the contents of his mind and what occupies it. It is an outward projection of his own neurosis, grandiose world view and his place in it, what he thinks about men, and women. And all done while conspiring bald-faced to take your money.

    The UM seeker, AKA ‘forever student’ is given certainties- as incomprehensible as they are- and a vision that they are greater than they fear themselves to be. And with that simple trick, Serge feeds them his evil anti life anti healing anti love soul-sapping poison and calls it ‘wisdom’. Ancient wisdom.

  3. Our friend Daoul Ruke wrote a post titled ‘The Politics of Revelation‘ where he explored the inherent fascism in Benhayon’s condemnation of people with disability.

    I’m tempted to write a post called the ‘politics of reincarnation’. I wrote a line in the post: Never mind that we need our health and strength to allow us to fulfil our vital potential in this lifetime. I was tempted to add WHICH MAY WELL BE THE ONLY ONE WE GET.

    Psychiatrist, Robert Jay Lifton, talks about human beings having an ‘immortality drive’ – basically a kind of compensatory psychological mechanism for coping with the fact we’ll one day die, and it plays out in various behaviours, like wanting to leave behind creative legacies or a line of descendants; and spiritual beliefs, that we’ll reunite with loved ones upstairs or downstairs, or that we’ll get more lives via reincarnation.

    However, historically, the concept of reincarnation was developed in a highly inequitable society, and it also served to control the masses, encouraging them to accept inequality and injustice, and behave themselves, with the promise that meritorious conduct would allow them to be born into a hypothetical, more fortunate life. The even darker side of this, which Serge Benhayon is cashing in on, is contempt for those less fortunate as people who might have behaved immorally in previous lifetimes, political inertia due to acceptance that one’s circumstances are predetermined by their past misdeeds, and his followers disdain for their bodies, lives, health and loved ones. They’re discarding this life because Sergio has sold them an expensive ticket to an improved rebirth higher on his slippery initiation scale. We can all read the sinister sales pitch in the above post, and they’ve taken his bankrupt and bloody minded word for it.

    I remember writer, Gore Vidal, writing about karma and reincarnation, that it was a cop out, and people would be less inert and more appreciative if they treated this life as if it was their last.

    • hey ,,, I am Mirandas Mum , can you tell her I love her ?,, can you say THERE IS NEVER ONE SINGLE DAY “”””””””””””””””””””””” THAT I NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever erver ever ever ever ever stop thinking about her xo0xoxoxoxo

      • Hey Trish. It breaks my heart to read your comment. No one would want to go through what you have and continue to endure. From me anyway I am sending you real best wishes and love. We hope one day Serge is stopped from splitting up families and driving wedges into people’s lives. We will keep working towards that and we pray that eventually there is real healing for you and Miranda.

  4. Oh Trish I feel for you, so so so very very much. May there be a healing for you and Miranda real soon
    It is all so so cruel. Never ever lose hope.

  5. PS: Trish sending you huge huge hugs of comfort and hope, from someone who knows the pain of alienation from ones children that was caused by an evil man – not Serge in my case but someone so so evil just like him. Parentectomy is an – Unspeakable debilitating pain. How can UM say it is full of love and truth and integrity? It is not. How can people even contemplate supporting Serge and Co in any way. Miranda please believe your Mum loves you. Please reconnect.

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