The Esoteric Practitioners Association – Omissions, Evasions & Assaults

EPAStoogesIt’s taken three posts just to get through Esoteric Practitioners’ breaches of their own code of conduct, and the worst offenders were the EPA hierarchy. Seeing the Universal Medicine cult is struggling with the concepts of transparency and accountability, we’ll help them out by pointing out the blatant omissions in Serge Benhayon’s spherical code, and ask them again to address questions which would reassure the public of their frequently cited but utterly elusive ‘integrity’. We’ve also received clarification from the NSW Health Minister on what constitutes treatment room assault, and it’s not looking great for Serge.


On the ironically titled Truth about Universal Medicine Blog, mystic dentist, Dr Rachel Hall, has written about the Esoteric Practitioners Association Conference as ‘a day of appreciation’. She’s probably expressing appreciation of Serge’s business model and her glorious luck in finding a community of like minded abuse deniers to give her a sense of self-loving Brotherhood.

She regurgitates the EPA’s deceptive promotional blurb verbatim:

In 2009 Universal Medicine inaugurated the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA). The EPA represents the members association, the practitioners association and acts as the accrediting vehicle for the Complementary Medicine modalities as taught by Universal Medicine.

Let’s be clear. The EPA is a non registered training organization ‘accrediting’ modalities invented by an unqualified scam artist whose specialty is palpating the genitals of sexual abuse victims. Benhayon’s misleadingly titled Complementary ‘Medicine’ does nothing for symptoms by his own admission.

Each year the Esoteric Practitioners Association holds its annual conference, which is run by and for its members. The 4th annual EPA conference was held recently on 20th July 2013 with over 150 members in attendance and many more participating by way of live webcasts in many regions and states of Australia.

So in four years, and in spite of running their annual days of appreciation, the EPA failed to make its ‘highest code of conduct of any practitioner association in the world’ available for public viewing until I posted the first EPA Money for Nothing post in June asking questions about the association’s authenticity, accountability and transparency. You bet the EPA is run by and for its members, particularly the top rung, and to hell with their paying patients. No appreciation there.

So 150 suckers attended and many more participated? How many, Rachel? How’s that practitioner directory coming along?

The content was scintillating.

The topics covered were vast and varied from the simplicity of how to keep and take good notes, mental health, wellness days for businesses, the Our Cycles App developed by Natalie Benhayon, to the difficult and often taboo topic of aging and death.

In other words, cult members got the usual dose of the Livingness Death Drive and the obligatory Benhayon sales pitch persuading students at the base of the pyramid to promote Natalie Pty Ltd’s useless, money for nothing, non fertility planning, Our Cycles iPhone app at no financial benefit to themselves. Business as usual. There was even an impromptu a capella performance, which may or may not have been a bout of primal screaming aimed to distract EPA members from the hierarchy’s evasion of the numerous issues I’ve raised. As expected, they failed to address any accountability questions at the hastily organized annual conference, beginning with financial transparency.

Financial Transparency

How many members are there and how much are they paying annually to belong? Why has the EPA never publicly posted its membership fees? We’ve heard there’s a quarterly direct debit of $50. Readers, does anyone have access to a bank statement to confirm that? Does anyone have a receipt?

What is the organizational structure of the association and who is being paid and how much? Where are the financial reports? How is revenue spent? What are the profits?

And importantly, what is the exact financial outlay for students taking courses to become ‘accredited’? Where are the course outlines and what is the pricing for course units? Will the EPA post that information on their site, or on the UM site for public viewing? If not, why not?

Advertising of the EPA and courses

What does accreditation mean? Accredited by whom? What does accreditation mean for the public and what does it mean for students? Particularly in light of practitioners’ copious breaches of their own code?

Why does the cult not publicly advertise courses such as Chakra-Puncture, including the course outlines and costs? They allude to the modality programs on their site, but provide no detail to the general public.

b. The specialised modality programs, which require completion of the 2 year Sacred Esoteric Healing courses as a pre-requisite, followed by specialised study and a supervised practical/ clinical training program of anatomy, physiology and nutrition from a government registered training organisation, plus ongoing requirements for professional development and study, as well as assessment and accreditation; Universal Medicine Site

Which government registered training organisation is providing the health sciences program? Where are the course outlines? What are the ongoing requirements?

The Crackpot Code of Ethics and Conduct – Omissions

Principles for the association’s financial transparency and truth in advertising for Universal Medicine – the association and practitioners – needs to be included in the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct or made publicly available on the EPA website. The following omissions  from the code are found in the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Health Practitioners, which the illustrious Benhayon family healers are required to abide by. Serge has a copy of it. He was sent one by the HCCC as part of their investigation of a complaint about him telling a recurrent cancer patient ‘it’s time to go’. However, if the EPA includes these omissions in their code and take genuine disciplinary action against those in breach, the first to be thrown out of the association will be Serge.

Confidentiality and Privacy – The EPA  crackpot code talks about taking client details and keeping case notes as ‘common professional practice’. Except that Esoteric healers with no formal therapy qualifications are not professionals and have zero competence to diagnosis illness or treat symptoms. They are therefore not qualified nor entitled to ask for details of life history or medical history. If Esoteric healers take private medical or personal information, they need to give patients good reasons why they are collecting it and how it will be used and stored. They also must know it is unlawful to share medical or personal information except in making referrals to APPROPRIATE qualified practitioners, and sharing of information in this way must be done with the informed consent of the client.

2.4 Access to Records by Clients 1. a)  Privacy legislation gives clients the right of access to information held about them by health care professionals. EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct, p.16

It needs to be included in the code that no one apart from health care professionals (those with legitimate recognized qualifications from government approved institutions) has a right to medical or personal information in the first place.

Safety – Who is monitoring Universal Medicine’s Chakra-Puncture and their training of students in infection control? Who monitors the infection control practices of numbskull practitioners who go on to inflict it on patients in private treatment rooms or when they practice it at home on their families, including children? Who supervises student practice?

Insurance – throughout UM advertising of its modalities, there’s a lot of rhetoric about how practitioners such as Esoteric Breast Massagers are ‘fully insured’. EPA Chairman, Neil Ringe made the misleading statement about membership of the EPA being necessary in order for practitioners to gain a standard insurance policy. That is pure bullshit. Insurance is available to any complementary therapist whether or not they have formal training. There’s no mention of insurance in the Code of Conduct, so no mention that indemnity insurance does not indemnify molestation or abuse.

Competence – Esoteric practitioners should not provide services they are not qualified to provide or that are outside their training. In other words, calling yourself a dietician doesn’t make you one, Nicole Serafin. Nor are the Esoteric Breast Massagers qualified to deal with sexual abuse survivors, and their insistence on extracting that information from patients and then imposing their Esoteric victim blaming beliefs is simply another form of abuse. If a patient discloses a history of sexual abuse they should be referred to a specialist counsellor or psychologist, and the Esoteric do gooders need to back off. The same goes for patients with eating disorders.

Misleading claims and lack of clinical basis – Claims that Esoteric Chakra-Puncture can ‘support’ patients undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from Crohn’s disease or that any Esoteric healing modality can assist symptoms are fiction. Esoteric modalities were invented by Serge to get money out of patients and as the foundation for his lucrative training racket. They have no clinical basis, they have not been tested or subjected to any kind of peer review and no claims for their therapeutic efficacy can be substantiated. Any claims otherwise should be reported to the HCCC or the Office of Fair Trading for deceptive advertising.


Sexual misconduct and inappropriate touching – Finally, the crackpot code makes no mention whatsoever of these most serious transgressions, probably because we have photographic evidence of Serge Benhayon touching genitals as a so called healing for sexual abuse victims. To mention it in the code would be an admission of his guilt.

But Serge Benhayon is not the only guilty party. While precious EPA members are prohibited from using alcohol, caffeine and porn under threat of loveless damnation for future lifetimes, they’re taught and encouraged to molest sexual abuse victims. Ex students have told us they attended workshops where the Deeper Femaleness technique was taught and practiced during partner work, including by the cult’s most vocal sexual abuse apologists. That situation is abhorrent and totally unacceptable. No EPA member, apart from the GPs and surgeons, and only when diagnosing and treating specific medical ailments, has any reason to touch clients’ genitals. Ever. Any Esoteric practitioner or student or member of the public that does so under a pretence of healing should be reported to the police.

The office of the NSW health minister and the NSW parliamentary secretary for regional health confirmed this when I wrote to several state and federal representatives about the lack of action taken by the HCCC against Serge Benhayon. It took a few months for the offices to formulate a response, but these are parts:

I refer to your correspondence to Senator Nick Xenophon and Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, Commonwealth Minister for Health regarding the Health Care Complaints Commission’s (HCCC) assessment of a complaint against Universal Medicine’s procedures, including the touching of genitals. Your complaint was sent on to Jillian Skinner MP, Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research. Mrs Skinner has asked me to respond…

If a health practitioner touched a person’s genitals without consent, such conduct may be considered indecent assault or sexual assault. A sexual assault may also occur even if the patient consented but such consent was obtained following a false representation by the practitioner that the procedure was for medical or hygienic purposes. Sexual assaults carried out by any persons including health practitioners are abhorrent and I urge any person who is a victim of sexual assault to make a complaint to the police. Melinda Pavey MLC, NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Health, August 2, 2013.

Ms Pavey’s reference to Senator Xenophon and Minister Plibersek is no joke. They’re mentioned in the letter because they requested a response to my letter from Minister Skinner whose department is responsible for NSW legislation against such conduct. The Universal Medicine cult and its bogus EPA needs to know it’s not just a few loveless detractors that are scrutinizing their activities, and my dialogue with the representatives on legislative change targeting treatment room perverts like Serge Benhayon is ongoing. If the EPA intends to do the right thing by their members, their clients and the public, they need to conduct their business with genuine transparency and accountability, which requires a lot more than paying lip service to ethics via their crackpot code.

Appreciate that, Dr Rachel Hall.

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8 thoughts on “The Esoteric Practitioners Association – Omissions, Evasions & Assaults

  1. I thought I’d add, in 18 years of private practice on patients I have never asked anyone about their sexual history or about sexual abuse. Not once. I do a good deal of work in womens health, and I can treat effectively without asking about sexual history, sexual abuse or histories of terminations etc. Some patients volunteer such information but I don’t ask for it because it’s not necessary to carry out treatment. Practitioners apart from GPs and OB/gyne specialists who reckon they need that information in order to treat, seriously need to reassess their skills and their ethics, and patients need to know they do NOT need to give out such information and to be wary of practitioners who seek it. Unqualified Esoteric busy bodies like the Benhayons and Esoteric Breast Massagers merely use such information to exploit and abuse – psychosexually, physically and financially. Their clients are well within their rights to tell them to fuck off and ask for a refund.

    I have had patients disclose to me they were sexually abused or assaulted. In most cases they had been my patients for years, and experienced some sort of trigger in their private or work life which brought on the disclosure. Such disclosures make patients extremely vulnerable. In every case, I’ve listened empathetically, but without pressing them for details and have referred them for specialist counselling. In every case, the specialist sexual abuse counselling has helped them move beyond the trauma. It’s the same for eating disorders. If I suspect someone has a latent or undiagnosed eating disorder I refer them to specialist services. Some patients are aware of their eating disorders and I treat symptoms etc. but I do not interfere with specialized approaches by offering dietary or behavioural advice. These are seriously complex issues and not to be meddled with by amateurs.

    I’m saying this because the legion of Esoteric do-gooders have been misled into developing a sense of entitlement about who and what they treat, at great damage to their victims, and they need some non UM schooling in real world therapeutic ethics.

  2. I haven’t commented because your analysis is so thorough and the EPA is such a joke my brain can’t be bothered. But there is no doubt that the EPA is designed to make them look professional, when they are anything but. You just have to quote them to see how baseless it is:

    “The official EPA logo was esoterically designed by Serge and developed by Desiree Delaloye. The EPA logo symbolises the Forever Fountain of Knowledge that pours such knowledge from the centre of its living Ageless Wisdom. The EPA logo will be esoterically known as — ‘The Tree of Forever Knowledge and Ageless Wisdom’” WTF? pours knowledge? The Ageless wisdom? Where, when, who? I don’t think so.

    “.. not only in life, but within our bodies as a result of the growth and intensity of humanity’s illnesses and diseases along with the rise of multi-symptomatic conditions” Yep…. So they can treat fictitious diseases invented in Serge’s head and from late night searches of the internet for pseudo-science wackjob theories.

    I can’t find the quote where Serge says they have the “bestest code of ethics in the whole wide world” but it sort of sums it all up. A bit like me as a five year old saying ” My dad is the strongest dad in the whole wide world!!” so there. That is the level of intelligence we are dealing with here. Nut jobs.

    It’s a shame that the current legislation don’t come down hard on bull shit operators like Serge. He’s ducking more proverbial bullets than Neo under attack by agent Smith. But with his name and UM in the minds of the departments and their political heads, it’s only a matter of time before the machine turns its attention to him.

    • The difference is the Code of Ethics and conduct. In fact brokers in both Australia and Britain have said it’s the highest code of conduct in the world, and ethics too of course…The conduct really is about how we live, so practitioners when they join the association are committing to live the knowledge they’re gaining from the ancient wisdom…

      EPA Chairman Neil Ringe, Bay FM Interview, 2011

      Nut job is right. Deceptive, scamming nutjob.

      The current (recently amended) legislation COULD come down hard on Serge if the HCCC sees fit to investigate, but the HCCC needs to be put under pressure to do so. Please make those complaints and write to the NSW state members. Thx.

    • Case Reports: Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine
      by Dr Samuel Kim MBBS FRACP MPH

      “From first-hand knowledge, we know that Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team LIVE the Ethical standards as set out by the Esoteric Practitioners Association Code of Conduct, these being the highest ethical guidelines that we have seen in print, nevertheless lived. Practising doctors can concentrate on getting our patients back to their lives as well as we can do medically, and let the healing support them with their day to day living.”

      *What about practising the Code of Practice for Medical Practitioners to the highest ethical standards? EG: ‘Do NO harm.’
      Gawwd in every way Benhayon has done his homework. No conscience about praying on the sick and vulnerable, no conscience about training/conning Medicos to do the same all to fill the coffers of Benhayon.

  3. At one of the workshops I attended Serge claimed that the EPA had been evaluated by some legitimate body or other, and that this unidentified group had deemed that ‘the EPA had highest standards of any complimentary health organization on the planet’. Conveniently he didn’t name this group, so perhaps one of the UM faithful would care to do so, be it here or on one of the pro-cult blogs? In hindsight I wish I had been more proactive in questioning Serge face to face when I had the opportunity, but to be honest I had no idea just how deep the esoteric rabbit-hole of lies was at the time.

    • Mind you he also claimed to have accurately described a region of the human brain before it had been discovered by medical science and that a doctor (unidentified, of course) had been ‘blown away’ by Serge’s prophetic knowledge, so the body who evaluated the EPA was probably the EPA.

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