Eliminating competition – why Serge Benhayon hates men

federerAs discussed in the previous post on Serge Benhayon’s polarizing of gender, his rantings and writings portray men as sexually predatory bastards who need a dose of ‘femaleness’ to bring them into line. Following up, we see how sport, intellect, beliefs and ideals are portrayed as dangerous, disease causing masculine evils. Not only are these so called ‘male’ traits a challenge to dependency on Universal Medicine’s cynical, damaging enterprise, but Benhayon’s misandry reveals his psychological projections. The damage sustained by followers and their loved ones originates from one man’s inability to resolve the insecurity he feels about his inadequacies.

Men must be bastards – Serge said so…

Roger Federer is one of those great sporting role models. A supremely agile, strong and fast moving athlete and master of the mental strategy of tennis, he’s emotionally rounded, articulate, polite and renowned for his sportsmanship. He’s also the father of twins in a stable marriage and the founder and chief benefactor to the Roger Federer Foundation which funds education projects for tens of thousands of disadvantaged children in Africa. Yet ‘the One’ no doubt writes him off as ‘pranic’ for participating in the evils of sport, competition and charity.

Or is it because he’s better at just about everything than Serge? Richer, more respected, stronger, fitter, smarter, better looking, cooler, kinder, better dressed? And perhaps much of the same can be said for most men.

I should add that it’s not just men Benhayon despises. He has nothing good to say about positive human attributes or achievements. According to his jaundiced worldview, human beings are an unfortunate pestilence and their only hope of redemption is to join his cult.

It is a very unfortunate human condition, brought about by the spirit’s penchant to make human life its divine definition, that we choose to not see the extent of the rot we live in. The ‘rot we live in’ meaning the whole race as one species living on the one planet as a one humanity. (Benhayon, 2012 New Era Message, p.27)

Topped with writings full of whining about being ‘hurt’, one might conclude Serge is a sore loser. Where mature, well adjusted personalities are able to accept being outclassed with grace, when someone has a pathological need to dominate they’ll resort to the most cynical manipulations to eliminate competition and establish their status, and where alpha males usually achieve status within their group via superior traits, Benhayon has to resort to dirty tricks. His only expertise is at transgressing personal boundaries and using covert hypnosis to instil his far flung and mostly borrowed ‘philosophy’. In writing off ‘maleness’ he persuades cult women to reject male loved ones who question their dependency on UM; disempowers men within the cult who might challenge his position and debases individual critical and assertive faculties which might awaken followers to the manipulation and compel them to push back.

The evils of competition

Sport is regarded as ‘male’ and cult women, like Taliban women, are banned from it, having been told it can cause breast and gynecological disorders. For cult men, it’s plain evil. 

You have to be absolutely closed down to play sport and or compete in any way. This means – – shut-off from your inner heart. It is very possible, if not rather easy to come back from this closed off form of emptiness, but not until you can admit the evil of sport and competition. (Benhayon, 2011, p.312)

…there are no religions or sporting teams or politics in the Kingdom of God – from whence we all truly come. (Benhayon, 2007, p.180) 

It could be said that a sportsman or sportswoman achieve from and because of a very high level of acquired Pranic Energy. To achieve in sport is always at the expense of another who at least must come second, not to mention the others in the field or the other teams in the competition. This is not the Divine energy that fuels the central son (the heart centre), but the fuel of the veiled one looking for love through recognition. One cannot from a true heart do anything at the expense of another for he knows he does it to himself. (Benhayon, 2006, p.61)

Before he was messiah, Benhayon was a tennis coach who’d taken a run at playing on the professional circuit. The above sentiments suggest he’s never emotionally recovered from losing matches or failing to gain elite pupils. While he’s probably heard of the expression ‘it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game’, his feelings are too hurt to grasp its wisdom. The following notes from an EDG lecture are an admission that he wasn’t much of a coach – and not because he fed his pupils hotdogs, but because he wasn’t able to impart sportsmanship.

Serge was doing good in the temporal sense when he was a tennis coach. He provided a top tennis academy giving kids physical exercise, hand eye coordination, a sense of achievement all the positive things we attribute to success in sport. But in reality he was teaching the kids to compete against each other. They would be regularly graded and rewarded for beating someone else. As a consequence there were those who felt lesser because of not being as good as another. True good can never come through sport. He even fed them hot dogs, gluten/dairy, at the end of competition as a reward! All of this was seen as super successful and even envied by the tennis industry but he was in total illusion. Even the true good he did do within the tennis camp was tainted by everything else and so not true good at all. And at home he had the double standard of not allowing the boys to compete against each other and being gluten and dairy free at home but not living that truth at work. Esoteric Development Group lecture delivered by Serge Benhayon. Notes taken by Michael Dixon, April 2012. 


The benefits of competition lie in aspiring to one’s peak abilities, taking satisfaction in playing fairly and learning how to be gracious when outclassed. Sport is also training for thinking on one’s feet, while physical fitness boosts energy levels and aids mental acuity – all of which run counter to being ground down to submission by a life negating, home wrecking cult.

More Esoteric evils – ideals, beliefs and intelligence

Similarly, mental qualities and activities are derogatorily labelled ‘male’. Benhayon teaches that intellect is antagonistically inferior to ‘feeling’, rather than the two being equally vital aspects to human psyche. When functioning healthily, they contribute equally to an integrated personality – something Serge knows nothing about, considering his speciality is fragmentation, dissolution and destruction, from breaking up relationships and families to attempting to separate emotion from ‘feeling’.

We have deeply retarded ourselves away form our stupendous knowledge by believing in so-called facts, truths and given beliefs that satisfy the limited pranic mind. Clear out your emotions and return to your heartfelt feelings…there you will find the truth of all things. (Benhayon, 2011, p. 400)

Benhayon teaches followers to distrust facts, not because of their reliability, but because he’s decided they have the ‘wrong’ energy – meaning they’re bad for business.

The mind as a learned intellectual tool cannot be relied upon to deliver truth because it has to wrestle within by all that it has been given or fed as assumed truth. (Benhayon, 2007, p.45)

It is not always the information these sophisticated spiritual beings pass down that is wrong, but the pranic energy it is delivered in. It is the energy that harms much greater than the ill knowledge…(Benhayon, 2006, p.271)

The harm he’s alluding to is the harm to the UM enterprise if followers deconstruct the bullshit, come to their senses and stave off the manipulation. Moreover, Benhayon is projecting his discomfort with his educational inadequacies and lack of intellectual prowess. It’s another area in which he’s outclassed, no doubt regularly, to the detriment of his ‘feelings’. An acquaintance who attempted to engage him on Pythagorean nuances found his knowledge to be rudimentary, so Benhayon attempts to compensate for his intellectual weakness by co-opting the postmodern mash that is occult philosophy, bamboozling with SergeSpeak and ‘spherical’ reasoning, and supplementing that unholy mess by making shit up.

The final post of the Esoteric Manhood series examines the myth of the ‘loveless’ male and how the psychological projections arising from Benhayon’s neurotic insecurities are cooked into his doctrines with disastrous commandments on emotional health.

Part One: Woman Good, Man Evil – Esoteric gender mashing

Part Three: The Esoteric Myth of the Loveless Male

Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006

Benhayon, S. A Treatise on Consciousness, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2007

Benhayon, S. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2011

17 thoughts on “Eliminating competition – why Serge Benhayon hates men

  1. Serge also continually denounces comparison as “pranic” yet both comparison and competition are central to his cosmology. Fiery compared to pranic. “Menful” compared to “femaleness”. Circumcised compared to uncircumcised, etc etc ad nauseum.

    Also, the “esoteric initiation” grading system Sergio has invented is a not so subtle form of competition with which he keeps the students in exactly the same achievement driven mentality as sport, but minus the physical benefits and including a whole lot of eso-babble mindfuck. It’s actually worse than sporting competition when one considers that Serge is in the position to demote followers to lower levels as he sees fit, i.e. as he deems them unworthy.

    Yet again, the self declared “World Teacher” epitomizes everything he attempts to demonize, while displaying none of the superhuman attributes he claims to embody at the exclusion of the remainder of mankind. Speaking of which, there’s no comparison or competitive streak in claiming you’re the single most amazing person in the history of the universe now, is there?

  2. Serge also declares that when men get together in groups they have ‘menful’ energy and they become aggressive and potential rapists. That’s paraphrasing but read things to that effect in one or more of his self published numbers. On the other hand, when woman get together they become feminine, divine, sacred, Serge’s flock and single. Men (think they) are obsessed with breasts because we want to ‘dominate’ them and were ’emotionally fed”. Men should be told to sleep on the couch if they “continue the abuse” (abuse is not explained but seems to mean “don’t agree with woman”) Woman should eschew sexual advances from their husbands/partners because they just want ‘relief’ and anyway, you never liked sex you just haven’t admitted it to yourselves yet. *** Serge knows how to make divine, all body orgasmic love with his very young wife, and he can sense that you are all jealous. He can also tell which woman want to sleep with him, but he wouldn’t use that because his integrity is too high***

    If you are Mark Twist, Rod Harvey or Branden Moonie, to name a few I would advise you don’t hang around together just in case some entities from the ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaastral plane’ take you over and turn you into murderous pedophilic rapists!!!

    Tonight they will be coming out of the 5 day love-in all fiery and yummy, haven taken photo’s with Serge and all reassured they are on the right path, if not somewhat confused after 5 days of rambling about ‘esoteric psychology’ . Serge will count his money, feel emboldened, and start dreaming up his next course- “esoteric lovemaking in the new era” (early bookings $850- 2 day course. With Love, Serge)

    • Abuse on planet Serge is anything counter to his cashflow. So anyone who thinks differently, whether or not they say so is an abuser. Just as I’ve been called a troll and a bully for posting questions on St Eunice’s site and presenting her with facts. And our blogs are ‘hate’ blogs for the same reason. But it’s okay for Esoteric pretend healers to put their hands all over genitals and for Serge to refer to sex as rape and liken charity to paedophilia.


      I thought I’d repaste this bit of incoherent garble from one of Sergio’s rants, where he regards someone calling to talk as abuse. We also know from Sergio’s masculinizing of facts and information that he regards them as harmful and not ‘gentle’. Behold a ‘loving’ mix of emotional blackmail with bonus tuition in passive aggression from the maestro.

      You eventually get to know that which you are by saying no to that which you are not. And so the person who says I don’t know who I am, I don’t know if I’m a son of God, Serge just says that and I don’t know any of that. But what you do know is that which harms, what you do know is that which is not gentle, what you do know is that which is not to the best of your ability, harmonious. And if you begin to say no to all those things, hey, what are you calling me at 11 o’clock for, I got to bed at 9 – the moment you say that you’re making a claim on your behalf, but the moment you take the phone call, you’re letting disregard in, you’re letting someone’s chaotic life enter your life and you’re actually saying yes to it, so the liver says, ok, I can help you here, but I have to harden you, because you don’t know how heavy this person is coming with what they’re doing. They’re, they’re running their life in total disregard and total lovelessness and they’re very harmful and very abusive and they decide to call you and abuse you or just talk to you, whatever it is. If at that moment you don’t stop that energy, you’re saying to your body, I’m letting it in.

  3. I attended a Universal Medicine workshop a few years ago. While there I asked Serge for some advice on a certain issue I was having at the time, giving him the benefit of the doubt despite the questionable claims. He assured me that my problem stemmed from me “holding back my feminine side” (which he claims is the left half of the body, physically speaking), and that it could be corrected by “not trying to be such a tough guy, not participating in competitive sports” etc. Before I had a chance to question his advice he quickly moved back to the stage to continue his presentation.

    If this is any indication of his amazing ability to read people then he failed miserably. I’ve hated competitive sports my entire life and do not in any way consider myself a ‘tough guy’. Serge simply makes sweeping generalizations about gender upon which he bases his assumptions. While that wasn’t my last encounter with UM, in hindsight I knew deep down at that point that Serge was all bluff, and in reality he had no idea what he was talking about.

    Thanks for running this blog and giving people a space to both consider critical information, and relate their personal experiences with this troubling individual.

  4. Thanks Tony and you’re welcome. It appears Serge projects his insecurities onto ALL men indiscriminately, and to any women who might prove difficult to control.

    RJM that’s great point about competition. I’d call it irony, but Serge contradicts himself so consistently it’s firmly in the realm of piss taking. I found some handouts on his Initiation scale this week and it appears degrees 1-3, which seem to be an inescapable purgatory for UMers, have a scale of levels of their own, three levels at 1st degree, then nine levels each 2.1-9 and 3.1-9. No doubt Serge has the customers believing they shift back and forth between levels according to their fieriness on any given day. And that crap will carry on for the term of this miserable Esoteric existence with no particular rationale except to keep them neurotically fixated on anything but the harm they’re involved in. Ascending the degrees from 1-3 only seems to correlate with an increase in narcissistic self obsession at the expense of interaction with actual human beings.

    And no one can tell me the Serge Brides aren’t competitive – particularly at the top of the pile – vying for attention from the pernicious little putz.

    • Cool! thankyou.

      If anyone’s interested, take a look at Eunice (cult surgeon) the euthanasia enthusiast’s latest blog post where she bags the crap out of highly respectable studies and then says she has nothing against medical research. If you hurry you might catch the 2nd comment I’ve left there before she pulls it down. http://www.thesoulfuldoctor.co.uk/blog/alcohol-and-pregnancy-who-needs-research

      One of these days I’ll get to writing up the cult’s propaganda about supporting conventional medicine while undermining it at every opportunity. Doctors included, and Eunice is one of the worst offenders.

      Also UniMed ‘healing’ regards symptoms as irrelevant, seeing they’re working on the ‘etheric body’. In other words, the treatments do nothing, and patients are paying for faith healing for their hypothetical ‘being’ in the hope of not coming back into a carnal body in their next life.

      Pure hogwash and at a premium price.

      • Surprise surprise, Eunice pulled my comment down, but I have a screen shot… Oh hell, I’ll repost the comment here. You might glimpse the screenshot in an upcoming expose.

        Eunice, I’m posting my comment again and I’ve taken screenshots. Why don’t you respond to my reasonable comment about your attitude to medical research? You’ve taken a lot of trouble to disparage a large medical study into the effects of very light alcohol consumption during pregnancy, but you then deny you’re against medical research.

        I repeat, there’s zero data and therefore zero substantiation for your assertion that any amount of alcohol, no matter how minute, is toxic because you ‘feel’ it to be so.

        In other words, you’re against medical research because you believe your feelings are superior to the qualitative and quantitative capacities of large medical studies – in this case performed on 10,000 subjects.

        You’re also cherry picking the studies you will give credence to. You write that the MJA study found that there are no safe levels for alcohol consumption, but that’s incorrect. The MJA study found the “Any level of alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing an alcohol-related cancer; the level of risk increases in line with the level of consumption.” Which means low alcohol consumption carries a low risk. Other studies you’ve slammed which have found no adverse affects from low alcohol consumption perhaps suggest that people who are less uptight tend to be healthier.

        Clearly you didn’t label my comment as an ‘ad hominem’ attack, or trolling or abuse this time, you just removed it. I suppose that’s your Esoteric idea of freedom of speech and professional accountability.

  5. It is like hitting your head on a brick wall, over and over….while they are saying the Torah. Once a person WANTS to believe something, they will rationalize their position to death. Eunice commits every logical fallacy in the book. Like Serge, she probably appears intelligent to the true believers because she is speaking their language, and using four syllable words at the same time. I hope she is a far better surgeon than she is thinker. Same applies to Anne Mallat. (disturbingly, I think that is probably true)

    It’s actually a small miracle that Eunice lets your posts up there even for a moment. I have seen she entertains Richards for a short time as well. I think she is trying to appear open minded, even if it rankles her badly and she can only last about nine seconds. Not the same can be said for the cult love blogs which “won’t play ball’ (c) SB” with anyone who is not a card-carrying member of the cult.

    As far as the cult members are concerned, we are just astrally controlled entities, loveless trolls hardly worthy of any consideration at all. We can only hope that those on the edge snap out of it before they too are sucked into the vortex of UM and its estoric fantasia.

    • Wait til you see what I post tomorrow on the FACTS site. An excerpt from one of Sergio’s EDG messages turning the tables on us astral loveless trolls (who incidentally care more about his followers and his family than he ever will). Anyway, it is pure WACK!

  6. I was just feeling how dark , dull and dank you are Dark Venus . Neveind I am sure that you will come round in a couple of hundred years or so ! With love Anita

    • You should use a spell checker, Anita.

      So, have you ever performed the Deeper Femaleness technique on anyone, Anita? If Eckhardt Tolle was touching the genitals of sexual abuse victims and calling it a ‘healing’, would you be okay with that?

      Would you object to people sending little girls to stay unaccompanied in his home?

      • Good to see them reading these sites DV. I hope Anita answer your questions.
        Anyone who needs the prop of something like UM has concerning symptoms.

    • Ahh, esoteric self-righteousness, judgment, and hate.

      I was just feeling how dull and dank you are too Anita, right about the time I was reading your soon to be betrothed homage to Serge Benhayon, sounding exactly like any other member of the group. Just a little duller and even less original.

      I was also feeling disturbed that he works with autistic children and prefers working with kids when your guru has said lovely things like
      “Autism and downs syndrome are the result of the Karma of being controlling and abusive in a past life”. What lovel-ly stuff Anita.

      You know, I think it is really you who is dank. And my guess is pretty dull too given you can’t think for yourself and accept Serge’s ugly vision of the world. And ending your hate spray “with love” is a shout out for the hypocrisy you don’t even know you’re committing.

      Please note Anita, you might not like our responses, but your comment was allowed. We’ve never been shown the same courtesy.

      With Love, Lord of Form.

  7. Oh hi there, Anita. Good to see you are reading the ‘dull’ facts Esther is tirelessly compiling for your benefit and the benefit of the people who truly care about you.

    And how rather patronizing of you to think (sorry, “feel” – I am aware that the “student body” doesn’t do “thinking”) that you hold some kind of divine wisdom that the rest of us will “come round to” in a couple of hundred years or so. What makes you think/feel that you know anything the astral lot don’t already know? It’s a common theme with the UM students… you can’t argue your case for even a nanosecond and always resort to “Serge says so” or some kind of dodgy “science” you gather from the Huffington Post but you can’t explain any of the things you so fervently believe in. It’s so tiresome to listen to anyone affiliated with UM for more than two minutes. And it’s even more tiresome to read your attempts at trolling.

    So forgive me but why don’t you just go away because I was just feeling how incredibly dull, toxic and love-less you are, Anita Clifford. Maybe you’ll wake up one day and realize that you’ve spent all those years committing your every breath to the half-baked ideas of an ex tennis coach with a big ego and a small mind and that you are now left with nothing but a bunch of backstabbing, dishonest “friends”, a plethora of practicioner’s accreditations that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, an emanciated, tired body and no money in the bank. Just get in touch with your innermost for a brief moment, Anita, and be truly in-truth: trust your gut feeling. Serge’s a fraud and you’ve been duped.

    With love

    pranic bunny

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